Friday, October 23, 2015


Its a child and not a choice.
20 weeks -HELPLESS LITTLE BABIES. Its a child and not a choice. Do your part to protect them by sharing this video of a 3D Ultrasound. Video credit (Pastor Troy Dukes)
Posted by Wendy Key on Saturday, September 5, 2015


  1. You would figure since we are all Catholics, we would actually applaud and support the efforts of pro-life groups on our quest to end abortion, because we fundamentally believe that life begins at conception, and we look to Mary's answer to the archangel Gabriel as a shining example of that affirmation for life.

    However, Zoltan, your comments on the PDN's story in which Pope Francis offers forgiveness for women who had abortions was pretty disappointing. I quote:

    "Well, perhaps it is not Pope Francis who is confused here, but those religious nuts who regularly humiliate abortion victims. Their anti-abortion efforts are contaminated by posting bloody body parts of dissected fetuses on the Internet as a means of deterrence and dehumanization of abortion victims.
    Abortion is a terrible thing. But those who demonize women for political purposes are even worse. The Esperanza Project in Guam is a prime example of tendencies going against the intentions of the Pope. Primitive and dumb anti-abortion 'advocates' were epitomized by the infamous Eric Rudolph, who threw a bomb at the Atlanta Olympic Games."

    They don't show these photos to humiliate abortion victims or the women who decided to undergo the procedure. They do it to educate the public of what an abortion truly is, and because we should honor that life begins at the moment of conception, we should know that this is an inhumane procedure on a defenseless human being.

    When I was in Confirmation almost 10 years ago, I saw those grisly pictures of fetuses after an abortion. Many of us heard of the procedure, but didn't know exactly what it was. I walked out of there promising that no matter what the circumstance was, if I ended up pregnant I would keep the child.

    Now I'm expecting my first child in a few months, and have been asked by loved ones to get an abortion because a child would just get in the way of my life. I refused, and it is all because of those "religious nuts" and their argument for life.

    So yes, I am beyond disappointed that this schism within our Catholic Church would blindly distort us from the Church's fundamental teachings, and instead of praising groups such as Esparenza for their efforts to stop abortions locally, label them as religious nuts, something a pro-choice advocate would say.

  2. requiem: thank you for letting your child live.

    as he often has been in the past, zoltan was uninformed, out of touch, and out of line with his comment in the pdn. pretty concerning, since he's supposed to be a professor.