Friday, March 6, 2015


In order not to confuse Msgr. David C. Quitugua, the Vicar General with Msgr. David I.A. Quitugua, the pastor of Ordot church, Msgr. David C. Quitugua will hereafter be referred to  as Msgr. David the VG.

As we know, Msgr. David the VG, in addition to being the VG, is also the current rector of the Agana Cathedral. And as we also know, he distributed a letter in his name on January 23 to all the parishioners of the Cathedral, attempting to blame Msgr. James for the Cathedral's financial woes. And as we further know, his representative was dismissed from the CCOG village meeting last night for attempting to do so again. 

We appreciate these sordid attempt to further vilify Msgr. James, Fr. Paul, etc., because they give us a reason to once again state the facts and show who these people really are.

Msgr. David the VG is the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Agana. The position of vicar general is akin to an attorney general. Both are tasked with seeing to it that laws are not transgressed, and if they are, that the transgressors are held to account. 

This position makes the "untruths" of Msgr. David the VG even more egregious. Here is the man who, because of his position and title, we should be able to trust the most. Yet we are now aware that he is the man we can trust the least.

Thank you to the "cathedral representative" at last night's meeting for once again giving us an opportunity to share two of the most glaring examples of the willingness of Msgr. David the VG to tell "untruths" in the service of the destruction of others. 

Big "Untruth" No. 1

After we had exposed Archbishop Apuron's canonically illegal removal of Fr. Paul Gofigan, Msgr. David C. Quitugua wrote Fr. Paul on August 2, 2013, stating that the Archbishop's letter of July 16, 2013 to Fr. Paul, demanding his resignation or "face a more arduous and painful closure to your assignment" was only an attempt to "persuade" Fr. Paul to resign. 

Msgr. David the VG wrote this because church law (Can.  1742 §1) requires a bishop to attempt to "paternally persuade" a pastor to resign before taking further action to remove him. There was NO attempt to "paternally persuade" Fr. Paul to resign, but this "untruth" needed to be concocted in order to cover the fact that Archbishop Apuron had violated church law.

In fact, Msgr. David the VG is more than just the messenger. He was at the meeting with the Archbishop and Fr. Paul and it was Msgr. David the VG who wrote the July 16 letter. So the person who the bishop is supposed to trust to keep him out of trouble with church law, Msgr. David the VG, was the person who GOT him into the trouble with church law. And in an effort to save his own behind, he concocts the "untruth" that the July 16th demand to resign was only an effort to "paternally persuade." WOW!

Read the two letters for yourself: here and here.

Big "Untruth" No. 2

On the morning of December 6, 2011, Msgr. David the VG wrote then-president of the Archdiocesan Finance Council, Richard Untalan, accusing him of "breaking communion" with the archbishop, inflicting a "vulnus" towards him, and "disrespecting his person".

Read the letter here

The reason for the attack on Mr. Untalan was because Mr. Untalan had called a meeting of the AFC to discuss a demand by the archbishop to assign the title of the former Accion Hotel property - the archdiocese's largest asset - over to the control of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary, and effectively to the control the Neocatechumenal Way.

Msgr. David the VG KNEW that control of the property had already been secretly assigned to RMS two weeks previously. He also KNEW that due to the value of the property the consent of the AFC was required but had not been obtained. He also KNEW that for the same reason, Rome's consent was also necessary. 

Yet, knowing all this, he accuses Mr. Untalan of all of the above! That's worse than lying. That's an attack on Mr. Untalan and a bastardization of his church-granted authority. 

Last night, our "cathedral representative" advised the attendees to be careful when listening to me because I was throwing around words like "excommunication.". 

Here is the context of how the word was used:

"Vulnus" is the Latin word for wound, a serious, life threatening wound.  Msgr. David the VG accused Mr. Untalan of this kind of "wounding" of the archbishop. Msgr. David the VG knows that an attack on a bishop, rising to the level of a "vulnus" is an excommunicable offense. He used this word specifically to scare Mr. Untalan. And I said so. 

And why did he want to "scare" Mr. Untalan? Because he and the archbishop had ALREADY and SECRETLY deeded control of the property to the Gennarini's* and Msgr. David the VG needed to scare a smart man like Mr. Untalan off their trail.

So he accused him of attacking and attempting to wound the archbishop. This isn't just lying. This is bearing false witness and bearing false witness in the name of the Church while trying to cover up a fraud. 

And they want us to believe the trash Msgr. David the VG prints about Msgr. James???? 

*RMS is controlled by the Board of Guarantors (AOI: Art. IX and X). The Board of Guarantors is comprised of Archbishop Apuron, a neo-priest, Angelo Poschetti, and Giuseppe and Claudia Gennarini, residents of New Jersey who are part of the "Neocatechumenal responsible Team for the United States." The RMS By-Laws (Art. VII) requires that the "Neocatechumenal responsible Team for the United States" be members of the Board of Guarantors. Thus the property occupied by RMS will ALWAYS (since Apuron's deed gives it to them for "perpetual use") be in the control of the "Neocatechumenal responsible Team for the United States": Giuseppe and Claudia Gennarini and their successors. 


  1. pure you are

    1. Umm...The links work on my computer. Proof and facts are given. Try refreshing your browser. Or did you wanna openly invite all of us to "experience the FULLNESS of the Eucharist"?

    2. 7:39PM. who are you referring to?

    3. To Anon 7:39 pm. Can't stand the truth huh?

    4. Monsignor VG is one hell of an actor. The facade of innocence and meekness he puts on in public hides a lonely insecure paranoid vindictive and dishonest man. He fools a lot of people with this facade but the mask is being torn apart by the hands of truth.

    5. 7:39PM Why don't you come to the Eucharist and find out for yourself!

  2. The VG is a coward. David come to the meetings yourself.

  3. I know Msgr. David the VG very well. We went to school together. He was always insecure and paranoid. Remember that it took him 8 years to finish a 3 year degree in canon law. Yes even we lay heard about it. We're told many canon lawyers didn't think much of him. He always has the right excuse why it took him very long. Yes we heard it a zillion times and we got tired of hearing it a zillion times! Archbishop put an incompetent canon lawyer to govern church law. There are two failures here; one, the AAA for selecting poorly; and two, Msgr. David the VG for his ineptitude and in attempting to know canon law. We need to consider getting our 8 years of waited tuition, room and board fees returned to chancery so we can send seminarians to a real seminary. Our parishioners have been complaining that Msgr. David the VG and the Rector is never at the cathedral. They said the Vice Rectora Coreen Leon Guerrero is always making excuses for the Msgr. VG. The VG has some serious issues. Why was he dismissed at St. Patricks seminary? Since he is now my rector then I'm entitled knowing what happened. Tim is this true? Is it true he was dismissed and passed over for ordination by St. Patricks? Humm, interesting because both Msgr. VG and Fr. Cristal ball didn't do well at St. Patricks. Is that why they don't want to send anyone there bec now its payback time and time to be vindictive? Wow, scary days in the church. Since both AAA and Msgr. VG are ultimately responsible for the archdiocese assets then we should personally sue both of them? Tim is this possible? What can the lay peoples do? They must go and go far, far, away! Msgr. VG he betrayed the land we were born at. Msgr. VG he betrayed the local indigenous peoples culture. YOU MUST GO AND IF YOU DONT GO ON YOUR OWN THEN WE WILL SPRAY FRAGRANCES ALL OVER THE CHURCH AND MAKE SURE THERE IS FRESH FLOWERS AT CHURCH EVERYDAY. WE WANT TO SHOW OUR LOVE. By the way hows your allergy to perfumes, flowers, cologne, care freshener, treating you? It must be your cross whenever Pius and the seminarians smell pao fa'fa'. Why don't you take an indefinite leave to Chicago for an indefinite leave. in fact why dont you use the same amount of yours it took you to get your degree? Was that 8 years? Oh, and take your seminarians with you to. DONT FORGET YOUR ALLERGY PILLS.

  4. What has this man done for priests? He destroyed the priesthood for his own desire to be Archbishop Guam.

  5. What a scary man this VG is, has he no fear of the grave irresponsibility he has abrogated in order to please the wiles and caprices of apuron? What kind of leaders has the Roman Catholic in Guam allowed to occupy positions of authority and service? It is time the laity take action and hold these clown to account for their neglect and rape of the Guam Church.

  6. Just plain creepy the older he gets.. Bishop?? Never. S l o w. M ot I o n mind and action. AAA used to speak negatively all the now they are buddy's ??? This gets stranger by the day.

  7. I remember being his student at the Academy – he was a new priest at that time, and he taught Theology. He was always out sick. That’s the year Archbishop Flores passed away, and I seem to recall that happening before Christmas, because Father David pretty much left us high and dry for the second half of the year.

    I also remember him being gone for so long, and being told he was studying to be a Canon Lawyer. I remember Archbishop Apuron making an off-hand comment once about how “David’s always so sick it took him more than twice as long to get his law degree than it should have.” I remember thinking of how soft-spoken and delicate he was, and somehow equating that to his holiness.

    Boy was I wrong. How many hearts has he hardened since then? The Gofigan family’s. The Benavente family’s. The Parishioners of the Cathedral-Basilica. The CCOG’s. He’s fooled us for so long -- seemingly sincere, but giving us an act the entire time. Though he can’t be disbarred due to his position as a Canon Lawyer, he’s certainly not proving himself as someone who has an understanding of Canon Law. How many times has he backpedaled? How many times has he given the Archbishop bad advice, only to have to wink and nudge his way back to the pathway of the law?

    He’s nothing but sanctimonious in his righteousness and has caused more people pain than he’s led to redemption. Huh. I guess that not only makes him a bad Canon Lawyer, but a bad priest, too.

  8. Archbishop chose David as he can be controlled by archbishop.

  9. Read thesis David wrote pathetic. first year seminarian could produce .

  10. Tony, Da bit, and Adrian are pathological liars.

  11. These guys need their Mommas ...there, I said it.