Tuesday, February 3, 2015


So last week AAA called a meeting with the presbyteral council. At the meeting AAA trotted out Jackie Terlaje to do another smear job on Msgr. James, or rather, to try Msgr. James in absentia. 

At least one priest stood up and asked AAA if he had yet spoken with Msgr. James about the matters he seems to be so perpetually concerned with. AAA did not answer. 

Meanwhile, while Jackie Terlaje and her pathetic little crew scratch in the dirt to find more crap to smear Msgr. James with and other likewise pathetic little people wail on and on about the money from the tourist donation box, the rest of us have not forgotten about AAA's 40 million dollar fraud perpetuated on the trusting Catholics of Guam.

Item No. 5 was the matter of assigning the title of the old Accion Hotel property to RMS. 

Richard Untalan, president of the AFC, had already removed Item 5 from the agenda. But while he was being chastised by Apuron and accused of "nonsense" on 12/6/11, AAA had already assigned control of the property to RMS on 11/22/11, something we only learned about a few weeks ago.  The following is from a recent title report. The full title report will be made available soon. 

Upon his return to Guam, AAA fires Mr. Untalan after many years of faithful service. It would be 3 years before Mr. Untalan and the others who were fired from the AFC would learn that Apuron had already done the dirty deed.

Two months later, Apuron receives a letter from Archbishop Balvo, the Apostolic Delegate, and is told he CANNOT do as he wishes and in the matter of the assignment of property he MUST have the consent of the finance council as well as that of the college of consultors. Of course AAA not only had neither, he secretly signed over the control of the property to RMS and then chastised and fired Richard Untalan for doing what was his duty. 

See Archbishop Balvo's full letter here.

So AAA, you go ahead with your little inquisition of Msgr. James. Go ahead and carry on your pathetic little war against the priests and people of this diocese. In the end, a lawsuit is the least of your worries. 

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