Monday, August 10, 2015


With the VG and Adrian running the show, we can bet that "no-good" for us "regular Catholics" is afoot.

Of course, for the Neo's, we can just as surely bet that only their good is afoot. Here are two items from the current statute (which you can read in full here) that will probably be changed:
III. A. The Sacrament of Baptism

“Outside the case of necessity, it is not lawful for one to confer the sacrament outside of his own parish without the proper permission.”

Changing this statute will be necessary because the NCW regularly confers the Sacrament of Baptism wherever they want, a hotel, a gym, etc. And then when asked for a copy of the Baptismal certificate by the parents, the Vicar General just makes one up. Read what he did to the Gonzales family here and here.

Here is another which will need to be changed:
III. C: The celebration of the Eucharist is to take place in a sacred place, unless in a particular case necessity demands otherwise..”
Changing this one will be necessary obviously because the Neo's INSIST on the "celebration of the Eucharist" away from a sacred place and when there is NO "particular case" in which "necessity demands." The only demand is from Kiko who eschews the Altar of God:
"In Christianity there is no altar", which is " why we can celebrate the Eucharist on a suitable table and we can celebrate in a square, in the countryside or wherever it is suitable. We don't have a particular place where exclusively we should celebrate our worship." - Kiko Arguello. Volume 1, 3rd day, Catechetical Directory
To understand their hatred for the "sacred space" and the consecrated altar, we should revisit the episode of the "Tall Woman's" visit to Fr. Paul Gofigan. Fr. Paul's request was simple: If you want to bring the NCW to Santa Barbara, celebrate your eucharist in the "sacred space" and permit others to attend. As you can see, in Fr. Paul's own words, all hell broke loose:
" the third meeting, which happened sometime late 2007 or early 2008, I asked the parochial vicars at the time to be with me during the meeting. Those were Fr. Patrick Garcia, Fr. Joel De Los Reyes, Fr. Vito San Andres, and Fr. Eugene Santa Ana.   
Those representing the Neocatechumenal Way were Fr. Pius, I believe Fr. Pablo, definitely a tall woman named Patricia, and I can't quite remember who else was there. They once again asked about starting the Neo at Santa Barbara Church and my response was the same as the first meeting: 1) Yes, but all liturgies had to be celebrated in the Chapel and 2) their Eucharistic celebrations had to be open to all and not be exclusive.   
They weren't satisfied with this and the woman named Patricia literally slammed her fist on the table and stormed out. I am sure the parochial vicars present would testify to this. We were all taken aback by her response and were actually left speechless. We never heard from them again."
Wow, such hatred for the Altar of God. 

We can also bet, just like with the FD chapel name change, that if there is a major goof - which is bound to happen with Adrian in charge - Apuron will say it "wasn't his intention" and he will have to "check with Adrian." (Read about the FD chapel fiasco here, here, and here

"Check with Adrian" ....Hmmmmmm

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