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Thursday, May 28, 2015
(As translated and edited by JRSA: June 1, 2015)

I attended a CCOG village at Inarajan on April 30 because notwithstanding what I had been hearing about the things Archbishop Apuron  has been doing to actually harm our church, I was still un-convinced that all that was being said were really true.  At the meeting several informational documents were passed out, a presentation was given, and then the audience was asked to ask questions and provide their own input.  

After the presentation, after I read the documents that were circulated, and after participating in the discussion, I became  more convinced that this group (CCOG) is sincere in its desire to expose the truths about what has been going on, and sincere, as well, in demanding for transparency and accountability in what the Archbishop has been doing – because these have been lacking – so that there can be peace, harmony and unity within our Catholic Church.

The litany of wrongs and harms that this archbishop has done to wreck our Catholic Church is just unbelievable; but what was said was all true - and backed by documents. 

I listened with intent to the incredible mistreatment of priests, laity and nuns, the violation of our Liturgy, the non-accountability of the monies the people of Guam have been donating to the Church, and especially to the harm done on the property of the Church in his giving away of a $75M asset (the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona  - which is controlled by the Neocatechumenal Way) – his clear violation of Church law in the process, and his shameful attempt to try to get a nun to lie for him about how the property was obtained in the first place – 13 years ago!  Shame on him!  (Tai-mamahlao!)

How can he get up on the pulpit and preach to us that we should all believe in Jesus Christ, listen to Jesus Christ,  love Jesus Christ, and follow Jesus Christ – but HE does not!   He is contradicting himself.  He is a hypocrite!

What is the Archbishop thinking? The Catholic Church is NOT his!  That is why I am urging you folks who are contributing money every Sunday - Stop your contribution through the collection basket.  Give your money, your contribution, directly to your non-Neo priest, for the support of your parish.  Do not give to the Church, until we find out how the Archbishop is utilizing all out money!  

Catholic Charities Appeal – I have always supported that because I believed that we should help in building up our local clergy here on our island.  I have stopped helping because I do not see much of our local men being ordained.  Instead I see others coming in, and taking over our churches – for their own purposes, and in their own religion: the Neocatechumenal religion.  They say that the Mass is not a Sacrifice; they say that Christ is a sinner; they receive Holy Communion differently; they don’t say the Rosary; they don’t believe in Purgatory like we do; etc. etc.  !  I have stopped giving money to the church.  I stopped!  We need to know where the money is going to.

And I say these things not just because of the money and the land.  How is it that there cannot be peace within the Church?   Every time I pray, I beg of the Holy Spirit that He enlighten and strengthen the heart of the Archbishop that he call all his people – the monsignors, the priests, the Sisters, and the laity – so that there cam be peace and understanding (inafamauleg), and that there be but one Faith and one religion.  He does not!

I will not abandon my religion – but I cannot attend Mass when the Archbishop is present.  Every time I go to attend Mass, and I see the Archbishop there, I leave the church because I am angry; I feel like throwing up!   My heart is troubled that I am looking at him who is lying to the people!  I wait for another Mass – a later Mass – or go to another church where the Archbishop is not there.

And how is it that there are two seminaries - one in Yona, and one in Maloloj?  One for his Neos and the other for our local boys?  We know that this setup is a sham!  And we are paying for it!

You, Archbishop, say we should listen to you, and be corrected by you!  YOU listen to me!  I am older than you; I am your “saina”.  You are the one who needs to be corrected – because there are a lot of bad things you are doing!  You say I may be older than you, but you are the bishop!  Yes – but remember that the authority you have is not yours; you were given this authority from Rome, from the Holy Father to watch over, guide by the hand, to help, to enliven, and to make clean the souls of men which you are suppose to be leading as a Shepherd.  But you are not!  This is the point!

It is possible for me give up this religion and go to other religions, but I will not; that is not my objective; that is not what I want, because the Catholic religion is the only true religion.  The Catholic religion is the true Faith.  It seems that you do not belong to this religion; you belong to another religion – the Neo.

You carry “OFM Cap” after your name.  Why?  Because you are a Franciscan priest?  So what happens to the spirit of  “poverty” when we see you behaving like a rich man!  Bishop Baumgartner (a Capuchin bishop as well) did not do that.  He kept the spirit of poverty!  And you?   Where does your spirit of obedience lie?  With the Pope, or with another man – Kiko Arguello?

You are suppose to be honorable, clean, honest, and straightforward in your work.  But you are NOT doing these things!  You are betraying the Faith! You are making your flock fight among themselves ; you are making them cry.  That is what YOU are doing!  But people are not sleeping,  Archbishop; they are not blind.   I, for one, will not sleep!

Why do you think I did not attend the Patrocinio in Inarajan?  It was because of YOU!  I did not want to see you because every time I see you, it was as if my heart is being pierced – and there is little reason for me to have a stroke or a heart attack!  That is what you are doing, Archbishop!  And there are people – many people – who are aware of what you are doing!  Search your soul, Archbishop!  Search your soul before you get up on the pulpit to explain to us about the Gospel.  You write in the Umatuna, and you explain to us about the Gospel that is read every Sunday; you give counsel and advice to the people.  And that is fine, and we appreciate that - but it is really YOU who need to heed your own writings.  You are the one who need to heed, because YOU are the one who is not following God!  You are telling lies to the people; you are deceiving the people.

So to you people out there, I urge you to attend the next time there is a CCOG meeting (I think Thursday, June 4, at the Dededo Community Center).  Listen to the presentation; read the documents; ask questions.  Verify for yourselves that the things I am saying here are true – not fiction.  Our Church is being divided, being destroyed, being stolen from us – and it is the Archbishop who is doing it all!!   He is a hypocrite!  Rome must get rid of him!

It is so shameful for our children, so embarrassing to other religions.  It is so embarrassing to see that there is division within our Catholic Church. The Faithful are at odds with each other; the clergy is divided.  And WHERE IS OUR ARCHBISHOP?  He is simply remaining silent! Why? Why?

Hear from me, Archbishop – Many priests have spoken to me and told me that they do not like what you are doing.  But they are afraid to talk, to go against you!  Well, then you must hear from the people and from me – Ben Meno!   So far as my religion goes, I shall die being Catholic (Katoliko asta I finataiho!).  But I cannot continue to see, to hear and to taste of the bitterness which your words and actions are doing.  You are human, and you are a sinner just as I am.  You are NOT GOD!  Take heed because the time will come when God will ask you what you have done to His children whom you have divided; what have you done that they are now fighting with each other; what have you done with the authority which I had given you?  And look at the way they are crying; they are drunk with confusion!  And all because of you – your errors and your lack of leadership!

So this is the message that I wish to impart now, my elders and my colleagues.  Please come to the village meeting at Dededo on June 4.  Listen, and ask questions.  Speak up and say what you feel is right regarding this issue with the Archbishop.

In closing, I say again - stop dropping your monies in the collection baskets.  Give your donations to your non-Neo priests.  Do not give to the Catholic Charities Appeal until we find out where the money is being spent on.  Thank you.  Manana si Yu’os (Good Day). – Ben Meno; taotao Inalajan.


  1. Wow. Well said Mr Meno. I am glad it was translated, because my chamoru is very weak. I heard your passion, and now I understand your passion. I for one am going to Dededo on June 4. I hope Ben is there so I can thank him personally.
    Pete Villanueva

  2. One of the most telling things that the Evil one is present is that Ben and many others are saying they cannot be in the presence of Archbishop Apuron. Body and spirit are being repulsed. There is something more important than money here. To our Pastors in Rome: please pay attention to this important aspect of our crisis here in Guam .

  3. Do Tim mention he want casino, Mr. Ben? No. It appears that Tim Rohr is REALLY not concern about the board selling the RMS property as he claimed a short while ago. So, what is his real complaint? Could it be that what Mari Flor Herrero's said about building a casino is not that far off?

    1. LOL. Don't worry. We'll let Ms. Herrero provide the booze. LOL.

    2. Anon 1:18 "Do Tim mention he want casino..." Quit polluting our blog and take an English course you moron!! In fact speak your language in your country. Which means leave Guam! Tim building a casino is about as ridiculous as finding a Neo who will listen to logic. Get your nose out of Kiko's butt then maybe you can breathe fresh air like the rest of us. Show us some facts, real ones, not made up ones. Then again Kiko made up his own religion and you all keep telling us it's genuine Catholic. Frustrating talking to rocks with eyes. There I go again, I just insulted rocks.

    3. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJune 1, 2015 at 4:50 PM

      Well stated, Joseph A. Santos!!!

    4. "Tim building a casino is about as ridiculous as finding a Neo who will listen to logic."

      That was good Joseph A. Santos

    5. Bingo! Thank you, Joseph A. Santos June 1, 2015 at 3:19 PM for that all encompassing comment. We share the same sentiments...for sure, for sure.

  4. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJune 1, 2015 at 1:34 PM

    Thank you, Joe R. San Agustin, for providing this translation of Mr. Ben Meno's call to The Buzz for us non-Chamorro speakers. I picked up a few words here and there, but I knew there was much more to what Mr. Meno was saying. I truly don't know how AAA can ignore what Mr. Meno said, but given his actions since his July 2013 removal of Fr. Paul Gofigan — actually since his January 2006 KOLG fiasco! — I'm guessing AAA will avoid the Narrow Gate and continue to follow the wide Path to Perdition. I pray I'm wrong about AAA, that he will experience a true Conversion of Heart, make a 180° turn and find his way back to the AUTHENTIC One, Holy ,Catholic and Apostolic Church!

    HOWEVER, I believe the actual date of the CCOG Meeting that Mr. Meno spoke about in the recording was the one held last Thursday, 28 May at Sinajana — that's why there were a number of new faces present. Perhaps, for the sake of accuracy — in light of how "The Diana" and Kikos/Kikobots love to label Tim Rohr a liar — the date in this transcription should be formatted differently with the notation that 4 June is an update of the original date mentioned in the recording.

    Thank you again for providing this translation.

    1. Joe R. San AgustinJune 1, 2015 at 2:35 PM

      You're right, Mary Lou. The original recording of Mr. Meno was May 28 (when he called in The Buzz),and he was referencing the same May 28 village meeting that was being held that same evening. In the translation (and edits) that I made today, June 1, I changed Mr. Meno's urging of the people to attend the Sinajana meeting (May 28), and made it June 4 (the next village meeting at Dededo) instead -- so that his urging makes sense, i.e. attend an upcoming meeting (June 4) and not attend a meeting that already took place (May 28). I obtained Mr. Meno's approval to make that change, as well as other changes - to make the message clearer. I purposely omitted the first 2 minutes of the recording, as they were pretty much introduction to his speech, and are in fact explained in more detail in the subsequent translation.
      I had Mr. Meno review the translation to obtain his concurrence and approval that EVERYTHING said in the translation were his own thoughts, if not exact words. I know that our adversaries will find fault with my translation, and probably accuse me of using Mr. Meno's message to "plug in" our own agenda. NOT SO; NOT SO! FOR SURE; FOR SURE!
      If anyone has any issue with the translation, they can feel free to contact Mr. Meno personally.Thanks for the "heads up" though. - Joe.

    2. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJune 1, 2015 at 4:48 PM

      Thank you for clarifying that Mr. Meno gave his approval regarding the change of date, Joe R. San Agustin. "The Diana" and other Kikos/Kikobots already twist facts in their attempts to discredit Tim; I just didn't want them to use this excellent translation to fuel another delusional rant.

      Inasmuch as Mr. Meno gave his approval to the translation, then FOR SURE, FOR SURE "The Diana" and Friends can go … and spin more tales. LOL

      Thank you again for providing the translation. God bless you!

  5. Janet B - MangilaoJune 1, 2015 at 6:11 PM

    Speaking of "FOR SURE, FOR SURE" it has been awfully quiet from the sex abuse deacon lately. Wasn't he supposed to conduct a canonical investigation on the Fr Luis beach party?
    That was more than 2 months ago. They better hurry up before Fr Luis completely exhausts his one pass miles. He might run out of miles just before he is called back for his comical interview/investigation. That would be sorry, FOR SURE, FOR SURE!