Saturday, May 2, 2015


There was no fanfare, no breast beating, no "finger in your eye - shut up and sit down" attitude from the Cursillos after the pope met with them in Rome on April 30:
In his prepared remarks the Pope told the estimated 7,000 cursillista’s gathered in the Paul VI Hall that they were called to build on the charism that the Lord has entrusted to them. 
He said the pioneers of the movement were authentic missionaries and did not hesitate to take the initiative and bravely approach people, to help them on their journey of faith. 
The Holy Father urged those present to follow their example, and the infinite love of Christ that frees and transforms lives. 
He said, I encourage you to go beyond", faithful to your charism! To keep alive the zeal, the fire of the Spirit that always compels the followers of Christ to reach those on the peripheries, to "step out of their comfort zone and have the courage to reach all the suburbs that need the light of the Gospel". 
Pope Francis finally urged the participants to help the men and women of today to discover the beauty of faith and a life of grace, but in a way that is guided by humility.

Wow, imagine that. Another group with a "charism."

And compare what Pope Francis says to the Cursillos to what Archbishop Apuron says about them:
"...the Cursillos, it amazes me when they have the Cursillo, a weekend for example, how fired they are. But then immediately after that weekend they fizzle out."

One shepherd encourages his sheep. The other shoots them in the back and leaves them for the wolves...while he gets on yet another plane. 


  1. Apuron couldn't say anything else: he is Kiko's servant, and Kiko Arguello was a Cursillista, long time ago. Kiko hasn't a good opinion about Cursillos de Cristianidad.
    Kiko confirms his ability to manipulate minds.

  2. Neocatechumenate Ecclesial Organization has long been suspect. Cursillos de Christianidad while process is in "clausura" during retreats is more upfront and respected. Apuron basically dragged the vulnerable and hurting to a dubious cult. He will have to answer before God in bringing scandal to bear, and having to compound the same lies to avoid blame and responsibility. Fact is, he is wholly accountable for the factions of discontent and ruin that he has unwittingly invited to the island. His apathy and lack of action to mend the broken are simply unbelievable - and callous for a person in an exalted leadership position.