Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Dear Rome,

This is from the man who would be bishop:

Come on Tim I thought you were on top of things. You didnt get the recordings of the convivence yet? It should have been forwarded to you live streaming. If you did then you are holding back on us as usual. You dont believe in spilling the can all at once, do you? Atleast we agree on that. Your mind is still back in history, cant let go of it? Hence your radicalism which is so unfortunate.

By the way tell your informant over at DYA, I know who he is, Mr. P.A.A., to stop causing more problems. All he needs to worry about is the chalice and cake for November, such a hypocrite I tell you. 

This is what gets me with you people. You try to lead everyone to believe you are all perfect. Oh no, lets not discuss the dirty laundry attitude. We go to Sunday Mass everytime. We are fine. We are traditional.

The neocats are just like you, they are all sinners but the difference is that they dont hide it.They dont pretend to be in perfect marriages. They dont pretend to be sexually secure. (of course there are other issues but I purposely put these two here, hint hint Mr. P.A.A.)They(neocats) realize their sins, their inadequacies but they cling even the more to God, who died, who fulfilled it on the cross for them.

Heveno Shalom Aleichem!

-Jokers Wild 

Can you imagine a bishop who signs himself "Joker's Wild?" Worse, can you imagine the intelligence of this man who actually thinks he's hiding behind this silly pseudonym when he is so laughably recognizable? And worse yet, can you imagine the further destruction wrought upon the Catholic faithful of this diocese by such a silly impostor to the episcopal chair after thirty deadly years of the current occupant?

Notice that he wants to submerge all the evidence that I have provided over two years against his evil regime - for which he is the mastermind - into a single issue: my supposed being stuck in the past. This has been a constant theme, simply because it is all they have. They can never refute a shred of evidence that I have provided so Adrian and his fools try to make this about something else. It doesn't matter what that something else is, it just needs to be about something else, anything, anything but the facts - the TRUTH. 

We see this in his silly gloating over his supposedly knowing who my informant is in the next paragraph. I actually had to look up who this Mr. P.A.A. was because I didn't know who Adrian was referring to because I did not receive the information about Harold's abandoning his RMS post and this diocese from a Mr. P.A.A.

However, it doesn't matter who I received the information from. The issue is Harold's departure to supposedly go "on mission". Mission to where? Which bishop called him to serve in his diocese? Which poor country is he going to? We all know that this "on mission" stuff is a bunch of crap.

Archie's boys go off to stay with other neocat communities where they are as wined and dined and petted as they are here. Meanwhile, the Catholic faithful of Guam have had to foot the bill for Harold ever since his barely post-pubescent self arrived on this island in a pretty package with Apuron's name on it.

Unable to account for this fraud, Adrian tries to make this about the source of my information - which - because it involves the prison - would be public information anyway if I requested it. Typical neo-tactic: deny, deflect, deflect, deny - lie, lie, lie. Silly Adrian.

He then does the typical straw man routine, claiming something that we've never claimed: that those who oppose him and his evil pretend to be "perfect" pretend to  have "perfect marriages,", etc. And "sexually secure?" Really, Adrian! "Sexually secure?" Okay, for your sake I won't go there. LOL.

But now watch this, he threatens Mr. P.A.A. I don't know Mr. P.A.A. but obviously Adrian does. And as a priest and chancellor of the diocese he may have information about Mr. P.A.A's personal life or marital status that is confidential. Yet, he uses it here to not just threaten Mr. P.A.A., it's a warning shot to everyone who may want to stand up against his evil regime and threaten the legitimacy of his summer-school degree. 

I have been made aware of this kind of threat on several occasions. Most of it has to do with pending annulments or even the application for annulments. It is used as leverage to keep enemies at bay and to threaten silence and conformity. Some believe that joining the NCW will expedite their annulments. There is also the abuse of confidential knowledge about irregular marriages and other marital problems that should remain the domain of priestly confidentiality. But not so with Adrian and his rot. If we have learned one thing from the Kiko's it is that their "ends" justifies any "means," particularly if those "ends" are Adrian's. 

Let us recall just how EVIL Adrian can be. When Aaron Quitugua was inquiring about his prospects to study for the priesthood for this diocese, Adrian told him that he could not attend any other seminary other than RMS. Not wanting to be formed in the "neocatechumenal way" as the RMS was constituted to do, Aaron persisted in his quest to attend a legitimate diocesan seminary off-island as every other real diocesan priest in this diocese before him had done.

Not being able to legitimately defend RMS nor legitimately deny Aaron's quest, Cristobal told Aaron there was no money to support his attendance at any other seminary other than RMS. (There was a ruse about his attending the newly formed JP2 seminary - but Aaron knew this was not a seminary and all education would be at RMS.)

Being denied on account of a lack of financing, Aaron asked whether or not the diocese would sponsor him if he paid his own way. Adrian replied back: NO.

This was a really stupid answer. In denying sponsorship to Aaron if he paid his own way, Adrian is admitting that he lied about a lack of money being the reason for the previous denial. The real reason for denying Aaron the opportunity to study for the legitimate diocesan priesthood is found in what Adrian told Richard Kidd a few years before when Richard was meeting similar opposition. Adrian told Richard (now Fr. Richard):

"In this archdiocese the diocesan priesthood is no more. There is only the Neocatechumenal Way."

Dear Rome. You need to look harder. I (and many others) believe you will see that Adrian is at the root of all the evil in this diocese and you may even find truth to the rumors that he has had Apuron blackmailed for years. Then you will want to look at the source of this blackmail. But something tells me you already have it. Hint: 1977. 

Here is the email exchange between Adrian the Joker and Aaron Quitugua:

From: Aaron Quitugua 
Date: Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 9:42 PM
Subject: Follow Up

Dear Fr. Adrian,
Thank you for meeting with me today. It is a joy to see that a new Archdiocesan seminary is finally in the works. I believe that our meeting flushed out many concerns I have regarding this new seminary, which is to be at the Malojojo Retreat Center. I write this letter before speaking with my Spiritual Director to lay out the major concerns we discussed and the elements that you said you would provide me so that I can make an informed decision about entering this Archdiocesan seminary.

During our meeting, I mentioned that my major concerns were in regards to (1) the overall structure of this new seminary (2) the college credits I have already earned and (3) the formation I will undergo.
In regards to structure:
I made it clearly known to you that I am a very structured and organized person. I am meticulous when it comes to details because I firmly believe that before I can make decisions, especially important life decisions, I need to know exactly what I am getting myself into. I am not one to shoot into the dark. Seminary life is supposed to be structured so as to form the seminarian accordingly and build stability in his life, which are key elements to the discernment process.
You affirmed that being structured is important, but I cannot expect to see much structure in this new seminary right now because the details are still in the works and anything can change.
In regards to college credits:
You informed me that the seminarians of this new seminary would have to take classes at the Bl. Diego Institute. I made it known to you that I have already earned some college credits at the University of Guam and am currently enrolled at St. Joseph's College of Maine's (Catholic University) accredited online degree program.
You told me you would get back to me after consulting Msgr. David C. Quitugua, Bosco, and Dabid as they oversee the Bl. Diego Institute regarding the following so that I can make an informed decision:
1. Will the college credits I have already earned be transferable to the Bl. Diego Institute, especially since the Institute does not offer General Education courses and, as you said, operates the European way?
2. Will credits I earn at the Bl. Diego Institute be transferable to accredited universities should I discern that I am not called to be a priest after all?
3. Seminarians at the Bl. Diego Institute earn a Bachelor’s degree of Philosophy in two years after completing 62 credit hours. At most accredited universities/colleges, 62 credits only completes an Associate’s degree (some require up to 66 credits). How are 62 credits equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree here?
4. Seminarians at the Bl. Diego Institute earn another Bachelor's degree, this time in Sacred Theology in four years before eligibility for ordination. Does the Bl. Diego Institute offer the graduate degree program (Theologate) as outline in the Program for Priestly Formation under the Norms for Intellectual Formation?

5. You told me that tuition for the Bl. Diego Institute at the new seminary would be covered by the Archdiocese. If I were to enter the new seminary, would the Archdiocese assume the cost of my tuition, books and other fees from St. Joseph's and would the Archdiocese reimburse me for the money I have spent on a college education thus far.

6. If I were to continue my classes with St. Joseph's would I still be required to attend the Bl. Diego Institute?

In regards to formation:
How long will it take for me to become a priest in this new seminary?
I believe that if the questions are answered adequately I will have enough information to make an informed decision guided by prayer and spiritual direction. Father, thank you again for meeting with me.

God Bless!

Aaron Quitugua

(6 days later)

On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 4:59 PM, Cristobal, Fr. Adrian <> wrote:


Here is what Prof Bosco Corrales wrote in response to your questions:

1) We can only transfer credits of classes that coincide in content and number of class hours with the program of the Institute. General Ed. credits will be probably not transferred, but only philosophy and theology credits as much as they correspond with our program.

2) We are only accredited by the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome, so the credits of the Institute could be transferred to any pontifical university in the world. In regards to other universities the transfer would depend on the board of that university.

3) Our students do not earn any philosophy degree, they earn a Baccalaureate Degree in Sacred Theology after completion of the six-year program (185 credits)

4) The Institute follows exactly all the guidelines of the Holy See (expressed over all in Sapientia Christiana and the Decree of the Sacred Congregation of Education of Jan 2011)

Our program of studies lasts 6 years. It could be less after transferring some of the credits the student has already earned.

Hope this is helpful,

Fr. Adrian 

(6 days later)

On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 10:51 AM, Aaron Quitugua  wrote:

Good morning, Fr. Adrian,

Thank you for getting back to me with these responses. Please thank Prof. Corrales for me as well.
I will use the information provided to me thus far, along with prayer and spiritual direction, to guide me in this major decision, which you have allowed me some time to make.

Based on these responses, I am glad the Bachelor's degree program was cleared up for me in regards to what exactly seminarians at the Bl. Diego Institute earn. Although, I still have some concerns, especially in regard to the transfer of credits into and out of the Bl. Diego Institute. This is not to say though that I have ruled out the possibility of me attending this new seminary. I just need some time to make my decision.

Again, I trust in the Holy Spirit to guide me in making this decision, which will come about through prayer and spiritual direction. I ask that you continue to pray for me.  I will be in touch. Thank you again.
Si Yu'us Ma'ase,


(the same day)

From: Cristobal, Fr. Adrian <>
Date: Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 2:01 PM
Subject: Re: Institute
To: Aaron Quitugua 


Pray to Our Blessed Lady who said "I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done unto me according to your word."

Fr. Adrian

(7 weeks later)

On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 3:54 PM, Aaron Quitugua wrote:

Good afternoon, Fr. Adrian,

Thank you for meeting with me again yesterday and for understanding my decision not to enter the new seminary yet so that I may earn an accredited undergraduate degree under a general education program since the Bl. Diego Institute is not currently equipped with the resources to offer me this.
I just want to recap our discussion from yesterday to ensure that we both understand each other and to ensure that I understand the position of the Archdiocese in regards to the seminary. Please bare with me as this letter is lengthy.

We discussed the following important issues all in the understanding that this new seminary for regular diocesans and the Bl. Diego Institute are still in initial stages and are developing:

One was that I still desire to become a priest and I stressed how important it is to me to earn my undergraduate degree from an accredited institution that offers a general education program that introduces students to a wide variety of subject areas (Math, science, history...) and then allows the student to specialize in a specific field. I then used Mount Angel Seminary as an example as their college meets seminary requirements, is accredited by a secular organization(Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities(NWCCU) and the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS))and offers a general education program. You mentioned that the Bl. Diego Institute isn't quite ready to offer an undergraduate program and accreditation may occur somewhere down the line. We discussed that although the Bl. Diego Institute is affiliated to the Lateran University in Rome, an affiliation is not the same as an accreditation.

Also, in a previous email you sent me on September 10, 2013, you wrote that Prof. Corrales affirmed that the Bl. Diego Institute is not able to accept my college credits and credits will only transfer out to Pontifical universities. The transfer of my credits is important because it ensures that I don't waste what college education I have already received as well as the money spent to receive it. It also ensures that should I discern while in the seminary that I am not called to the priesthood after all, I would not have to start my college education from scratch as if I were a college freshman coming straight out of high school. 

Further, I made it known to you that I desire to earn a graduate degree, even go as far as a doctorate. Universities that offer graduate degree programs not only look to see if you've earned an undergraduate degree, but specifically look for accredited undergraduate degrees.

Another concern we discussed was the issue of formation. A seminarian attending this new seminary shared with me his daily routine, which is usually to wake up, pray the Divine Office, attend Mass, go to class, come back to do school work, eat and sleep. My concern is what other formation aside from praying the Divine Office and Mass would I be undergoing. You mentioned to me that the formation of seminarians is under the direct supervision of the bishop of the diocese the seminary is in and that the new seminary for regular diocesans is still developing its formation program.

I also mentioned to you that I was able to speak to the Rector of the new seminary, Fr. Romy. Fr. Romy shared with me essentially what you shared with me; that the new seminary is in its initial stages and is developing. Fr. Romy also mentioned that a plan to build a permanent structure for the new seminary is being conceived. You affirmed this, but said it would take time to accomplish this.  

Father, upon reflection of the above issues we discussed, an idea came to my mind. The first time we met on Sept 04, 2013, you informed me that our Archdiocese no longer has the financial resources to send seminarians to study abroad, which is the purpose this new seminary is being started.

The idea that came to mind is this: Since the reason for not allowing local seminarians from Guam to have an education abroad is due to lack of financial resources, would the Archdiocese sponsor me to study at Mount Angel Seminary if I were to consume the cost of my education and formation there since I seek a fully accredited seminary? It would not cost our Archdiocese any money to send me there. As we discussed, Mount Angel is an accredited institution with a general education program. They would accept the college credits I have already earned and should I discern that I am not called to priesthood after all, credits will transfer out of them to accredited secular institutions, such as UOG, which ensures that I would still be on track to earning an undergraduate degree.

Father, it is my hope that this email is not interpreted as being disrespectful, but rather as one that strongly feels the call to the priesthood.  Despite the many challenges in my discernment, I have stayed the course over the last few years and continue to pray to God that the Archdiocese will help me find a way to serve the people of Guam.

If anything I have stated here is incorrect or misinterpreted on my part, please feel free to inform me. Thank you for taking the time to work with me regarding these things and I look forward to your reply.
God Bless you always,


(5 days later)

From: Cristobal, Fr. Adrian <>
Date: Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 8:36 PM
Subject: Re: Recap
To: Aaron Quitugua


Thank you for your letter.  I hope to give you some answers in the next week.  I ask you to be patient.

God Bless,
Fr. Adrian   

(7 weeks later)

On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 8:28 AM, Aaron Quitugua wrote:

Good morning, Fr. Adrian,

Merry Christmas! I hope all is well considering how busy the Church calendar has been as of late.

I just want to follow up on your Nov 12, 2013 response to my November 07, 2013 letter that I sent you regarding my decision not to enter the new local seminary and my question of whether the Archdiocese would sponsor me to study at Mount Angel Seminary if I were to cover all costs of my education and formation there, meaning to say that it would not cost the Archdiocese any money to send me to Mount Angel.

In that Nov. 12 response you said that you hoped to have answers for me within that next week. Perhaps you have overlooked it considering your hectic schedule, but I still have yet to receive those said answers a month and a half after your initial response. Please know that it is very important for me to know the Archdiocese's position regarding this issue, so that I can make the necessary provisions and plan ahead for myself.

Also, in your Nov 12 response you asked me to be patient. Father, I'm sure you would agree that I have been more than patient, given that I have patiently waited, with prayerful patience mind you, for over a month. I only ask that the Archdiocese relay to me clearly their position so that I may plan accordingly in pursuing my priestly vocation.

Thank you for taking the time to assist me in what I consider to be an important matter. Should you need a copy of my Nov 07, 2013 letter and your Nov 12, 2013 response, please do not hesitate to ask me.

God bless,


(the same day)

From: Cristobal, Fr. Adrian <>
Date: Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 10:43 AM
Subject: Re: Follow Up on Reply
To: Aaron Quitugua 

Dear Aaron:

A Blessed and Holy Christmas!  

I appreciate your patience in this regard.  I also apologize for the delay in responding.  It is true these days have been extremely busy.  

I regret to inform you that your request to have the Archdiocese sponsor you at Mt. Angel Seminary is denied.  

In the event that you do have a change of direction in this matter and decide to follow the course of action that we require, please fell free to contact me.

Fr. Adrian Cristobal

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