Monday, July 20, 2015


Fr. Jeffrey C. San Nicolas has left a new comment on your post "SPECIAL MESSAGE TO ARCHBISHOP HON TAI-FAI": 

Dear Tim and readers,

After reading this post and the many replies, I was saddened by what I hope is a terrible misunderstanding regarding the intention of the Archbishop's decree and this week’s errata. 

On July 12, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. many in the FD community celebrated a Mass at The Boys’ Chapel to mark the 71st anniversary of Pale’ Duenas’ death. The Mass was well attended and I shared with the people that our Archbishop chose this special day to issue a decree that removed certain restrictions from the chapel allowing it to be used more broadly by the Catholic faithful. I went on to let the assembly know that the Archbishop hoped that the chapel might serve as a catalyst to advance the cause of Pale’ Duenas so that one day Pale’ Duenas might be raised to the dignity of a venerable martyr. Pale’ Duenas' legacy of courage and faithfulness is still honored and admired to this day by many, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. For this reason, as principal of FD and an alumnus, I was happy about this part of the decree. Moreover, I knew that it was the fulfillment of the lead donor’s stipulation.

I then went on to let everyone know that the decree printed in that weekend’s Umatuna Si Yu’us was in error regarding the name of the chapel. I stated that the chapel will continue to be called “The Boys’ Chapel.” My intention in saying this was not to contradict the Archbishop’s decree. My intention was simply to pass on what the Archbishop said to me. Only because of my personal conversation with the Archbishop would I be so bold to say that his decree contained an error.

On Thursday, July 9th I talked to him about why renaming the chapel would be problematic. He reassured me that he understood the issue and that it is not his intention to rename the chapel. The archbishop told me that he had talked to Fr. Adrian about this problem but for some reason it was not immediately resolved. He assured me that it would be corrected. At this point I was happy that a correction was being worked on and I considered the issue resolved. My assumption was, and my hope still is, for a new decree to be issued so that the name “The Boys’ Chapel” remains. 

On Thursday July 16th, I called Fr. Adrian to follow up on the “correction.” I was told that the correction has not taken place but I could expect it by the July 26th issue of the Umatuna Si Yu’us. I am hopeful that a new decree (without the name change) will be issued soon.

I celebrate Mass at The Boys’ Chapel every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:00 a.m. and everyone is welcome to attend. If there are additional questions I can answer, I would be happy to do it in person after the morning Mass. I will make myself available.

Fr. Jeffrey C. San Nicolas
FDMS Principal


Fr. Jeff tells us that Archbishop Apuron "assured" him that it was "not his intention to rename the chapel." I have no doubt that this is what Archbishop Apuron told Fr. Jeff, even though on the very same day he decreed the following:
 In virtue of canon 1223 of the Code of Canon Law and by reason of my authority as Archbishop of Agaña, I hereby erect the PÅLE’ JESUS BAZA DUEÑAS ORATORY at the Father Dueñas Memorial School in Ta’i, Mangilao. 
This instrument revokes the previous decree, Protocol Number 2014-022, formerly establishing the ‘Boys Chapel’.
Sorry, Fr. Jeff, there simply is NO "terrible misunderstanding." Apuron lied to you. Welcome to the club. 

P.S. Everyone knows this is Adrian's doing. Trying to get his boss kicked out. Still mad he wasn't made a Msgr. 


  1. A club of HATERS

  2. Tony, Adrian, You truly are the manifestation of the Key Stone Cops completely inept, but worse you are affecting lives and reputations, for what?? So tony can begin to salvage his lost reputation with the laity. Sorry tony, no matter what you do there is no possible way to restore your credibility as my late Mother use to say Mafak y plato. The plate is broken and no way to be able to put it back together. Sort of like Humpty Dumpty. Time for the whole bunch of you yes, including your Neo cohorts to exit left...... Be gone. Sho Fly don"t bother us.

  3. The part where Apuron lifted certain restrictions so the chapel can be broadly used by the faithful opens up the place for Neo gatherings. Joy!

    1. It already was. In fact, besides the students, the Neo's were about the only outside group that could use it for the "Liturgy of the Word presided by a priest or deacon." LOL. There is NO SUCH THING as a "Liturgy of the Word presided by a priest or deacon." And this is an archbishop of the Catholic Church writing this...or is it.

    2. Treacherous Tony strikes again! Dang, he doesn't miss a trick, does he? Does FD have Neos among the faculty and staff? Just wondering out loud.

  4. It is very important that we try to be as charitable as possible and avoid Rash Judgment.

    It is quite likely that the Archbishop did not lie. He may not have a high degree of attention to detail, and delegates such administrative functions to the chancery. Indeed, nothing says a leader must be more intelligent than those around him.

    A good leader surrounds himself with individuals of the highest character and ability.

    Is that what the Archbishop has done with his NCW companions? Or has NEO cronyism led his "advisors" to take advantage of any intellectual deficits?

    Perhaps AAA should replace his top two NCW chancery officials with the two courageous priests he publicly wronged.

    Instead of attacking the Archbishop, we should be praying for him to humbly recognize his shortcomings and compensate by discerning and relying on truly wise advisors.

    Low IQ is not a sin.

    1. Sorry, CNMI, if this was the first time or even the second time, we would have given him the benefit of the doubt. But this has been going on for years. But even then we still could have overlooked it had he not treated Fr. Paul and Msgr. James so viciously, compounding lie after lie to justify his actions against them.

      Because he puts his name to every document, we can only hold him accountable and no one else. I was personally asked to lie for him in his presence and he said nothing to object.

      And since this is my blog and I put my name, my real one, on everything I write, I will take the full blame if I am wrong.

    2. Fully understand your compassion, but you have seen from the blog, that their ineptness and lying is the M.O. for this cast of characters. The latest victim is Fr. Jeff and he is one cleric who truly wants to bring peace to our church yet he was made to be a party to their scheming. It was earlier said that the point of return has been reached long ago and why would Apuron continue to stay on when he knows that he is harming the Church that he has lead all these years. If indeed the comments are unfounded, then I can understand the obligation to be fair. Their team continues to widen the gap and truthfully nothing they can do or say can put Humpty together again. All you can do Archbishop is to retire, you really have serious medical issues.

  5. Every week and/or month these idiots pull another stupid incident/stunt out of their A$$. It's time to kick these people out and replace them with real leaders who know the difference from the truth of God and lies. People like Monsignor James, Monsignor David Q. (Elder), Pale' Mike, Father Joe English, Pale' Eric Forbes, Father Andre, Father Effrin, Father Joe Gumataotao, Father Paul, Father Richard Kidd, Father Jeff, Father Fran H, Father Tom McGrath, Deacon Steve, Deacon Richards, know who the good guys are and who you can really trust with our money and Jesus's Church...

  6. G. Taitano, FDMS '67July 21, 2015 at 5:25 AM

    AAA, stay away from FD and The Boy's Chapel. We all know that Adrian is manipulating all this for the NEO. Fr. Paul, Msgr. James, and Fr. Jeff may be obligated to obey you, but not the FD Alumni. Fortes in fide does not include faith in Kiko and his blind Arian followers.

  7. Fr. Jeff be on your best alert, beware of sheep in archbishop clothing. Please listen with prayer and do not forget who you represent. Fortes in Fide all the Way!

  8. Fr. Jeff,
    You've given this "reason" if a "misunderstanding" before in MANY cases to pacify the situation.

    PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO PACIFY US IN THIS WAY. It is an insult to our intelligence and an insult to the respect we have for you. Respect is only as good as the person who upholds their integrity.

    We can understand the term "Obedient" can also lead to being coerced or given no other choice but to Obey and not to embarrass AAA. There are MANY Archdiocesan Priests who will give in to AAA but to see you do this in light of what is happening, I am truly wounded by the web by which AAA and Adrian has you in. You are the hope for MANY, PLEASE DO NOT DISAPPOINT US.

    With RESPECT comes RESPONSIBILITY. Which side would you choose? We are not asking for you to risk your Priesthood status, we are asking you to be HONEST. This is not the first time i've heard you say it is a "misunderstanding". Please be TRUE to your Vocation.

    1. Both Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin have used the following quotation, "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God." These people (neos) have gone way beyond that, to put it lightly. Manmattu sin fenkas ya para humachule todos yan humachogue todos malagu niha (spelling?). Surely, they should know "Mi Casa, Su casa," isn't intended for thieves but for peole of goodwill. Spn2.

    2. Wow, talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place! Prayers for you Fr Jeff!

  9. Fr Jeff, I"m a "parent" of an incoming freshman I worry that these so called "presbysters" will be one of his teacher. Kids at this age are very easily influence. I know that the "Neo" start in communities at an early age. Please make sure that FDMS doesn't hire "Neos" teachers.

    1. Thank you Anonymous @ 11:23 PM for reminding me that I, too, will soon be a parent of an FDMS Friar--SY 2016-2017. I hope and pray that there are no presbyters assigned there by then!

  10. What the arch says he will do regarding this issue and what he ultimately does are not the same. Fr. Jeff is being overly optimistic that the arch will follow through. I don't buy it. The arch has shown by what he says and does that he is a LIAR.
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  11. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJuly 26, 2015 at 5:27 PM

    I finally had a chance to look at the July 26, 2015 edition of the U Matuna Si Yu'os to determine if the correction promised to Fr. Jeff San Nicolas had been published.

    Here is what I have found:

    Page 1: Article: "Thank You and God bless, Fr. Willy" by Tony C. Diaz

    Page 2: Continuation of Fr. Willy article

    Page 3: Articles: "The meaning of a Jubilee or Holy Year in the Church" by Fr. Carl Vila; "2015 Catechetical-Liturgical Conference will be part of Jubilee Year celebration" by Tony C. Diaz; "Guam participates in International Shalom Seminar in Rome" (information provided by Connie Guerrero)

    Page 4: Sunday Gospel and Reflection page including "Trust in God. He always provides for us" (from St. Paul's 365 Days with the Lord); "Pinagat Atsubispo Anthony Sablan Apuron, Kapuchinu"; "Refleksion Mina' Disi Siette Damenggon Otdanariu Na Tiempo B, Huliu 26, 2015" List of Daily Mass Readings for the week; and Liturgical Calendar

    Page 5: Article: "Sister Carmen, SSND honored for her faith, joy and goodness" by Tony Diaz and photo "NDHS administrators attend Partners in Mission Summer Institute"

    Page 6: Article: "FDMS cadets excel at Hawaii Leadership Academy" (submitted by FDMS NJROTC program); Vocations Prayer; Cars Plus ad congratulating Msgr. James on his 21st ordination anniversary

    Page 7: Article: "New book, Children of the Green Jungle, released"; ad from Ada's Trust and message of appreciation to Fr. Willy from Gumataotao, Leon Guerrero and Cruz Families

    Page 8: Articles: "Build a bridge not a wall" Divine Mercy Moments by Fr. Joel de los Reyes; "Sydney archbishop: People can't be forced to change views of marriage" from Sydney (CNS); ad from Dominic and Associates

    Pages 9 through 11 feature National/International articles sourced from CNS and advertisements

    Page 12: Full page message of appreciation to Fr. Willy from the Parish Family of the Assumption of Our Lady in Piti

    Alas, there was absolutely NOTHING as promised by Fr. Adrian! Am I surprised? Not really.

    Poor Fr. Jeff — I hope you realize now that Adrian simply lied to you. Will you follow up, with the knowledge that doing so might result in an arduous and painful closure to your assignment as FDMS Principal?

    St. John Vianney, Patron Saint of Priests, pray for Fr. Jeff

    1. We all knew that this was another web of lies from the wolves in shepherds clothing to keep the sheep from uprising....Another sad day for Guam's Faithful Catholics; as the NCW Cult continues their evil deeds.....As you can see the NCW Cult is the highlight of the CB Jubilee. There will be visiting bishops attending....I recommend that the CCOG protest to show these visiting dignitaries that they are not happy with the 30 year reign of NEO Cult Presbyter Anthony Sablan Apuron. Also recommend the need to stop the donations to any church that has a NEO CULT Presbyter assigned.