Friday, May 1, 2015


"Everything secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity." - John Acton


  1. I find it coincidental that on December 8, 2002, Supertyphoon Pongsona hit our island on the same day which Guam's celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Kamalen who is Guam's Patroness Saint and Protector. This is the same year the donation was given to the Archdioceses of Hagatna for the purchase of the hotel. Our Holy Mother must have known the deceitful acts that would follow and sent Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron a warning of how these treacherous acts would divide our church....Poor AAA, he failed to heed our Holy Mother's warning and continued his deceptive lies to the lambs he was called to shepherd. O what a web this Chancery Leadership weaves when they continuously practice to deceive.....AAA listen to the cries of our Holy Mother and the lambs you are entrusted to shepherd. Heal the divide you promised during your Mass of Chrism homily.....Stop the lies and deception especially in a public forum....Your days this realm is coming to an end. Do you still want to be known in history of the Shepard who led his flock astray though continuous lies and deception? Jesus said to Peter three times...Do you really love me. Peter said yes Lord I love you. Jesus said then said to Peter "Feed my Lambs (the Gospels / Good News).....As Saint Peters representative in Guam....Do you really love Jesus Christ? Then stop feeding us crap in a public forum because the entire Archdiocese is on to your evil schemes. Make peace with both Monsignor James and Father Paul, whom you deceptively accused of wrong doing in a public forum without due process as required by Cannon Law.....A written apology from you is required for the deceptive accusation stated during the retreat in the Philippines of Father Paul.....You should be ashamed of yourself for not having the evidence verified before publicly humiliating these two Holy and Outstanding Priests, whose only wrong doing was not following you NEO agenda. Listen and maybe you'll finally hear the Holy Spirit guide you on what you must do to heal this divided church.


  2. Chancery no longer respected.