Thursday, April 16, 2015


The Kiko's are criticizing SNAP saying it is anti-Catholic. That's funny. Tell that to Archbishop Apuron who bragged about his support from SNAP.
"...even S.N.A.P. heard about this and applauded me for doing this on this priest and hope that I do not reinstate him because of that..." - Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron to thirty members of the clergy at a retreat in Tagaytay, Philippines on October 10, 2013.

Here's a close transcript [my comments in red]:

"...and since then nothing has happened except that he went to the media, and I had to be away two days later for World Youth Day and I had to act before he left; even Tim Rohr has said on his blog criticizing me for doing this kind of event/situation and saying I did this because I wanted the NCW in his parish and he refused to do so-there has never been a conversation about that and then Patty Arroyo also criticized on the radio and is an accomplice of Tim Rohr.

[Fr. Paul did not go to the media. The media went to him. The first action of anyone in the church going to the media was Fr. Adrian's press release of 7/22/13]

But really the main issue, the fundamental issue is that he disobeyed an order that I had thru the Vicar General about 2 years before to remove this man because he is a danger to the community and the kids at SBS, and even the 3 priests that were working there and the secretary were afraid of him because he was a maintenance man and had keys to everything, to the rectory, to the offices, to the church, and whatever else.

[Fr. Paul DID NOT disobey an order. The order was to terminate the employment of an employee and Fr. Paul complied immediately as evidenced by a copy of the letter of termination he presented to AAA. There is no proof that the man was a danger to anyone. And AAA himself permitted the man to work in the same parish 13 years earlier as a condition of his parole.]

…and he refused to do that, he said he did not employ him, but he brought him back as a volunteer, but still, that was the problem, and he doesn’t see that…there’s nothing wrong. And since it [the issue] has gone viral, and thru the media even SNAP heard about this and applauded me for doing this on this priest and hope that I do not reinstate him because of that.

[So suddenly SNAP is AAA's ally. Right.]

This matter was intended to be a private issue, and he chose that way thru the media and the first letter was posted on Tim Rohr’s blog.

[Nope. It was posted on the Pacific News Center website first, not my blog. And the letter was not given to PNC by Father Paul. And again Fr. Paul did NOT go to the media, Fr. Adrian did.]

I waited 2 years to see what would happen , because so many complaints were coming in about why was he still working there and why were they so intimate, because he had built a stairway up to his room, his room was on the second floor, and he would come in the middle of the night with cases of beer and what not and stays there until the early morning…that’s what I was told.

[If AAA really believed that there was a threat then he himself put parishioners in danger by waiting 2 years "to see what would happen." He then accuses Fr. Paul of building "a stairway up to his room" when that stairway was there many years before Fr. Paul occupied the rectory. And worst of all, AAA insinuates that Fr. Paul engaged in drunken homosexual midnight trysts.]

But that’s not the issue, the issue that he was still employed. And even at a retreat, we found out thru records later that this man had two rooms at the confirmation retreat with all the kids there.

[Of course he was NOT employed.]

So there are many things that have surfaced since, including the investigation of the life of this man that really didn’t look good at all. Fr Paul refuses to acknowledge this and he sees that there is nothing wrong with this.

[LOL. "An investigation into the life of this man" who AAA himself permitted to work at Santa Barbara 13 years earlier.]

Because he chose to go this route, because I told him that if he refuses to resign it is a long process to remove him as pastor, and that’s where we are at.

About a week ago or so I met w Steve Martinez who offered to mediate the situation, so I checked with canon lawyers and they recommended to continue with the canonical process.

[In other words they recommended that AAA actually follow the law as per the removal of pastors instead of what he actually did at first which was to illegally remove him.]

His lawyer is a Jesuit priest, and Fr Karl has been tasked to meet with Fr Dacanay and review the acts which show why we asked Fr. Paul to resign, and we hope he will respond to us, to Msgr David who is the lead in the investigation and then we will see what will happen after that.

So I really thank you for your concern, pls continue to pray for me. I cannot speak like this in public and I trust that what I say here remains here. And continue to pray. I have a lot of concern for Fr Paul, but if that is his feeling that he doesn’t want to work for the AOA then please go, I do not want to tie him down. 

But some people are wondering what is going on between the two of them that Fr Paul is willing to sacrifice his priesthood for this particular man. So pls pray for him.

[What can be said about this? This is simply the lowest of the low. Filthy, actually. This is why I think AAA is mentally ill and why Rome needs to do something NOW.]

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