Monday, June 1, 2015


There are certain people associated with the Concerned Catholics of Guam who have had legal troubles. Some of those people are outspoken. These people know their records and they know that those records are public. Yet they are willing to stand up and be counted despite the certain backlash from their cowardly opponents. 

In fact, one of the members of the CCOG who met with the Apostolic Visitors made sure that the Visitors knew he had gone to prison. He wanted the Visitors to know that he was not just any ordinary complainer, but that he was so moved by the unjust actions of the archbishop that he was willing to accept certain public ridicule for speaking out against that injustice. 

The Visitors, who were dismissive until that point, sat up and listened.

The very fact that these people are willing to push through the pain of backlash and ridicule and speak truth to power anyway should not only give extra credence to their statements, but should encourage others who are not yet so bold to put their face and name to their words as well. 

The backlash, as expected, has been ugly. 

And nothing has convinced me more of the deep-seated evils of Kiko Arguello's ideology than the puerile nastiness of these personal attacks. 

Of course they learned how to do this from Archbishop Apuron. His gutter tactic of dragging out the Lastimoza family and flogging them in public in order to take down Fr. Paul was the cold embodiment of evil.

Incredibly we all know that if any of these persons who have had a troubled past had joined the NCW they would be celebrated and edified as "fruits" of the Way. Apparently, there is no salvation apart from Kiko Arguello. 


And speaking of nastiness. The sad little pieces of kiko-vomit who can't get to me continue to wage war against my children, insinuating that my daughters are "sluts." What a witness, Apuron, what a witness.


With respect to someone calling for a boycott of U Matuna advertisers, I not only support it, I have already  suggested it. However, in order for it to be effective, the advertisers must be first contacted and apprised of the reason for the boycott. There's a good chance that some don't know what's going on. If you know the advertisers, talk to them about this. Meanwhile, someone who has an U Matuna, please leave the names of the advertisers in a comment. 

In the case of Bank of Guam though, I would recommend a boycott simply because of Lou Leon Guerrero's testimony against Bill 195-32, which as already mentioned, required normal medical care for children who survive failed abortions. This should be no surprise. Lou Leon Guerrero is Guam's foremost advocate for killing children in the womb - and in the case of this bill, even outside the womb. 

For more posts about this effort to stop the killing of living children, go here


I confirmed with KUAM that the Archdiocese does NOT pay for its TV time on their station. Yet, Apuron is asking for money to support the archdiocese's TV apostolate. There is none. LIAR. 

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