Monday, March 23, 2015


Actually, they are Kiko's lies, Pius' lies. But Deacon Claros repeats them, so they are his too. 

In his serial effort to get us to part with our money to serve the fake church of Kiko and Pius, Deacon Claros, in this week's U Matuna, abuses the words of St. John Paul II. 

In answering the questions "Why are some priests being sent elsewhere?", Deacon Claros references St. JP2's words in Redemptoris Missio encouraging bishops to help "evangelize the world" by finding men and women willing to work in the missions. 

The abuse of the sainted pope's intent in this document to justify what is going on at RMS in order to get more money from us is simply astounding!

The "men and women" the pope is referring to are the "men and women" of the bishop's own diocese. The idea is to raise up an abundance of vocations which can be shared with needy dioceses and to stimulate a genuine missionary zeal. 

Sorry, Deacon Claros, but our bishop is doing neither. Instead of stirring up an abundance of vocations, he is stifling them, and in their place he is importing Kiko's ready-mix seminarians and forcing us to pay for their "formation" - a.ka. "hotel stay". 

The next matter is one of the biggest lies of all.

For most of us, when we hear the word "missions", we conjure up an image of some poor place where the Gospel has yet to be preached. However, "missions" for the Neocatechumenal Way means Catholic parishes that have not yet embraced the Neocatechumenal Way. 

That's why you see them taking over the pulpits of our churches on an island that has embraced Catholicism for 400 years. They do this everywhere. They do not go to the ends of the earth and place themselves in the squalor and danger as real missionaries have done and still do. Rather they go to comfortable places which are already Guam. 

That's why, while we were told that Fr. John Wadeson was "on mission", he was actually living in a home currently valued at 1.4 million, otherwise called the Neocatechumenal Center, at 195 Otsego Ave, in the plush Mission Terrace district of San Francisco (pictured above). 

But regardless of plush surroundings, what is he doing "on mission" at a Catholic Church in San Francisco? (Here he is seen dancing around "the table".)

On March 6, Pope Francis reminded the leaders of the Neocatechumenal Way of what their real "on mission" is supposed to be:
"For years now the Way has been undertaking these missio ad gentes among non-Christians, for an implantatio Ecclesiae, a new presence of the Church, where the Church does not exist or is no longer able to reach people."
Of course the Pope knows that's not what they do. He knows they simply go into existing parishes and suck money and people out of them. But like a good father, before reprimanding or prohibiting, he is reminding them of what they themselves said they exist to do. 

And then Deacon Claros, amazingly, tell us that the Archdiocese of Agana itself is a mission diocese. So let's see, we are a mission diocese, which qualifies us to receive money from the Catholic Extension Society, but we have so much of it that we are sending our own missionaries to other dioceses. 

That just doesn't add up, and I have heard that the Catholic Extension Society has done the math, and no more money from them. 

Of course the truth is Redemptoris Mater Seminary is NOT a seminary which trains priests for the diocesan priesthood. As stated many times, Article III of its Articles of Incorporation state that RMS exists to form priests "according to the life and practice of the neocatechumenal way."

And now that we have several of these RMS products trying to pretend to be diocesans so they can continue the money-grabbing charade, we can see for ourselves that they are nothing like the real diocesan priests that we know. 

They are not diocesan priests because there is no intention to be one. They come from their closed communities, they are trained in their closed communities, they know nothing else but their closed communities and Kiko's theology, and then they are stuck into parishes where they don't even know how to say a real Catholic Mass or give a sermon that is not an "echo". 

In fact, not only are they not trained to be parish priests, they are trained to dismantle the parish and break it into the closed communities from which they came, fashioning a church in Kiko's own image. Yet, Deacon Claros wants us to part with our money to support the deconstruction of our parishes and, by sending them to other parishes, to do the same there. Wow!

Deacon Claros ends with a list of "priests" who are currently "on mission":
  • Edwin Bushu, Africa
  • Miguel Angel Cervantes, Europe
  • Fabio (I hate my father) Failoa, Asia
  • Santiago Flor-Caravia, Asia
  • Jason Granado, CNMI
  • Aurelius Stoia, Asia
That's pretty funny. So we're just sending these guys to "continents". Dioceses which send "real missionaries" normally keep the members of the home diocese apprised of their mission. Normally we would know exactly where they are at, we would receive regular updates, even pictures of their work and the people they are caring for, etc. 

In addition, because Kiko himself tells us that these "missionaries" are only sent to dioceses where the bishops requests them ("As always, it is the bishop who requests this mission") we should know which bishops? which dioceses? requested them how? for what? for how long?

But the Archdiocese of Agana only tells us that they are sent to "continents". (LOL) We don't know where they are at or what they are doing. Yet Deacon Claros asks us to support them and the "seminary" which makes them. 

Also, we know that even telling us that it is the bishop who requests them is a lie. The bishop of San Francisco did NOT request Fr. Wadeson. We know this because on July 25, 2014, after Archbishop Apuron "removed" him from ministry, the Archdiocese of San Francisco released a statement to SNAP stating: 
"As with all priests who hale from other dioceses, Fr. John Wadeson was granted permission to minister within the Archdiocese of San Francisco based upon assurances of good standing from his home diocese, in this case the Archdiocese of Agana in Guam." 
Fr. Wadeson was not invited to San Francisco by the bishop. The bishop of San Francisco did NOT "request this mission." Fr. Wadeson went to San Francisco to serve the neo-uinderworld and by order of its clandestine hierarchy for which Archbishop Apuron is a willing stooge. 

I was going to ask Deacon Claros to spare us the pain of another column, but then I realized how useful these lies are in our campaign to stop the funding of our own destruction. 

Can't wait for next week. 


  1. Why don't the Neos on Guam spend their time trying to convert the Non-Catholics and/or the former Catholics on Guam instead?

    1. Kiko has made it known in more ways than one that his idea of coversion is bringing traditional Catholics into the NCW. Truly a parasitic cult that is divisive and undermines the Church. If Rome fails to put the NCW cult in their place (outside the Catholic Church) then they will see the fall of another "Roman Empire".

  2. If they were true diocesan priests as they claim to be, why did Fr. Alberto abandon his Agat parish during Holy Week last year to be with his neo community somewhere in the Atlantic? Their allegiance is to their Neo Masters and only them.

  3. Janet B - MangilaoMarch 23, 2015 at 9:16 AM

    Nice enough looking place! Is this what I get if I join the NCW cult?

    At least I see why some people are so attracted to this group.

    But it must kinda piss of poor old Tony that Fr John is living more lavishly than he is. Unless Tony brags that he has more house than Fr John does. He's got those stashed all over the place. Maybe this one in San Fran is actually owned by Tony. Wouldn't that be interesting. Maybe that's why he goes to the Bay so often, to collect rent.

    But I feel good, at least I know Tony will have a proper place to stay when he "retires", and it isn't on Guam.

    1. There's a secret stairWay that leads to Tony's room. Call me Tony.

    2. Humpty Dumpty Pius came tumbling down Archbishop's stairs. Didn't stop him. He is back at great personal cost. FOR WHAT. the Money, Honey.

    3. One stairway leads directly to a very hot place. He will be among his peers if he decides not to mend his ways and to make things right for which he is responsible.


  4. Lies just get astounding.

  5. The video showing Wadeson proves 2 things. White priest cannot dance. He still putting himself close to young people. I thought the Archbishop was really concerned about keeping children safe. Oh, he just meant the Santa Barbara school kids. Got it.(BTW that's a really ugly line dance.The Neos need to try the Electric Slide or something!)