Tuesday, July 14, 2015


It has now been three days since we gave the opposition the opportunity to prove which side is really "twisting words" and which side respects the intelligence of their readers. 

They say that Apuron has documents which exonerate him in the RMS scam. We say that we have documents which implicate him. They accused us of twisting words so we posted our entire source document because we respect the intelligence of our readers. They posted only more of their own words.

Now who are you going to believe?

Here is ours again:

So let's end the squabble, Archbishop. You have all the power to do so. You can simply post the documents which you claim to exonerate you. Of course you know and we know that they don't - which is why you haven't done so and never will. And they don't because you know that the firm you used has no license to issue a legal opinion on a Guam real estate transaction and neither does the Vatican. 

But the fact that you posted a misleading "summary" of those documents in the U Matuna makes you all the more guilty of fomenting even more lies and scandal. Is Kiko really worth that much?

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