Monday, June 1, 2015


Janet B - Mangilao has left a new comment on your post "APURON NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE": 

Dear Tony:

You really are a classic idiot. When the CCOG attorney went to look at your coveted Denver opinion, he couldn't take notes, no copies, no photos, nothing. You will certainly tell us that this was the rule applied to everyone. While the rule makes no sense whatsoever, you even lie about the rule.

We know this because Mari Flor Herrero, God bless her little neo heart, extensively quotes the Denver document. Therefore, it appears that the neos are allowed to take notes, copy and photograph your precious documents for the purpose of defending your indefensible actions, while those demanding better accountability from the Church are denied the same access to these documents. 

Mari Flor, God bless her darkened neo heart, also points out there are three other documents defending your indefensible actions. Dear Tony, why don't you also grant public access to these documents, not just to Mari Flor, bless her hardened heart, but to all who wish to view the true evil of your actions?

So much deceit, so many lies, and so much abuse of your non-kiko sheep.

We really need for you to get him out of Guam. There can be no resolution from a group of evil leaders who continually lie and steal. This group is either completely oblivious that the public is fully aware of these actions or they simply no longer care about the consequences. Because Jungle Watch and CCOG have done such a good job of educating the kikos and the public of the obvious problems, no one on Guam can really say they were not aware. Therefore, we must conclude that they simply NO LONGER CARE, about the people of Guam and they NO LONGER CARE about Rome.


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