Friday, March 6, 2015


Archbishop Apuron has shown that he is obsessed with accountability when it comes to the entities formerly run by Msgr. James, and just as obsessed with a lack of accountability when it comes to his own affairs.

The CCOG and others have consistently called on the archbishop to be accountable and transparent in financial matters. He has refused.

However, for those of us who continue to ask, be it known that we are in good company: Pope Francis.
By approving the statutes of the Secretariat for the Economy with only a few minor modifications, the Pope signaled his support for Cardinal George Pell, who is determined to bring accountability and financial transparency to the Vatican.


  1. I noticed that aaa has hit the 80 day mark on the COUNT UP time that he said he'd find where Rome gave permission for the way the neos receive communion. Just got an idea for their fundraiser...have him record and sell a CD entitled "Around the World in 80 Days"...Sure would underscore all the places he's been looking for answers like New York, Paris, London Town...

  2. Thank you for the daily inspiration!

    Don't set me straight...I have no need.
    Destroy my see me bleed?
    You want my money for RMS?
    Mistreat our priests and you won't confess?

    No! I am NOT neutral.

  3. Just completed another satisfying prayer session outside the chancery. While waiting for the rest of the group I was chatting with a young man who lives in the area who said that he had seen us, thought we were praying but because we stayed around the tree thought maybe the tree was sick and we were praying for it to get well.

    The group and I were tickled with that great analogy of what we are doing. The tree (Church) is sick and we are praying for its healing!

    We'll be there tomorrow, as well. Join us as we begin promptly at 3.

  4. god bless you all. Pray outside chancery for Guam's sick spiritual leader.