Thursday, October 22, 2015

TODAY. K57. 12PM

So you show up at the cemetery with the body of your loved one. You attempt to put her casket in the crypt. It doesn't go in because their is a construction defect with the crypt. Obviously that's the cemetery's responsibility so an alternative solution is arranged, and arranged in such as way so as not to cause the grieving family any extra distress. 

But then arranging such a solution depends on the cemetery management. And they are not there. And they are not there because they are all at a hotel in Tumon. And they are at the hotel in Tumon because they are all attending their annual convivence and taking instruction from Pius the Putrid. 

And there you are. Standing there with the body of your dead loved one. No place to put her. And no one to assist. Thanks to Pius the Putrid. 

Hear more about this at 12pm today on K57.



  1. I understand that Jackie Terlaje's husband is the director for Catholic cemetaries, A guy who knows nothing about cemetary funeral services, much less managing the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetaries. Just another NEO body to fill a slot, get paid for a lot of nothing doing. As they believe "Let the dead bury their dead, continue on with the convivence.

    They knew that a burial was taking place, the very least they could have done is inspect the crypt to insue that this dearly daparted's burial services goes smooth. But they cant even get this right, and then what happens when something goes wrong, they have a person who knows nothing about contingency plans on hand, un able to make any kind of decisions, while the responsible managers of this facility are in a hotel room, dancing, singing and clapping, praising and honoring their Prophet and God Kiko.

    My family recently buried my mom at the Mt. Carmel cemetary, we paid $6,000.00 for the burial and the person there representing the cemetary was a non-local young person, possibly NEO, or seminarian, that could not answer any questions about the lack of scaffolding keeping dirt from falling into the plastic liners, the danger to family being too close to the burial location, or basic info on grave markers, no knowledge of anything at all. We were told the monies covered burial services and burial plot. We got the plot, no services at all. I guess the recent experience with this family is just a stark reminder that the people managing the cemetaries are once again ripping us off, denying proper burial of our loved ones. What worse thiefs who steal even from the dead.

  2. Monsignor David the VG, Attorney Jackie Terlaje, as far as I know.

  3. I urge the family to sue. In legal parlance, this is n open and shut case. The only issue is how much will the archdiocese pay the family in damages. Plenty and it could run into the millions plus punitive damages. Go see an attorney. This is an easy case.

  4. Isn't Dennis Santos Thomas also part of the Board?

  5. I tuned into K57 today and felt bad for the family. The family today showed great patience and my prayers go out to them.

    It's sad what the family's mom had paid for in advance to lessen the burden on the family, yet in the end the family suffered even more and the deceased could not rest alongside her husband for 4 days.

    I'm sure these neos could care less about the deceased but to not even bother to rectify the problem or accommodate the family that day because they were too occupied at a hotel is downright wrong. Even businesses give better services then the clowns running the Catholic cemetery.

    I hope KUAM can do a newscast about the Catholic cemetery. Tony should stand up and apologize to the family of the deceased and NOT just focus on his bday and asking for more money from the parishioners.

    As for Diane, she will try to twist things and put the family down to shift the focus of the root problems in the archdiocese of agana. This is just plain sad.