Tuesday, September 15, 2015


One of the reasons why the extent of the horrors (and we're not done yet) of the church pedophilia scandal took so long to come to light was because it was hard for us to imagine ordained men actually doing these things. Another reason was due to the fact that so many boys (and girls) kept quiet about it and for so long. 

To understand the answer to the second reason it is important to understand the process of "grooming," which is in fact used to seduce otherwise sane people of any age into a state of psychological slavery and physical servitude.

The pedophile begins by befriending his victim with gifts, attention, outings, and otherwise making him comfortable. It then moves on to "special knowledge", secrecy, sharing things that only few know, and then eventually only the two of them know (or so the victim believes). The "outings" eventually become "sleep-overs," and then...

With clerics or any person appearing to be sanctioned by the church (including teachers), this process can happen all the more quickly because of the trust factor both the victim and the parents normally have for these kind of people. (The same is true for close relatives and family friends, which is why almost all sex abuse is perpetrated by someone known to the victim.)

Eventually the pedophile will rape his victim. Even a carefully groomed young boy or girl will know that something isn't right, but by then the victim is so deeply enmeshed in a psychological and emotional web of dependency, if not fear, that he can't extricate himself. Additionally, if he feels the victim might squeal, the pedophile will put the lid on him by threatening the child with "no one will believe you." 

One can only imagine the MESS of a life this poor child will now live. He sees his abuser feted and respected and honored and even holding up the Body of Christ with the same hands which groped his genitals. The child is forever wounded, tortured. Who would believe him if he ever spoke of what that man did to him? 

While not alleging pedophilia against Kiko, he is nevertheless a master of "grooming." This is important for critics of the NCW to understand, because as Chuck White will expose in this piece, those of us outside this MESS cannot believe otherwise intelligent people would permit themselves and their families to be so emotionally, psychologically, and eventually financially "groped" and RAPED by Kiko's Way. 

But there is a process. The whole of Kiko's "catechetical" formation is essentially "grooming." And the end game is the same as for the pedophile: a psychological slave sworn to secrecy.


  1. You must admit that Kiko is a master of deception using Holy Scripture to promote his charade and having an Archbishop provide cover. What I do not understand is the caliber of people that are being duped into believing this pure unadulterated Taki. The only logical explanation is they are appealing to their sense of self importance that they are willing to follow a Fool and give you their treasures for the stripes and stature they get from Kiko. My brothers and sisters in Christ wake up and discern the real motive of Kiko. What are the treasures that you are donating being used for? Have you seen the betterment of the lives of the followers, churches? your group is still using the resources of the Faithful without any compensation,. We the faithful are supporting RMS, travels etc. etc. The only great thing about Kiko exploitation of the Faithful and followers of Guam is that he was not aware of a simple man, Tim Rohr and lI know that he only wished that if had to do it over, he would not come to Guam. Kiko and his group have now been exposed to Rome as well as the entire globe. Keep the comments coming so other areas will not be saddled with the scourge of the Way.

    1. Dear Neo-Free, this is why I stated above:

      This is important for critics of the NCW to understand, because as Chuck White will expose in this piece, those of us outside this MESS cannot believe otherwise intelligent people would permit themselves and their families to be so emotionally, psychologically, and eventually financially "groped" and RAPED by Kiko's Way.

      But there is a process. The whole of Kiko's "catechetical" formation is essentially "grooming." And the end game is the same as for the pedophile: a psychological slave sworn to secrecy.

      "Grooming" is a very powerful thing. Otherwise called "how to boil a frog."

    2. Makes complete sense to me and would tend to explain why people who are not only educated, successful have fallen prey to the Way. Thanks

  2. Sorry, I failed to mention the contribution and research of Mr. Chuck While whose comprehensive research is able to uncover information and deep secrets that the Way is known for ... Can you imagine that even as a member of the group, you are only entitled to learn what you are allowed to learn, compare this to the True Church, we have a Catechism that is available to even non-believers. Thank you Mr.White and please continue to expose these crooks.

  3. Let nobody get the mistaken idea that members of "the Way" only have to undergo two scrutinies. Ha-ha. It turns out that there are several more down the line. But we'll get to that. In the mean time, here are links to five posts on the "colonoscopy" they call the "Second Scrutiny":

    Secrets of the Second Scrutiny Revealed, Part 1 - an outline of the Neocatechumenal Second Scrutiny Convivence and the Rite of Admission to the Catechumenate.

    Secrets of the Second Scrutiny Revealed, Part 2 - a close look at the questionnaire members complete prior to the individual scrutiny.

    Secrets of the Second Scrutiny Revealed, Part 3 - sit down in the "Chair of Mercy" and let's begin your individual scrutiny, shall we?

    Secrets of the Second Scrutiny Revealed, Part 4 - Savings accounts, retirement accounts, jewelry, heirlooms, titles to automobiles and land.  All laid at the feet of the catechists…

    Secrets of the Second Scrutiny Revealed, Part 5 - The second scrutiny initiates a substantial revenue stream for the sect and anything that might dissuade others from joining, such as coerced donations and psychological abuse, must be kept strictly secret.

  4. I sincerely hope that our dear brothers and sisters who are naturally trusting of others and their persuasions will look at these warnings in a positive way. Take out the baggage that has accumulated around the ncw status on Guam. Please trust your instincts, and look at the well-researched exposition of ncw deceptions. By the time you reach just two stages of purgation, ncw would have had you by the neck. Just think about your children: do you want them shackled by this secretive sect just because the controlling ways of neo have an emotional appeal for you? Your sins are not your children's faults but you earn your redemption by feeding these children to a false sect! You are smarter than these people telling you what is good for you. Please think it over before entrusting your soul and treasure to a bogus sect who happens to also control the archbishop and his cadre of weak-willed martinets. Please be strong enough for the sake of the next generation. This ncw is not the answer but rather the downfall of so many people cheated and betrayed by a false prophet kiko.

    1. Just as you can not give a new born baby steak to eat, you must start by giving him small amounts of soft food then work up to steak. As is the mind and soul. If I was told at the very beginning that I would be spending 3 nights out of the week with the church, if I was to confess my sins in front of people, if I was to forgive my enemies and ask for forgiveness even to those that have harmed me I would have ran to the hills - get me outta here~ but now that i have been in the NCW for several years, my faith has grown to understand the importance of such things. I am able to except the challenges in my life, the "crosses' as where as before I would run to drugs or to prostitutes or whatever. We have been conditioned in this "world" for 30+ years or how ever as many years before you get into the Way - we were taught a certain way _ job, security, money is what is most important...we have been so conditioned to think this way that it would be impossible to expect to change or even think we could change just by hearing everything Kiko has to say and what the way will mean for us at once. Its best to learn little by little and so the acceptance into this Adult faith becomes easier and more desirable as we venture in this Way.

    2. There is a HUGE difference between Adult faith and being Brainwashed.

      A key strategy of the Neocatechumenal way is to target the vulnerable, naive and troubled Catholics, falsely giving them a sense of belonging and pride, while subtlety using their weakness to control and manipulate them.

    3. Dear Unknown 5.09 a.m, the NCW is run on Durkheimian lines, one size doesn't fit all after all, some people need to return to exercising their own taste and initiative after one year, eleven years, twenty-eight years. God works outside the "way". Some human beings now trust in God's work in me away from the "way".

      Of course in 2019 dumbing down, half truths (and less), gaslighting, bait and switch, and pulling wool over eyes, are perfectly acceptable and indeed de rigueur.

      Pastoral care of over-16s is no longer a requirement in purportedly catholic institutions.

      The world is now copying the NCW in disrespecting individuals' boundaries.

      The NCW doesn't have Holy Spirit discernment or Holy Spirit charisms. Neither does it follow its own "statutes" extracted by attrition and enforced fudging.

      After 11 years of salaciousness which caught on in my "community" (from someone who guess where he went on to "advise the hierarchy"), which is beyond the statutory maximum for the entire itinerary, we hadn't even got anywhere near the "initiation to prayer".

      The itinerants who are trying to maintain a good image in the eyes of church leaders in the UK told me in front of over 20 others, that I have intellectual pride. Now this is a figure of speech and one has to sit through it like one of those "comedy" shows where the audience are the fall guys, a sort of satire upon satire. But I didn't know it at the time. Nor did I know that I didn't have intellectual pride, either. And the other "community" members were too gormless to tell me.

      I witnessed a man having his workplace disciplinary history repeated as part of a formal ceremony of the "way" (by contrast with him telling who he likes, of his own initiative). I am now owing him an apology for not standing up for him.

      I am glad of the Bible studies but not the baggage of those in charge, as they don't believe God will help me bear their burdens. It's just a whole load of eye-rolling.

      Pushiness doesn't suit the "way" and rapid expansion doesn't suit the "way". If you can operate your "community" in a better fashion (and I think some are less bad than others), and if you're not gormless, please attract people in your locality by your all-round personal conduct.

    4. Recruiting shock troopers like the Theodosians did against the likes of Hypatia, goes way back in history. The nuisance movement my dad was enveigled into, in his young day, has thankfully all but disappeared now, 65 years later.

      Typically, the NCW robs you first of your time, then of your initiative, then of your personality. Built-in inconsistency means there is probably an "improved version" out of reach of most of us, where poster boys can be cultivated.

      It is based mainly on prying into your business and training you to pry into others' business. The itinerants bragged about their expansion into Guam. They now need to be quizzed (for the benefit of the bishops they are so keen to appear associated with) about how much they knew about what was planned.

      The man appointed "responsible" in my neighbourhood doesn't care what happens to money which is sequestered at irregular intervals without warning, by the Peckham and Manor Park element, from our moneys which are usually supposed to be for our local use - and even then he doesn't adequately account for them (in another town, we asked for proper accounting and we were met with a refusal). I escaped relatively lightly from “being worked over” because I was so obviously not "material". I was exempted from cantorship in the first year because I made even more of a din than is their "norm".

      It depends, for its continued stealing of affections, on creating pincer movements (fake opposition) - both are Gramscian dialectic. Mocking us - and teaching us to mock each other - for the mess God has let our lives get into, I call Girardian emetics (regurgitate the victim mentality). Cardinal Filoni, whose name is in thick type in the Vigano letter, won't be sympathetic about your sufferings.

      The spirituality of Newman doesn't draw on the triumphalism of his time. We are well placed nowadays to pin down for ourselves the real faith, and real ways of adhering, without being pushed around.

      On Monday the “way” is “at the disposal of bishops, on Tuesday they are at its disposal, on Wednesday it is an invisible personal prelature, on Thursday it is a pretend religious order but whoops they forgot to warn us about all those vows, on Friday it is a “sodality” – near anagram of sod-it-all!

      Sacramental theology and organisational factors are often weak areas for authorities, but the bad dynamics and bad boundaries that mostly occur in the NCW ought to give it away every time.

      I wouldn't have missed the whole thing for worlds (though I ought to have stayed out of it after one of my periods of "stealth absence" in my previous town, about 14 years ago - I rashly dropped back into it while I was waiting for it either to get itself on the rails or to fold up), I think God has a wonderful sense of humour and my belly laughing can be heard all the way to Peckham & Manor Park. I just hope your "community", Messrs Unknown, is a fairly nice one and that you won't forget to drop out on the soon side (the Fathers say 4 years).

  5. Faith is a free gift from God to anyone who is searching for the truth that is found in him. I would say that any sect motivated by materialistic gains, mammon, property or things of this world is suspect and has to be approached with suspicion. For members of the NCW to fall for the tactics of Kiko and giving up their wealth to these deceitful leaders can only mean serious brainwashing is taking place in these scrutinies.

  6. Click here for part 6, where we learn that members who pass the second scrutiny are obligated to give one tenth of their income to the community.

  7. Fr I K the Oxford Newman renowned expert has said that the second scrutiny invades the inner sanctum

    1. "I haven't got a personality so therefore neither have you": it has just struck me that this line, which governs the way itinerants treat us, is actually identical to that of the out-and-out "secular" materialists.