Monday, June 1, 2015


Pacific Daily News, Guam
June 1, 2015
by Tim Rohr

It is hard to know where to start in response to Mari Flor Herrero's recent opinion piece ("Bashers falsely accused Apuron, May 16, Pacific Daily News). First she criticizes the Concerned Catholics of Guam Inc., or CCOG, for not showing concern about same-sex unions and a host of other social issues, when the stated objective of the CCOG is to call the archbishop to financial accountability and transparency — something Pope Francis has already called on all bishops to do (and something Apuron obviously has trouble doing on his own).


Note: Should you wish to defend my piece in the PDN comments - since all my opponents can do is personally attack me - just ask if anything I stated is not true and ask them to prove it. Of course everything I stated is exactly true and that's why all they can do is personally attack me. 

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