Friday, July 10, 2015


Let's use the poorly formed comments of our separated brethren (and that's being charitable) to educate ourselves.

The comment outlined in yellow below refers to the fact (not a complaint) that Archbishop Apuron is named personally, and not in his capacity as Archbishop of Agana, as a guarantor on the Board of Guarantors for RMS.

Note: I'll get to the other stupidities later. Let's just deal with the one in yellow outline for now.

Even after Archbishop Apuron leaves the position of Archbishop of Agana, he will forever be referred to as Archbishop Apuron. This is his title and name (despite the shame and tarnish he has brought to the office which gave him the title).

Whenever Archbishop Apuron transacts business in the name of the archdiocese itself and not himself personally, especially in matters subject to civil law such as a real estate transaction, he must be named in his capacity as the incumbent Archbishop of Agana. As an example, here is a part of the warranty deed conveying title to the Accion Hotel property from the then-owners to the new owner, who is Archbishop of Agana, A Corporation Sole, Anthony Sablan Apuron, Incumbent:

At the very least he must identify himself as Archbishop of Agana, such as he does here in signing the RMS Articles of Incorporation:

All of this is necessary because the Archbishop of Agana is legally an office, not just a person.

In his being named as a guarantor in the RMS Articles of Incorporation, he is named personally without any reference to his office. 

Because he is named personally - and not his office - he will remain on the Board of Guarantors even after he is replaced as Archbishop of Agana.

Kiko and the Gennarini family have not developed a monstrous worldwide financial empire because they are stupid. No, they have developed a worldwide financial empire because they know how to use stupid people. 

Here is Kiko's home base built on a hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Pretty nice for an out of work painter who could never sell a painting except to the cult followers of his own religion. 

It doesn't matter that his name may not be on the title. He controls it. This is how both mega-financial conglomerates and equally mega crime syndicates work. 

I wonder which room is Fr. Luis'? Maybe he gives tours to earn his keep. And beach parking lots? Well, the Sea of Galilee is just a stone's throw away :) Visiting soon, Archbishop?

P.S. Here is an excerpt from a title report on Apuron's personal property in Mangilao. Notice that he is only named personally, and not Archbishop of Agana. The title "Archbishop" before his personal name is not used because GovGuam does not use personal titles in its records for personal property.

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