Monday, July 20, 2015


  • Tim Rohr LOL. That's just the point. He had nothing and was going away when Apuron made him a hero. There are lots of people who will fund an attorney for John, not to defend John, but to bring Apuron to justice. Now they have a reason.


  1. Sending a check today.

  2. Joseph A. SantosJuly 20, 2015 at 2:20 PM

    Dear John Toves,

    Should the need arise, please establish a Go-Fund Me account and I will be one of the first to contribute $50 (fifty dollars) as a start for your defense fund. There Diana, I will give him "even $50..." So blast off!! (I told my wife I would not use profanity) We need to bring out all the documents, beginning with the use of the Appeal funds and the travel expenses of the RMS to name a few. So yes please pursue the law suit and the truth shall set you free, or maybe not.

  3. Big Big Big JOKE!!! tell your wife that 2:20PM

  4. Drama galore. Do not judge lest you be judged. The bible teaches us to forgive not to hate. Your eternal reward is given based on your personal relationship with Jesus Christ, not with man. Focus your energy with matters that you can change for the good of mankind. Let the Vatican fix the problems with the Catholic Church. It's their job to teach people the righteous path to enter the kingdom of God, not for the people to judge and slander the clergy. If you're not satisfied inform the proper authorities or change religion.

    1. I see. Thanks for the lecture. No name? BTW, it's not their job at all.

    2. Why should we abandon the one, true Faith?

      No way!

      Did you listen at Mass Sunday to the readings about shepherds who mislead and scatter the flock, and the example of our Good Shepherd, Jesus?

  5. F. Leon GuerreroJuly 20, 2015 at 5:24 PM

    Diana,et. al, or whoever, whatever you may be: John doesn't need your condescending, fake pity. Save that for your Neonut friends. You may need it soon. Little, or insignificant that you may think he is, he brought notoriety to your beloved brother tony here on Guam, when nobody dared to speak or even think evil of him as a possible predator. There was so much fear and so much time that had passed until John came here all the way from California to make his declaration that shocked us all and still remains unresolved till this day, mostly because of the fear, shame, anger and hurt that comes along with these types of allegations. As I said before, don't forget that whole nations can be brought down by one little mosquito-borne disease. I say we should ask a good-hearted, brave senator to extend the statute of limitations once again so that any or all possible victims may come forth without fear of reprisals or being a social pariah. My dear, you just may have brought more donations to John's cause with these "pitiful" remarks of yours.

  6. John C. Ada TovesTYPHOONJuly 20, 2015 at 5:47 PM

    I am Juan Toves Toves from Agat. I am Haniu Ada from Barriigada. Come and get me. Try.