Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Reposted with the permission of the author. Email 10/18/15

Dear Archbishop Krebs.

Archbishop Krebs you are a deeply respected Vatican diplomat. I know that you will serve in any country that you are requested to by the Holy See. I know you would humbly accept the wishes of our Beloved Holy Father. 

However, I think you would find it rather strange if you were aware that some Archbishop in an insignificant archdiocese in the middle of the Western Pacific was planning to have you sent to the Congo. 

Yes, Archbishop Krebs the controversial Archbishop of Guam who now has world media coverage was arranging to have you assigned to the Congo. Archbishop Apuron and his devoted Friend who is called Putrid Pius assisted by the NCW wanted you out of New Zealand. 

The plot to remove you failed. 

Unfortunately your predecessor was not so lucky. On several occasions Archbishop Charles Balvo had requested Archbishop Apuron of Guam to supply financial audits to the Holy See. Archbishop Apuron refused Financial audits. 

As a result Archbishop Apuron claims he arranged for your predecessor to be appointed to Kenya. Upon the announcement of Archbishop Balvo to Kenya Archbishop Apuron began dancing around the chancery referring to " Darkest Africa. " He claims he and his NCW had the Power to remove Archbishop Balvo .  

Archbishop Krebs, Archbishop Apuron planned to remove you. He really does not care for Vatican diplomats . I share this information with you because Archbishop Apuron still believes he can have you assigned to a remote part of the world at his personal wish. I doubt this very much. But I do believe it is important to make you aware of exactly the kind of games Archbishop Apuron plays. 

With my kindest regards 

Sent from
Fr.Matthew Blockley

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