Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Hi Mari Flor,

I will not waste your time or mine disputing your own version of the “truth” on RMS.  There is ample information for any objective person to come to his own conclusion.  The operative language is that the RMS Seminary is to be used for the exclusive use to train and form Neo clergies in perpetuity.   I do not know how else one can interpret this language.

I am indeed a practicing Catholic, but passive in all matters other than those issues facing my Parish. I however became very active when I learned of the efforts by Archbishop Apuron and his Neocatechumenal minions attempt to convert Traditional Catholics.  I will share why as a Concerned Catholic I decided that I have the obligation to stand up strong in defense of my Catholic Faith.  This threat is being spearheaded by no other than the Archbishop.  He and Kiko and their cohorts want to shove their interpretation of achieving salvation down our throats.  I, along with thousands of others, are perfectly at peace that our way to Heaven is our non-changing Faith founded by Jesus Christ that has remained unchanged for 2000 years.  I am certainly not interested in Kiko’s and Carmen’s version barely 50 years old.   I will however list for your information the reason for me becoming an active Concerned Catholic

  1. I am concerned that the Archbishop abandoned 100,000 plus Faithful Catholics for a community of 1,000 (?) Neocats.
  2. I am deeply concerned that Apuron alienated in perpetuity the property donated to Guam Catholics for a Diocesan Seminary, and converted for the exclusive formation and training of Neo Clergies and attempted to get the donor to lie.  (Utterly shameful) especially coming from an Archbishop who should know better.
  3. I am concerned that Guam Catholics are funding the education of men from Europe, Africa and points beyond who have difficulty with the English language and whose homilies are equally difficult to understand, forcing some parishioners to attend masses where they can understand what is going on.
  4. I am concerned that these men being ordained are put on a fast tract and the quality of priest being ordained are poorly trained, and to be brutally honest, have been an embarrassment.  
  5. I am concerned that 44 Seminarians are now in formation for Guam, but yet there are only 28 Parishes.  You do the math.  Why is there a need to have a seminary for the Island of Guam?  It would be more prudent to sell the facility and place some of the proceeds in a trust for the education and formation of young men from this region wishing to become priests. The rest of the money can be use to upgrade our churches and schools and pay off debts of the Archdiocese.  
  6. I am concerned that the Neo Parish of San Vicente now looks more like an Eastern Church with Icons, all had to be purchased exclusively from Kiko’s Inventory.  I understand that Kiko has an exclusive monopoly for the purchase of all items needed for the churches.  They also have exclusive control on the architects for any project of theirs.  The Kiko Empire is vast and extremely wealthy.  He is able to host expensive annual events in Jerusalem to flaunt his wealth and influence with Cardinals, Rabbis, Archbishops.  How much of the money that is raised by their group here on Guam is given to the Archdiocese?  How much  has Kiko contributed to the formation of Neo Priests?  Is he allowing Guam Catholics to pick up the tab for him?  From what I understand, the “trash bag collections are only shared with a few special recipients.
  7. I am concerned that his followers view Kiko as a Prophet??? The era of Prophets ceased to exist when Jesus Christ came into the world for our salvation.
  8. I am concerned with the lack of basic understanding and faith based facts when a Neo Priest can proclaim that our Lord Jesus Christ is a Sinner and that being cremated destroys the soul.   Isn’t it about time that Rome investigates the quality of the professors and clergy coming from the Yona Seminary?
  9. I am concerned that Archbishop Apuron refuses to send local boys to off island seminaries, telling them that they have a local Neo seminary that they are welcome to attend.  The few seminarians that are from Pope John Seminary are still being formed and instructed by Neo instructors.  What do you think the product will be??
  10. I am concerned that the Archbishop will cease the practice of importing priests from the Philippines to supplement our local clergies, why should he when he know has a  Neo Seminary with 44 candidates in formation and these are slated to minister on Guam.  A few years back he threatened a few Filipino priests to end their stay on Guam if they did not choose to also join the Way.  This move triggered the first public demonstration against Apuron. It is only a matter of time, before they begin to ordain Neo Presbyters to staff all of our Churches. In a few short years, every priest will be a Neo. 
  11. I am concerned that Catholics, and Veterans Cemetery are not allowed to hold masses outside our Churches, yet the Neo’s can hold masses any place they wish, since the Archbishop is in charge.  (shameful).
  12. I am concerned that most of the financial support to operate the RMS Seminary is derived from Guam Catholics.  The current AAA fund raising drive has been an utter failure that there is almost no reporting of the results in the Umatuna.  This, Archbishop, is our way to send you a strong message that we will not support any drive where our donations can be used to fund NCW activities.  We want to inform you that we are going to withhold funds until you address our concerns.  Rome also better take notice before serious consequences happen.  I understand that the fund raising effort has been so anemic, which is a strong indication of the Catholics opposition to your imposition of the Way to us.
  13. I am concerned that the Archbishop destroyed the good names and reputations of two local priest, in an attempt by Kiko and his minions to prevent these two priests from being selected as Bishop when Apuron retires thus insuring the uninterrupted tenure of a Neocatechumenal Bishop for Guam to continue the total takeover of Guam when Apuron retires.  
  14. I am concerned that because of the inaction of Rome and the resolve of the people to withhold donations that we may be driving some of our parishes to the point of affecting their ability to meet their financial obligations and it is in Rome’s interest that this division (which is real) is resolved before it becomes a crisis and a major challenge for the survival of Guam Churches.
  15. I am concerned about the division between the Traditional Catholics and the Neocatechumenals which has caused tension and yet a simple solution can solve this very issue and that is to immediately return the RMS back to the Archdiocese, end your efforts to take over any more parishes and return the parishes that have Neo Clergies back to Diocesan and Capuchin clergies.  Also Kiko has massive wealth and can well afford to build a fine facility for his followers on Guam so that he can participate in healing the division that was his doing.  This way the Neocatechumenal faithful can worship to the dictates of their believes and we also can practice our faith as we have for hundreds of years.   I want to remind you, that it was your group that took the fight to us by taking over our parishes.

You mentioned that Concerned Catholics were being extremely unfair to the Archbishop.  You have it all wrong,  It is the Archbishop who is the cause of this divide, by his active implementation of Kiko’s plan for the total conversion of Guam to the Way.  Now that the plan has exploded in his face, he has refused to step up to address the issues.  The Concerned Catholics of Guam has sent several letters (all ignored) asking to meet and seek a solution.  The Archbishop is the only person who can address this issue.  He has refused thus far.  I have written messages to The Nuncio pleading for them to take action and received a courteous response that my message was “read with attention.”  For this I am grateful, but feel that Rome has to take charge since the Archbishop has refused to act. 

Finally, it is my obligation to preserve and pass on the Faith to my children and grandchildren and as long as I can detect a threat that will compromise my 
Faith that was handed down by none other than our Lord.  I will continue to fight for I consider it my moral obligation and duty.


Thomas Tanaka

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