Friday, September 18, 2015


"...The fact that Fr. Pius sanctioned it by telling us in community to read this blog makes me feel ill.

  • DonaMila Inta Taitano Any person with any sense of self worth and dignity would read this posting of the administrators of DIANAS blog and feel disgust at the pit of their stomach. I agree, the fact that Fr. Pius sanctioned it by telling us in community to read this blog makes me feel ill. I hope that those who walk in community with me are seeing how ridiculous and scandalous the DIANAS are behaving. Tim Rohr has been the front running advocate in saving the lives of our children at a great cost to himself and his family. And he's fighting for their lives at conception, where most people choose to not recognize the gift of life entrusted to them. To even use the language they chose to describe Tim and his influence is sad, but definitely a mockery of our people and our culture. Do the administrators of this blog who claim to be in the neocatechumenal way really feel that we are not mature intelligent and critical thinking adults that we would be seduced by Timin such a way? Seriously, though TRUTH pulls at the heart and conscience, it does not need not to seduce. So again the DIANAS true selves have spoken and failed to give a solid justification for their continued persecution ofTim Rohr. But then again we are taught in the community that we are not mature Catholics and thus this walk is supposed to help us become real Catholics. Well if that is so, then the administrators of DIANAs blogs continue to remain in the pre-catechumenate stages as indicated in the lack of dignity, respect, intellect and basic logical discussions that occur on the blog. Sadly, it's has been drilled into us that we are not capable of thinking on our own, which may explain their refusal to allow questions to be answered. Could this be their subtle/subliminal way of training those of us in community that we are to stop thinking, shut up and do what we're told. So this brings me to the question, who's the pedophile here? Whose doing the seducing? Logically it's the person who is outside of the familiar that needs to seduce, since Tim Rohrhas been an active mature Catholic defending our children longer than we ourselves have, then logic and reason leads us to affirm that he is family. He's been the non-blood related Chelu all these years. Where was the NCW leaders years ago during the fight at the legislature where Tim's own daughter cried for the unborn. Sadly the DIANAS are allowed to continue and be endorsed by Fr. Pius as I have not received any new instruction to stop reading the blog. Suffice it to say, I am thinking and I am disgusted.


  1. Is old putrid Pius back.....telling people what to do in Archie's absence??

  2. Thank yoy Donna Mila Taitano. Diana's blog is like the DOE curriculum of DIRCET INSTRUCTION ( read as per our instructions from PIUS ), now changed to the COMMON CORE curriculum of the NCW ( what Di says is the common core of the NCW existence).

    1. NCW=Rotten to the CORE, no less! Joy...Joy...

      I've always admired DonaMila since her teaching days at GWHS. She has a genuine passionate heart. God bless her for speaking her mind despite "walking in community."

  3. I am proud to a brother in CHRIST.

  4. Lack of dignity, respect, intellect ,Look at this blog, talk about disgusted

    1. I think you meant to say "disgusting." But that's okay. Your English is improving.

    2. Ok Tim disgusting. thank Tim.

    3. Here, let me help:

      Okay, Tim, "disgusting." Thank you, Tim.

    4. "Ok, Tim, "disgusting"..... Diana's Blog heating up! The new and improved Diana. No holding back. No holding back.
      Who is this Tim, really, will be fully exposed when some written records of his past deeds become accessible:
      - What had he to escape from to land on this island?
      - Why is he trying to prove himself so desperately as a "family man" of 11 children?
      - Why is he running away from the very same family on a daily basis to espouse his dirty fantasies at his blog?
      - Is he not abandoning his duty as a father who should be giving his kids much quality time?
      - Why is he so depraved in using and allowing all the dirty comments at his blog?

      All the trash that is coming out of Tim's blog is a true expression of his dirty mind. But the time of reckoning will surely come, perhaps it is already here! All that was kept secret for so long will come to light to be seen by everyone.

    5. @12:50. I couldn't tell from the comment who's side you are on. So my apologies if you are on our side and you just misspelled. As you know, I like to have a little fun with the people who can hardly speak English and are so anxious to trash me. :)

    6. Las Dianas are angry and striking back.

    7. Tim, will you tell us in writing or will it be DIANA? Who is this Tim, really, will be fully exposed when some written records of his past deeds become accessible

    8. There's only one written record that they need to be concerned about, and Apuron knows I have it.

    9. Ah! the nuts of Dianas' blog are back! I guess you hit a nerve Tim....LOL
      It feels like a never ending vicious circle with the Kikos.
      Back to where we were a few months back!!!

      They still have nothing concrete, intelligent or honest: so what do they do?

      Go back to the basics : Deny, deny! Deflect, deflect! and of course from the Samnut himself: Destroy, destroy!

      Little has changed since Malta Pius????
      BTW Pius ! do you want to comment on your Cousin being indicted for corruption and money laundering?
      I guess it runs in the family.... You can get the crook out of Malta, but you can't get Malta out of the crook.
      The more it changes, the more it stays the same!
      Well Pius! Have a good night!

    10. Tim at 5:06 PM Education without values, as useful as it is, Seems rather to make man a more clever devil. See any horns in your mirror lately.

    11. Rude Rudy unable to sleep again after a night at you-know-who. Let me see, accusing Tim of having no values? Who stood up for the unborn children aborted by callous and irresponsible individuals? Who stood up for Catholic values like marriage between a man and a woman? By their "fruits you shall know them," eh? Ms. Mia Rohr is a fruit directly from Tim. Her indisputable conviction and defense of Roman Catholic values is a sterling example for our youth. If there are horns in the mirror, it is you, Rudy Rude, you are a wolf in sheep's clothing and a ginormous thorn on our side. You are a retired old priest who should be reflecting on your not-so-exemplary life rather than spewing disingenuous talk about values while carrying on with a shady relationship and being a drain on the finances of St. Anthony Church.

    12. You guessed the identity of 2:45am correctly. He's always around. Hanging . Haunting. Desperate. Sick. Sad.

  5. Donna, I salute you for your courage and ability to stand up for what you believe. Please remain strong, because you are going to be singled out as a traitor. I hope others will take notice of how you are now going to be treated by Pius and the leadership. The one thing that a Cult,(Sect) cannot allow are followers who do not toe the party line. The strength and success of the Cult depends on members staying in locked step and never questioning the brain washing they get. Total subjugation is paramount; and free thinkers and rational thinking is not tolerated. How dare anyone question Fr. Pius. Even the Archbishop "sorry", I meant Bro Tony must heel to every command of Pius. I commend you for your courage! stay strong, it is obviously in you DNA. We are proud of your ability to stand up for what is right. Thank you, and this is why we say that we have never been against the members. Our battle is with Kiko, Carmen, Pius, yes, and Tony for being a puppet. They have stolen assets (RMS) that belongs to the Guam Catholics.

  6. John C. Ada Toves TYPHOONSeptember 18, 2015 at 1:57 PM

    Donna, all I can say is ditto, and thank you!

  7. I have been to both blogs and must say that I have a hard time following the rational and reasoning behind Diana and Zoltan's explanations. My family, to include extended members, are aware of what is really happening here because we all are able to read and comprehend what is presented in JungleWatch. You should see how many times we laugh out loud at Zoltan's and Diana's responses and how ridiculous he/she sounds! Almost reminds me of that former director yelling, "THERE IS NO LIST!!!"

  8. And the suggestion on Di's blog is not to pass Dona Mila Taitano on her next scrutiny. She has gone against Pius and Apo'wrongee

  9. 4:58 PM, you and many others including me are having a hard time seeking rational thinking and logical explanations of "Lady Diana" and flighty Zoltan because there simply aren't any! Their responses are predicated upon how to get back at the messengers rather than trying to understand the position of the other side. If they can only focus on clearing their cobwebs and taking a fresh look at the origins of the current divide, they can begin to understand the validity of people's emotions. JW came out of a desire on the part of Tim Rohr to rectify missteps of the Archdiocesan leadership and his attempts to educate the people on what is going on behind the scenes that ncw is bent on hiding. Now that people have enough info and are just getting shrugs instead of explanations, can they be blamed for taking an active part in stewardship? That is their right, and people like Zoltan and Diana merely mislead and confuse issues. They have no authority, while Mr. Tanaka, Monsieur Frenchie, Chuck White, Tim Rohr among others have given us an educated expose' of what it is we are dealing with. They are leaders who want to take out the blinders out of our eyes and remove the shackles out of our bound hands. They recognize that with this vile ncw invasion we have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Biba Chamoru!

  10. Donna,
    You sound like a very intelligent person, you are justified in questioning the motives of Pius and the NCW leaders in all that they do and advise, after all it is the good Lord who gave you the intellect and free will to search the truth. Please remember that Pius and the NCW do not have a monopoly on the truth. Scripture tells us that it is the "Church" that is the pillar and foundation of truth.(1Tim 3:15). The Church that Christ founded is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Any sect who introduces a new novel idea, a new evangelization, especially if the motivation of their movement is to gain money or material riches from valurnable members should be approached with much caution. Please remember also that Pius and the NCW are telling their members to stay away from the JW, could it be that they do not want their members to know the truth of what is really happening?, Please see for your self.. God Bless.

  11. Anon@4:29 pm. Just another piece of NEO rhetoric. You have nothing to show and we all know that. Where are the statutes? Where are the financial reports? We've been asking the NCW that question for years and still nothing but threats from Tony that he doesn't through on. Give me is a break and get off our island before it's too late. God is not sleeping

    James T.

  12. "Faith is not a lot of beliefs."
    "We [catechists] are angels."
    "There will be signs and miracles."
    "God loves you exactly as you are."
    "The saint always announce their sin!"
    "It is possible not to sin - if we believe."
    "[Jesus Christ] didn't come to be a model."
    "Good Friday is not the center of Christianity"
    "We have been sent to this parish by the pope."
    "The Catholic Church is not the raft of salvation."
    "The Lord wants to form in this parish a Community."
    "The Church is not called to make everyone Church."
    "All these catecheses...have, in fact, been
    Cardinal Ratzinger's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Church (sic)."
    "In Christianity there is no holy place - the people are the holy place."
    The Catechical "messages are the sperm which goes into you and create new life."
    "The acknowledging her sins and weaknesses...will..."
    "The Church diverted from the course of the 'primitive Church' at the time
    of Constantine, and did not get back on course until the Second Vatican Council."

    NCW Members, is this what your catechists say?

    1. So Kiko believes that the Church Christ founded lost its way at the time of Constantine, In other words God lost control of his church from the period of Constantine until Vatican II, Perhaps the Holy Spirit went on vacation? I can believe this if the church is human in its origins, surely does not sound like one founded by God. And where God failed, are we suppose to believe that Kiko and Carmen re-directed the Church back on track? All I can say is, What a bunch of Crock!!!!! And the NCW members believe all this trash? But worse of all, AAA, Adrian, David, Claros, Marian, and Kim buy into this doctrine? This is worse than the Protestant rebellion. The protestants in their theology believe that God is always in control.

    2. And highly educated professional people are at the fore? Really? Wouldn't take their law or medical advice, for sure, for sure. Or their banking services either!!