Thursday, March 12, 2015


The title of today's KUAM story is not correct and KUAM has been contacted to fix it. The title to the story currently reads "Concerned Catholics of Guam will file lawsuit against archbishop." CCOG has contacted KUAM and asked them to change the title to "Concerned Catholics of Guam exploring lawsuit against archbishop." I have confirmed with CCOG that it's officers are only in the exploration stage at this point. More on this at the CCOG meeting tonight at the Tamuning Senior Center, 6pm.

Note: the author of the story, Jolene Toves, did not title the story.

4:17 pm. It appears to have been corrected by KUAM.


  1. For those of you frustrated by the appearance of a lack of progress in these matters, storming heaven with prayers is another way of fighting this evil. We must use all the weapons we have in this battle. Prayer is the strongest at our disposal. Praying daily in the fresh air outside the chancery has helped me and the others to gain some semblance of sanity in this desperate time.

    Please join us in prayer at 3 pm daily (weekends included). Or bring a few of your friends and come at any time. Random groups of prayer warriors will do much to shake up the evil one. Today, with only two present, we called a friend who prayed with us, making the three we wanted. Use technology to accomplish "Where two or more gather in My Name, there I will be." St. Michael, defend us from evil!

    1. Three O' Clock Prayer to the Divine Mercy

      You expired, O Jesus,
      but the source of life gushed forth for souls
      and an ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world.
      O Fount of Life,
      unfathomable Divine Mercy,
      envelop the whole world
      and empty Yourself out upon us.
      O Blood and Water,
      which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus
      as a fount of mercy for us,
      I trust in You.


  2. Thank you Teri for your prayers. I will join you on the weekends.