Monday, September 28, 2015


Once again, the little panty-waste Susan gives us an opportunity to educate and promote the true faith. First, here's little Susan:

This is so much fun. Let's take it paragraph by paragraph:
It is obvious that there is a concerted and an ingenious strategy to discredit Archbishop Apuron. But who is orchestrating all this campaign against Archbishop Apuron? Who is the leader? Who is the mind of this devilish plan?
First, thank you. "Ingenious" is quite a compliment. And I will take full credit for it. No need to look any further. I am the leader. Unlike Susan aka Diana, I write all my own stuff. I do all my own research. I spend hours and hours on it because I hate injustice. Just ask Rory Respicio and B.J. Cruz. In fact, I'm sure they're breathing a sigh of relief that Apuron and the Kiko's are keeping me busy. But no worries, Rory, I'll be back. For those who don't know what I'm referring to, you can read about it at 
The spokespersons are Tim Rohr, Chuuk White and Patty Arroyo. They have strong links within the PDN in the person of Gaynor Dumat el Deleno. And they are friends of Archbishop Krebs.
LOL. Gaynor is a friend of Krebs?? LOL. She'll be interested to know that. So funny, when Gaynor wrote the headline story about Joseph Lastimoza, she was Susan's hero. And when the PDN published a letter from a certain "David Mills" backing up the PDN story (on the same day by the way), the Kiko's couldn't praise the PDN and Gaynor enough. By the way, I have to thank the Kiko's for that. My comeback on Mr. Mills still holds the records for most comments on a post (223). 

As for "Chuuk" (LOL) White and Patty Arroyo being spokespeople. NAH. There's no one but me. Chuck's research is aimed specifically at the heresies of the Neocatechumenal Way and not just on Guam. And, no, his intel doesn't come from Dona Mila. LOL. Chuck has a world wide network of contacts especially in kiko-ravaged Italy.
What is their common link? It is obvious. It is Father ERIC FORBES. They are Latin mass lovers. They frequent the friary up in Agana Heights. They belong to the Catholic Evidence Guild. Patty has a son who is a Capuchin student.
LOL. This is straight out of the mouth of Apuron. Apuron hates anyone who is more popular than he is...which is pretty much why he hates everybody. And the fact that Fr. Eric actually does real research and assiduous sermon preparation instead of downloading a canned deal off the internet adds to Apuron's chagrin. 

And "they are Latin Mass lovers"""?????? L-O-DOUBLE-L. I don't recall ever seeing Patti at a Latin Mass, though I think she said she came to one. I don't think Gaynor knows the Latin Mass exists. Chuck and I attend the Latin Mass but both of us can tell you that we get more animosity, or at best apathy, from most other Latin Mass attendees for what we do. Some attendees - once friendly - won't even speak to us. (Oh, and "they are Latin Mass lovers." Yah, like that explains the hundreds of people who have attended the CCOG meetings. The total number of people who attend the Latin Mass regularly is about 25, with half of that being kids.)
Father ERIC FORBES was seen dining with Archbishop Krebs on January 6th when the latter was here for the pastoral visit together with Archbishop Hon. A horrible gaffe of diplomacy on the part of Krebs.
Oooooooh. Imagine that. Like if they intended to hide their meeting they would actually meet some place where others could see them. Last July Archbishop Krebs, since he is the papal delegate, came to Guam to ask questions. He met with different members of the clergy as well as the heads of religious orders - as is his duty. Fr. Eric represented the Capuchins because the vice-provincial, Fr. Joe, was either off-island or otherwise occupied. In any event, since Fr. Joe is the vice-provincial, Fr. Eric could not have met with Archbishop Krebs without being delegated to do so by Fr. Joe.
Father ERIC FORBES is keeping himself out of the limelight of publicity and working behind the scenes orchestrating the downfall of Apuron, perhaps in the hope of taking his place. 
LOL. He'll be fascinated to know that. (By the way, this statement betrays its source.) And stop taking the credit away from me. From the beginning I knew that I was going to have to go this alone. I knew that the priests couldn't help me. In fact, I have received many messages criticizing Fr. Eric and other priests for not doing more. I explained to the complainers that this was 'OUR WAR." And to stop hiding behind priests. 
Come out of darkness to live in the Light!
LOL. So says Anonymous from the darkness. LOL ROTFL LMFAO!!!
According to its website, Father Eric Forbes is the Spiritual Director of the Catholic Evidence Guide of Guam. And the home website of the Catholic Evidence Guide shows the anti-Neo publication of Chuck White. 
Oh great, an opportunity to promote the Catholic Evidence Guild. The CEG was started in 2003 by Dr. Robert Morgan, a Navy captain, a brilliant orthopedic surgeon, and a just as brilliant Catholic apologist. He started it because as an outsider, he was appalled to see the mass exodus of Catholics from a diocese that had been mostly Catholic for hundreds of years. He was appalled because he could see that people were leaving the church for want of simple answers to simple questions. 

Dr. Morgan asked me to join him in 2003. He had heard of me because I frequently countered anti-Catholic letters to the editor with my own letters (and I still do). I then approached other friends who I knew cared about the same problem that Dr. Morgan was seeing. Chuck was one of them. I did not know Chuck that well. Our kids belonged to the same home-school group. And neither he nor Dr. Morgan attended the Latin Mass at that time. 

Dr. Morgan asked Fr. Eric to be the spiritual director and he agreed. But other than a short-lived radio show he did with Dr. Morgan at the beginning, and a talk at the only CEG conference we had in 2005, he has had little to do with the CEG. The sermons posted on the website were recordings Chuck did and posted. 

After Dr. Morgan left in 2004, Chuck took over the management of the CEG, but it has essentially remained inactive as a corporation, though I believe Chuck posts or links to articles from time to time. In 2008, Chuck and I became busy with the fight to end Guam's status as the most dangerous place in the United States for the unborn, legally speaking (Apuron's legacy), and we launched The Esperansa Project. And since 2013, and Apuron's mafioso threat to Fr. Paul, we've been busy with the current business. 

So here's an organization which essentially hasn't had a meeting since 2005 (the CEG), and the desperate kaka-brain fools are trying to make it the source of the conspiracy. LOL. So why are they running around so helter-skelter lately? Answer? Three words: CONGREGATION. CLERGY. TRIBUNAL. (I'm not going to explain right now. But "they" know what I'm talking about.)

Oh, and no, I get nothing from Krebs. He's too smart for that. As I've mentioned many times. Apuron has enemies ALL OVER THE WORLD. He has treated people like trash wherever he has gone. (Except for when he has passed out after his regular massive intake of Bloody Mary's in Business First. Why does he think that he becomes invisible as soon as he gets on a plane. LOL.)

Make no mistake. THIS IS WHY we are booking on FOUR MILLION views. And THIS IS WHY- if you check the flag counter and watch the Live Traffic Feed - hundreds of people everyday from all over the world are logging in. 

Apuron has left a trail and a legacy of shame and hate. He is probably one of the most despised bishops in the world. And that long list of wounded people are only too happy to send me everything they see, know, and remember. I don't post most of it. I first make sure it goes to the right place.

P.S. And Dr. Morgan, founder of the Catholic Evidence Guild, is close friends with the Neo-champion, Fr. Neil X. O'Donoghue. 


  1. Dingbat Diana shoots both her feet off this time in her latest attack on Father Eric Fobes. Catholics (with ties to Guam) living in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco will not allow this latest case of Dianarrhea to go without comment. Brace yourself Diana Banana. LOL


  2. Most reviled and hated Catholc Bishop in the Church today.

    1. I don't know Father. I might disagree on this one. There's a peruvian bishop that might as well get the championship ring. And he also plays for the "NCW Faith Thieves": José Luis del Palacio, bishop of Callao, Perú.

  3. Fr Pius is the head NCW catechist on Guam. He dictates everything ncw. For that matter, not only does he instruct the ncw communities to read Diana, he gives Diana permission to continue. Thus, Fr. Pius is responsible for its content.

    In other words, Fr. Pius, the one person who dictates the lives of the neos, is essentially Diana.
    We don't need to know specifically who the Dianas are. We just need to hold Fr Pius responsible for everything they post there.

    Fr. Pius is Diana. It's why the ncw people on Guam defend Diana. Fr Pius instructs them to defend her/him/it.

    Again, Fr. Pius is Diana.

    If none of what I say is true, then Diana is a disobedient Neo and is a sign that Fr. Pius does not have the authority or ability to control his communities. He would essentially be impotent.

    Which is it?

    1. Sometimes Father Pius IS the one. He lost control couple of weeks ago...but back on wobbly track now. Don't forget he has to fly around on Dubai air and can't blog at the same time. Pius =wizard of oz behind the big velvet curtain pressing everyone's buttons. Including the red buttons of Apuron. Catastrophic. Guess even tall woman couldn't take it anymore.

    2. Someone else lady Di today...shooting every thing thru. Whoo Hoooo! Sue on vacation? Or did she quit?

  4. This is true, BUT we already know who exactly Diana is. It's only a matter of timing. Diana is Chancery approved. All the information released are "internal" documents,. The Chancery has authorized the release and pubcation of "internal" documents/information that should have remained "confidential" because the church is the keeper of internal information. HOWER, that concept has eroded at the Hagatna church office we need to wonder the role of the VG, Monsignor David Cruz Quitigua, who has allowed this to happen.

    The scandal of his role in attempting to deceive the people of God by proving himself worthy of his new role as rector of the Hagatna cathedral by saying "look at what's I've done is such a short period of time."

    Monsignor David Cruz Quitugua should come clean and disclose where he got the money from. Good that Calvo's insurance didn't fall for their lies but the Insurance adjustors did and got some money for repairs (anything for easy money).

    Now the Hagatna cathedral is in a larger debt because they borrowed an additional $800,000 from the proa oration bank and a large amount of that money will go back to pay the chancery. Monsignor David Cruz Quitugua asking for more money from us lay people who work hard for our hard-earned dollars.

    In all my years at the Hagatna cathedral we never had to worry where the money was going to. We saw where it went to.

    What bothers me is I know that the last two years of Msgr. Benavente's assignment the Archbishop made it hard for him to get any assistance from the archdiocese. I also know that the new Neo appointed archdiocesan finance council refused the request of Msgr Benavente to relieve the burden of the Hagatna parish. We the former parishioners carried the financial load for 20 years without any help from the archdiocese and they never gave a penny to help the restoration.

    But when Monsignor David Cruz Quitugua headed the hostile take over the archdiocesan finance council immediately advanced him hundreds of thousands of dollars to prop him up and make him look good.

    If our former parish was really in financial disarray how is it possible they were able to borrow $800,000 from the bank? And how much of that do they need to pay back to the archbishop? In my view they are putting the cathedral parish in deeper debt yet when Msgr Benavente was there he was paying down the debt.

    Can someone please confirm this? Tim please tell me this is not true. I'm so troubled that such evil thrives at the chancery office. My faith is strong but I continue to look for strength at another parish. The Hagatna parish was my home. Now I'm made to feel like an outcast and a prodigal child who will never be welcomed home.

    Please help me sort all this out. I'm so troubled and hanging in the balance. From what I know I am not alone. Rome please bring an end to all the injustices.

    1. All true. Just waiting for some final documentation.

    2. Oh, Msgr James without guile? No. He was OUT about his attitude toward NCW. Approved by the Pope!!!! Once and for all---THE POPE. WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE?

    3. LOL Henry VIII was "approved by the pope" just before he split with Rome. Imbecile.

  5. Talk about paranoia! Even stooping so low as to accuse Pale' Eric and the Papal Nuncio of being scheming and deceitful. I guess when you possess those traits, you believe everyone else possesses them too. So shameful!
    So it's ok for Tony to scheme and deceive and lie to the people, but shame on others whom they ASSume to be doing the same thing.

  6. There is no necessity to defend against the total bs of of "Diana's" comments. The rant accusing Catholic Evisence Guild, Pale' Forbes, Ms. Patti Arroyo Archbishop Krebs, among others, of masterminding the downfall of the Apuron joke is downright slander. It has markings of a lawsuit all over it, and I hope the Diana will be made to answer for these irresponsible accusations. Wow, the nerve to implicate Archbishop Krebs, a respected Vatican delegate and inspector, to the pettiness of the Guam situation is really low. This rant has the face of the Apuron who feels threatened by and jealous of anyone who comes close to the truth of finding out who he really is. I do hope that a subpoena is served to the Diana and force "her" to surface or "cease and desist."

  7. NEOS are Protestants, plain and simple. Go build your own churches and take phony tony baloney with you. Diana and her assumptions are pathetic.

    James T.


  8. Much much worse 4.43pm. Apruron made horrible statements concerning two Vatican appointed Apostolic Delegates to the pacific. just that I was asked to not post certain things and I respected that. Had I not have been graciously asked by a higher authority not to inflame the situation I would have posted much more. All I can is now Apuron - cow dung.