Friday, April 17, 2015


Thursday, April 16, 2015. Cathedral-Basilica, Agana, Guam

The next CCOG village meeting will be at the Asan Community Center, Thursday, April 23, 6pm.

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  1. CCOG is going on an island wide road show! Yeah, my car needs new transmission. I think I will ask AAA to use the Equus. i PROMISEE I'll back it right back in its place on San Ramon. Please? Give me the keys. Bet it push button! Wheeeee! BEEEEP BEEEEP! BEEEEEP! Give us our Church back, Archbishop. What a big waste of 4.00 gas. sheesh. Maybe he will come clean before this OCCASION! But, maybe NOT.

  2. Why isn't Monsignor James or Father Paul attending these vigils or meetings? I believe that some people are too attaches to Monsignor James cause he was at the Cathedral for 20 years. I think the bishop should shuffle the priests around every 6 to 7 years so that what is one parish lost is another's gain. Monsignor and Father Paul is awesome here in Tamuning. But I do believe that maybe they be placed in a good parish to help bring other people to church.

    1. Actually no member of the clergy is attending this meeting because they are not invited. And they are not invited purposely because the public part of this fight is ours, not theirs. They fight in the ways their positions permits them.