Tuesday, September 15, 2015


One of the reasons why the extent of the horrors (and we're not done yet) of the church pedophilia scandal took so long to come to light was because it was hard for us to imagine ordained men actually doing these things. Another reason was due to the fact that so many boys (and girls) kept quiet about it and for so long. 

To understand the answer to the second reason it is important to understand the process of "grooming," which is in fact used to seduce otherwise sane people of any age into a state of psychological slavery and physical servitude.

The pedophile begins by befriending his victim with gifts, attention, outings, and otherwise making him comfortable. It then moves on to "special knowledge", secrecy, sharing things that only few know, and then eventually only the two of them know (or so the victim believes). The "outings" eventually become "sleep-overs," and then...

With clerics or any person appearing to be sanctioned by the church (including teachers), this process can happen all the more quickly because of the trust factor both the victim and the parents normally have for these kind of people. (The same is true for close relatives and family friends, which is why almost all sex abuse is perpetrated by someone known to the victim.)

Eventually the pedophile will rape his victim. Even a carefully groomed young boy or girl will know that something isn't right, but by then the victim is so deeply enmeshed in a psychological and emotional web of dependency, if not fear, that he can't extricate himself. Additionally, if he feels the victim might squeal, the pedophile will put the lid on him by threatening the child with "no one will believe you." 

One can only imagine the MESS of a life this poor child will now live. He sees his abuser feted and respected and honored and even holding up the Body of Christ with the same hands which groped his genitals. The child is forever wounded, tortured. Who would believe him if he ever spoke of what that man did to him? 

While not alleging pedophilia against Kiko, he is nevertheless a master of "grooming." This is important for critics of the NCW to understand, because as Chuck White will expose in this piece, those of us outside this MESS cannot believe otherwise intelligent people would permit themselves and their families to be so emotionally, psychologically, and eventually financially "groped" and RAPED by Kiko's Way. 

But there is a process. The whole of Kiko's "catechetical" formation is essentially "grooming." And the end game is the same as for the pedophile: a psychological slave sworn to secrecy.

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