Saturday, July 11, 2015


First there is a matter of an anonymous person publicly accusing Msgr. James of criminal activity - which this "Diana" has done many times. This "Diana" refuses to use his or her actual name because "she" claims that they are the ones being persecuted. That's funny, because for almost a full year now it has been Msgr. James who has been publicly persecuted, first by his own bishop, second by the new Sanhedrin at the Cathedral (Msgr. David the VG, Jonathan Bordallo, & Sr. Marian Arroyo), and third, by this cowardly neo blog.

As mentioned many times before, this cowardly neo blog has done more to make our case of the evil fruit of Kiko Arguello than anything we could have said on our side. The willingness to publicly castigate and accuse people by name from behind an anonymous shield should say everything we need to know about what the neocatechumenal way does to people. 

Just yesterday the Gospel was about Jesus warning the apostles that they would be sent out as "sheep among wolves". Can you imagine Jesus then saying "so I want you all to hide and change your names so that no one will know who you are." LOL. Yet, this is what they apparently are taught in the Neocatechumenal Way as the "Diana" continues to denigrate and hurl accusations against Msgr. James and Fr. Paul. Thanks for teaching the world, Diana. Thanks for teaching the world about the difference between Jesus and Kiko Arguello.

But going on, we need to repeat some facts.

Msgr. James has no authority of his own to create any debt. All his authority comes from the Archbishop. The 7.3 million dollar loan to renovate the Cathedral and the Cemeteries, the other loan to build the St. Therese chapel, both of these loans, in fact all the loans in this diocese are signed by Archbishop Apuron because - as Diana likes to tell us - he has all the authority in this diocese.

In fact, it was Archbishop Apuron who put Msgr. James in debt because while Apuron signed the loans, he tasked Msgr. James to pay them back. And pay them back he did. Paying off the initial 7 million dollar indebtedness of Archbishop Apuron down to approx 1 million at the time he was fired.

This was attested to on August 6, 2014 by Joseph Rivera and Art Ilagan, both well known professional men who lent their expertise to assisting Msgr. James in the monstrous task of paying off the Archbishop's indebtedness.

But here's the real kicker. Even if all the allegations were true (and Apuron has admitted privately that he does not know them to be true), Church law holds the Archbishop responsible, not Msgr. James or any other priest. It is Apuron's responsibility as bishop to see to the financial health of his diocese, yet, he neglected this duty for years while he galavanted around the world on the Diana's trash bag money, and of course the envelopes from "Cashee."

More later. 

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