Sunday, March 22, 2015


Just so you have the context. An anonymous Neo had commented wondering why there was so much criticism of the NCW and not other groups and how he/she had been saved by the neo, etc. You can read initial comment here

I then responded:

You don't hear negative things about the Cursillo or the Christian Mothers or whatever because they don't have their own seminaries, their own priests, their own "eucharist", their own theology, and a hierarchy which abuses and mistreats people and thinks nothing of stealing property.

You can do the "feel good" all you like, but if you consume the sacred host while seated and not immediately upon it being handed to you, you are participating in an illicit liturgy and you are outside the Catholic Church so long as you continue to do so.

Feel free to prove me wrong by simply showing me where it is permitted. This may seem like a small thing to you but it has been at the heart of the division from the beginning. Your different way of receiving communion is an expression of a different belief, a belief that Kiko has about the nature of the Eucharist. It doesn't matter that you personally don't know that or don't embrace that. it simply is. And your participation in it is a support of a different belief, and that different belief has led to all this hell because to survive, Kiko must leech off the real church.

I'll be expecting your reply.

Then Melvin here, after weighing in with a huge mouthful of chastisement for us all on another post, decides he's going to respond to me on this one, giving us all a glaring example of why we should all want to join the Neocatechumenal Way:

  1. Melvin W. QuineneMarch 22, 2015 at 10:24 PM
    And so what ! were you there when Jesus handed the bread/Eucharist to his disciples Tim? do you know for a fact that they were supposed to consume the Eucharist immediately after being handed it,the feel good thing, what's this supposed to mean ? to me you sound like a disciple of the Devil you and all those who choose to berate the NCW on this nothing but the devil''s disciples site ! What does having their own seminaries, priests, their own eucharist and a hierarchy have to do with the NCW, have you ever been to a men's weekend, are you a member of the Christian mothers association, are you a professor of theology, and to say "which abuses and mistreats people.".what people are you referring to ? Yes I can do the " feel good " all I like because I have found God, apparently you have not, in the NCW, illicit liturgy, outside the Catholic Church. So you mean to say that as an example, here after the war, you see photos of Mass celebrations being held out in the field, that the Mass celebrations are invalid, there is an altar, and everything else that is needed for the mass celebration. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church 1345-1355, 1408 it states this; The Eucharist unfolds in two great parts which together form one, single act of worship. The Liturgy of the word involves proclaiming and listening to the Word of God. The Liturgy of the Eucharist includes the presentation of the bread and wine, the prayer or the anaphora containing the words of consecration, and communion. I've not come across any citation in the COTCC that states we immediately have to consume the Eucharist or otherwise we are doing as you say participating in an illicit liturgy, who in the hell do you think you are HUH??? IF YOU ARE A CATHOLIC, WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO BASH THE NCW TIM ??? by the way the previously mentioned organizations do have to have some approval to be a valid organization or movement which I believe come from Rome, to me you fall under the definition of NIHIL OBSAT, an AETHEIST.

Just a few notes to help you, Melvin. Your statute (Art. 13) requires you to follow the "liturgical books" when celebrating the liturgy, not the COTCC (Catechism of the Catholic Church). The "liturgical books" are the Roman Missal and the General Instruction for the Roman Missal (GIRM). You'll find the instruction to consume immediately upon reception in par. 161. (P.S. you may actually want to read your statute.) 

And those big words you end with are actually spelled NIHIL OBSTAT and ATHEIST. 

And thank you for that!

NIHIL OBSTAT ("nothing stands in the way") is a designation given to Catholic publications by bishops in order to assure readers that there is nothing in the publication contrary to the faith and morals of the Catholic Church. So thank you for that. You have declared this blog, with your NIHIL OBSTAT (despite the mis-spelling) free of anything that would contradict the faith and morals of the Catholic Church. That's quite an honor! And quite the opposite of ATHEIST, by the way. 

Hey, maybe I should check out this Neocatechumenal Way after all. 

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