Saturday, October 10, 2015


Frenchie fills us in on the Kiko connection to JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT APURON COULDN'T GET ANY LOWER.

  1. Sorry I was busy all day.
    I have just been reading the documents provided.
    Several points.
    Les Editions du Signe are a printing and editing house based in the Alsace region of France, and specializing in the printing of religious editions.
    The whole filing of corporate papers for the company, the documents necessary to operate in France are all in order.
    It is incorporated as a SA or Societe Anonyme, similar but not in all details, to an Inc. in the US system.
    Their Capitalisation is quite high, compare to their gross yearly revenue, and to the minimum required.
    1 425 000.00 Euros for sales of 3 877 300.00 Euros in 2013.

    The main share holder is named Christian Riehl, and seems to be in charge of multiple roles:
    Chairman of the Board, General Manager, director of Marketing and Sales.
    Other administrators are: Mrs Lydie Riehl and Mr David Riehl.
    All the board and tax documents as required under French laws have been filed on time.
    They employ between 20 and 45 pers.
    This is it for the company in question.

    So we have a family company that is incorporated in France, and which according to my brother who is in the editing business, is a reputable company started in the late 1980's.
    They do religious editions, but also cook books, and "bandes dessinees" which are popular in Europe.
    So as far as the printer, they are at first observation a legitimate company.

    Now in regards to the invoice and the payments instructions, it gets a little more complicated.

  2. (continued) Invoice and methods of Payment.

    The invoice in itself is printed in on the proper type of Invoice, following the French regulations, which are applicable.
    It does not seem that they added the VAT (Value added tax), which is normal since this sale is an export.
    Since it was edited, it is hard to tell what kind of tax they charged. You have
    a HT (hors taxes) which means without tax, and a TTC (toutes taxes comprises) which means all included taxes total. This needs to be verified by the person receiving said invoice.
    Also there is a line for transportation, which apparently is charge to the receiver.

    One issue on this invoice, is that unless they have an account in France in foreign currency, all services charged have to be remitted in Euros. As you see the work is being charged in US dollars.

    Finally for the invoice, it is not clear if a duty tax was added, since this is an import on the territory of Guam, and if so: what is that amount, where does it show, is it included in the transport price?
    Last point on the invoice, there are no discount, but the payment time is quite generous, even by French standard : 210 days from the end of the month of the sending of the order.
    In this case the end of June 2015, hence the bill's due date is 01/31/16.
    This is a known tactic in Europe to push the payment into another fiscal year, and by doing so, allowing for confusion in the actual payment of the service. Sometime allowing for a claim of delinquent account, that is not collectible, while in fact it has been paid in a third manner.

    Now for the nitty gritty: the payment instructions:

    As you notice the payment instructions are of two orders, one by wire transfer to a Bank in Michigan, the other by check to a third party, an individual not related to the company who is based in Ohio.
    This is extremely fishy.
    Number one it is against the law in France to be paid outside of the location which did the billing : located in France, and except in some rare cases it has to be done in Euros. Therefore the payment should be sent to the outfit in France.
    If worse comes to worse I suggest you send a check to the address in France with the billing number as a reference. They will have a tough time cashing it in legally since the invoice is not in Euros.
    On the other hand, you have individuals that are cashing money that does not belong to them through their bank account, this is called money laundering.
    Plus a person knowingly cashing amounts of money which include taxes that have been collected, which obviously will not be remitted, is called wire fraud, and defrauding the government.
    So far this is the best proof we have of the complex way the Genarinni clan pushes, for their slight of hand, in pushing money from account to account so fast and in such a way. (an account can be closed easily, and another opened someplace else also very fast).
    Of course there is also the issue of fair market value. What is the price of each copy. Is it a real price, or is this over inflated....... I think we might have found another thread of a very complex money laundering scheme.
    Whoa.....I don't think they were planning" poor little uneducated Chamorros" to lift the veil !!!!
    In the meantime, there is urgency for the parish councils to meet and decide if they want to return the order they did not order, request in writing, written instructions from the Chancery.
    Request clarification from the Archbishop on how to proceed. (also in writing)
    There are going to be sparks with this.
    Can somebody also find out, who that "foreign" person delivering the invoice is ?
    This is big my friends..... Hands in the proverbial cookie Jar.
    Sending the info to the French tax bureau... Somebody should send the same info to the IRS in Michigan and Ohio. This is good!!!
    Thank you Lord!!! Your ways are full of mysteries, but they sure can be revealing.!

  1. More info,
    The NCW in France is not very active, since they were opposed quite forcefully by several Bishops starting in the 1980s.
    Never the less they are present in about 4 dioceses, one of them being Strasbourg, which is the region this printer comes from.
    Are they kiko followers? I do not know, but these type of strange dealings, could suggest a closer scrutiny might be welcome.
    There is a RMS seminary in Strasbourg, and apparently this printer does a lot of their work.
    I will keep on digging.


  1. Wow, Frenchie! Quite an "investigative report" you did there. I doubt most of us (not me - for sure, for sure) would have been able to delve into the mechanics of your research! Are you sure you are not related to Sherlock Holmes, or is is "elementary, my dear Watson"? My advice to pastors who are contemplating on paying for the books anyway (for fear of reprisals) - if you didn't pre-order them in writing (which then becomes your personal responsibility), simply return to sender: the Chancery. Let them handle it! Let them figure out how to pay for the books!

  2. Pastors are being strong-armed in this matter. Laypeople, hold your pastor accountable to the people who provides the collection money. He is equally liable for acquiescing in a scam that hijacks your hard-earned money. Neo presbyters will no doubt pay up without question, but still, that is not theirs to give for such frivolous reasons. Unbelievable, how crass and callous this bishop in Guam has become.

  3. Throw those books over the fences into Apuron's estate or better yet the RMS. I'm sure it'll make good reading in their library.

    Oh no, wait...What other languages is it printed in? They can use it for the ESL classes too.

    1. Oh, no, wait. Do we have to buy the the book just to throw it? Nope. I'll watch and clap, clap clap.

  4. Has our Papal Nuncio been advised that the Archdiocese of Agana may be party to money laundering and wire fraud by this recent development? Shouldn't we at least provide the Nuncio with the opportunity to investigate the substance of this matter before our Catholic church ends up with another scandal on its hands?

  5. Happy feast day of San Francisco de Borja.

    1. And such a lineage, his paternal grandfather a pope, and maternal grandfather an archbishop. At least they liked girls.


  6. All parishioners should be aghast at Tony's latest attempt to extort money from our pockets. One for one will make it abundantly clear to my pastor that if he pays for any of this nice trash I will encourage my entire family to stop giving to the parish. I stopped a while back and give direct to good causes. But my family has yet to reach their own breaking point.

    But if their money is used for this limo propaganda their will follow me. I suggest all true Catholics do the same. If any fool wants to give Tony money because he is turning 70 so be it. But when he tries to bully his priests into self-promotion of a Benedict Arnold despised by so many, I think that is where many will finally come to the. Inclusion that our diocese is corrupt to the core.

    To our dear Parish Priests who feel stuck in the middle - heed this as a warning. In this battle you must now choose: 1) what is right and your conscience, or 2) passive submission to evil.

    We will pray for you as you discern.