Friday, September 18, 2015


"...The fact that Fr. Pius sanctioned it by telling us in community to read this blog makes me feel ill.

  • DonaMila Inta Taitano Any person with any sense of self worth and dignity would read this posting of the administrators of DIANAS blog and feel disgust at the pit of their stomach. I agree, the fact that Fr. Pius sanctioned it by telling us in community to read this blog makes me feel ill. I hope that those who walk in community with me are seeing how ridiculous and scandalous the DIANAS are behaving. Tim Rohr has been the front running advocate in saving the lives of our children at a great cost to himself and his family. And he's fighting for their lives at conception, where most people choose to not recognize the gift of life entrusted to them. To even use the language they chose to describe Tim and his influence is sad, but definitely a mockery of our people and our culture. Do the administrators of this blog who claim to be in the neocatechumenal way really feel that we are not mature intelligent and critical thinking adults that we would be seduced by Timin such a way? Seriously, though TRUTH pulls at the heart and conscience, it does not need not to seduce. So again the DIANAS true selves have spoken and failed to give a solid justification for their continued persecution ofTim Rohr. But then again we are taught in the community that we are not mature Catholics and thus this walk is supposed to help us become real Catholics. Well if that is so, then the administrators of DIANAs blogs continue to remain in the pre-catechumenate stages as indicated in the lack of dignity, respect, intellect and basic logical discussions that occur on the blog. Sadly, it's has been drilled into us that we are not capable of thinking on our own, which may explain their refusal to allow questions to be answered. Could this be their subtle/subliminal way of training those of us in community that we are to stop thinking, shut up and do what we're told. So this brings me to the question, who's the pedophile here? Whose doing the seducing? Logically it's the person who is outside of the familiar that needs to seduce, since Tim Rohrhas been an active mature Catholic defending our children longer than we ourselves have, then logic and reason leads us to affirm that he is family. He's been the non-blood related Chelu all these years. Where was the NCW leaders years ago during the fight at the legislature where Tim's own daughter cried for the unborn. Sadly the DIANAS are allowed to continue and be endorsed by Fr. Pius as I have not received any new instruction to stop reading the blog. Suffice it to say, I am thinking and I am disgusted.

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