Friday, November 6, 2015


Rota parishioners want Father Antonelli retained

THE Diocese of Chalan Kanoa has made its intention known that most pastoral and administrative duties will be removed from Reverend Monsignor Luis Antonelli by Nov. 29, 2015.

This has caused frustration and anger among the parishioners of San Isidro Church who strongly disagree with the decision made


  1. Fr.Matthew Blockley.November 6, 2015 at 2:44 PM

    Well I would assume all that is required is a simple notice that Momsignor wishes to retire and the retirement is accepted. Monsignor becomes a retire priest. His health care and needs become the responsibility of the diocese. Monsignor retires on rota or back in the states. Very simple. Ryan should simply make a statement of retirement. To simply go to Rota and remove him does not strike me as the best approach to assist a priest who has given a life time service to rota. The way it looks does not look good for Momsignor. Once again looks like poor handling of a situation to me.

    1. For Fr. Matthew Blockley, whose priestly faculties have been removed a long time ago, there’s no credibility nor integrity in everything and anything that he says about the diocese that you was ordained for. It’s not even necessary to remind him to check his facts first before making comments because really -- once an AWOL priest, always an AWOL priest! God bless you Father!

    2. LOL. Apuron. There's only one reason you weren't "removed a long time ago." 1977 to be exact. And that's because....well we'll let the attorneys handle that.

    3. Fr.Matthew Blockley.November 6, 2015 at 4:44 PM

      3.27pm someone seems rattled this afternoon. Sunny days my friend sunny days. Cc Archbisnop Martin Krebs.

  2. Rota is hardly a full time work for anyone. Best to leave Monsignor to live out the winter of life in the place he loved and where the people loved him. Infact I would imagine removing Monsignor in this way will cause greater issues problems. Out of compassion common sense best to leave Monsignor to live out remainder of his life how he is happy. If he is causing no harm to anyone let it be. Obviously if he was causing harm I would voice to thow him out. But I have no knowledge he is a bad guy. May be eccentric bit not bad. Best to leave Monsignor in peace. I think the people of rota will take care of him.

  3. Fr.Matthew Blockley.November 6, 2015 at 5:07 PM

    Dear Peoople of Rota.

    This afternoon I received a phone call from a trustworthy source informing me that the reason they want Monsignor retired from Rota is to give way to the growth of the NCW on Rota. So the question comes back to the people of rota. Do you wish to keep the and culture of Rota or do wish to allow the NCW to take over your Island. In my years in the pacific Rota was the Island I like the most, so beautiful and the people very nice. My suggestion is to strand strong in your faith and culture. NCW want to take your Island over. Best to keep invaders out or you wont have a rota left. Stand loyal with Momsignor.

  4. Is there a NCW presbyter to be installed at San Isidro Parish, Luta?

  5. Fly on the Wall with an important confirmation to Fr Blockley's post at 5:07.
    It appears that the NCW strategy all along was to invade all Oceania by using Guam as a heart of this plot. By over-ordaining presbyters on Guam, Pius and Giuseppi can send their goons out to other islands. Similar to the Navy's tactic in WWII by hoping from island to island to chase the Japanese out.
    In this case, Guam has started by going to their nearest neighbors in the CNMI. Several presbyters have already been sent to Saipan. However, the cult has failed to catch on because the people their simply go to other parishes. So Pius is put in place at the Seminary to speed up a process that Fr Pablo would not go along with. And now the attack on another island begins. This time smaller Rota. People will have to join the cult once the NCW take over Rota. Arch-enemy Apuron has been planning this for nearly 10 years as the document below reveals.
    People of Rota beware - an invasive species is about to infest your beautiful island. And this cult will make rhino beetles actually look pretty. Make preparations for attack!


    April 20, 2006

    Br. Nikolaus Hahn, C.F.A.
    Monastery Aachen Germany
    Alexianergraben 33
    D-52062 Aachen, GERMANY

    Dear Br. Nikolaus:

    With joy I am including at your request a signed picture of me in my Episcopal robe. Because we are in the missions, and Guam is a missionary territory under the auspices of Propaganda Fide in Rome, I wear the white robe because it is hot and humid on our island of Guam.

    Perhaps, you may be of help for me and the Archdiocese of Agana. I wonder if you can help set up for me a Mission Appeal for Germany. I would be interested in visiting one of the Catholic Churches in Germany to beg for alms or donations to benefit our Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary in Guam. If you can help set it up and give me possible dates. Maybe I can do one this year or perhaps next year when I happen to go to Rome for a meeting.
    I presently have 30 seminarians coming from at least 11 different countries and jurisdictions, including Guam, Hawaii, Italy, San Francisco, Spain, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Canary Islands, Venezuela, Colombia, Philippines. We are in desperate need of funds that will continue to sustain the growing seminary both for the students and for the faculty whom we have to bring in from off-island.
    It is our hope that when they are ordained priests for the Archdiocese of Agana, and I ordained one this past year (2005), I can share them with the neighboring islands who are in dire need of priests because of the influence of protestant sects who are very, very, aggressive.

    Please let me know if this is at all possible, okay? I hope someday to meet you!

    Servus tuus,

    Most Rev. Anthony Sablan Apuron, O. F. M. Cap., D.D.,
    Metropolitan Archbishop of Agana


    Other Pacific Islands beware. This species will be coming to you soon, unless we can beat back this nemesis.

    McFly reporting from the Lutas Channel.

    1. Fr.Matthew Blockley.November 6, 2015 at 9:42 PM

      This letter is absolutely ridiculous but I believe true. It shows complete insanity of tony..


  6. It is five years No bishop in our diocese. Where is new bishop? We want a new bishop to Shepherd Saipan.

  7. Fr.Matthew Blockley.November 6, 2015 at 10:06 PM

    Thank you fly on the wall. Yes you are right. As far back as 1997 I observed very carefully the intention of putrid Pius. It was to take the islands. The people of Saipan are good people, strong characters, I doubted Pius would succeede fully in the CNMI. I for one opposed the little shit right from day one. I sensed an evil bastard. And when I sense evil bastards I generally make it known.

  8. Just for clarification. When the good Father was appointed by Rome to be the Diocesan Adminstrator in the CNMI and then died, Fr. Ryan Jimenez appointed himself to the position! I've never cared for Fr. Ryan because so far he has hurt people and favors his Comrades than the indigenous people! He sent a local priest, his brother to Tinian knowing his Father is so sickly that he rarely takes any consideration for local diocesan priests and their needs. I hope Fr. Ryan resigns soon! And they'll say I'm biased becaus Pale' from Tinian is a good friend! I really don't care at all Ryan! You are not A Chamorro! What business do you have appointing yourself Adminstrator of Chalan Kanoa? Power hungry my friend! I've always seen it since the days of St. Pat's! You are caught!

    1. We must avoid rash judgment, detraction, and calumny. Catechism of the Catholic Church, para. 2477.

      It is so easy to indulge in gossip and assume the worst about people, even a self-sacrificing priest who has committed his life to the CNMI and whose sister is married to a Chamorro. Clearly, an Apostolic Delegate is not self-appointed, even if he volunteered. (I have no knowledge of whether this is so.) Ethnicity is not a litmus test for service to the universal Church, and despite your apparent projection, discrimination is not his motivation. One of the greatest challenges to the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa is the dearth of indigenous vocations. Power hunger, in this dire situation, has nothing to do with it. The problem is lack of priests.

      Would that the CNMI had even a fraction as many applicants to and graduates of seminaries as law schools! And I don't mean NCW pseudo-seminaries.


    2. I share your lament about the disproportion between aspirants to law school vs the seminary, a genuine one. Across the nation and indeed around the world, it can be demonstrated that where the Catholic faith is celebrated authentically and remains orthodox - AND where there is truly HOLY spiritual leadership - there is a genuine flow of vocations to religious life at every level. A generation ago there was a steady flow of vocations in these islands. I don't know about Camacho, but I do know about Apuron, and - up close - I have seen why vocations from Guam have crashed and burned. He has tried to circumvent his own ineptitude if not unholiness (I have something in writing which would substantiate that) by importing prepackaged vocations to his RMS franchise and then take credit for inspiring vocations while bilking the people of Guam for millions.

      As per the larger issue happening in Rota, the actions of Apuron are not unrelated. Whether the priest there is being removed due to pressure from the NCW or not is another issue. The real issue is that that the monstrous distrust of Apuron has pervaded the Marianas generally...and for good reason.

    3. The homosexual clergy is the main reason why good, Godly, young men got out of the seminary here. Apuron was their poster boy.

  9. Fr.Matthew Blockley.November 6, 2015 at 11:37 PM

    I'm asked why I post the kind of comments I do. My answer is I'm a loyal critique who has watched the evil operation in the western pacific and sincerely believe you need new bishops to spiritually Shephered the church. I do not know who they should be but what I do is Guam and Saipan had two of the most disastrous bishops in the church today. For thirty years they allowed evil to flourish and as a result of their miss management you see a very sick Church on Guam and Saipan. I'm simply doing as the Holy Father asks drawing attention to the mess. It's why I fully support Tim Rohr because he is exposing the truth of the Pacific church. I encourage everyone to join CCOG and Junglewatch and expose the madness of these people. It's only way to restore peace to the church of the Pacific. Your all being used as pawns by Apuron Pius, but you have the power to bring them to an end. Use it. Let the Revoloution begin.take to the streets oppose them it is the only way to stop the oppression. Like all dictators you have to throw them out.


  10. All these concerns lead us to the one central fact the entire western pacific church is in a state of moral decay there is no leadership. The Metropolitian Archdiocese of Agana and Dipcese of Chalan Lamoa are in serious need of new episcopal leaders to Shephered the people. This is why the chaos is growing because there is no leadership on Guam or Saipan. This is the reality of the chaos of the region. Both diocese have useless leaderships which people are now expressing to the Apostolic Delegate. We need new bishop's who have the capacity to unite the church and lead.

  11. Whoever is running this supposed Fr. Matthew Blockley account is obviously a fraud. It is not true that the NCW are heading to the shores of Rota hence why Monsignor is being placed on "retirement". There is a big shuffling of priests in the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa to cater to the needs of the people whose parishes hasn't had a pastor or parochial administrator for a couple of years now due to the shortage of priests.
    The new pastor of San Francisco de Borja Parish as well as San Isidro Parish, both in Rota is its own son Pali Ike Ayuyu. And trust me, Pali Ike is the last priest who would be involved with the NCW.
    In fact, Monsignor willingly obeyed and gave up his post as pastor. Effective November 29, 2015, the first Sunday of Advent, when the Official Aviso takes effect, Pali Ike will be pastor and Monsignor Antonelli will be a priest in residence at San Isidro. He is merely being relieved of his administrativer duties, not his priesthood.
    Please let us check the facts first before making harsh judgments or grave assumptions.

    1. While I have no doubt that what you say is true, how is it that we are supposed to give your version more credibility than Blockley's when he puts his name to his and you don't?

    2. It is also curious why the parishioners according to the story do not want thei "own son" as a replacement. Maybe they have a reason?

    3. Maybe you can also tell us why Rome has not assigned you a bishop.

    4. Fr. Matthew Blockley.November 10, 2015 at 10:04 AM

      12.56am. I am not arguing with what you are saying but I stand by what I say. The NCW intended to take over the western pacific region. That was their intention and if they could have achieved that intention they would do so. However, your comment has raised some question marks so i am now going to contact the Apostolic Delegate concerning your comment.

  12. The credibility of a comment may rest on its externally verifiable facts and inherent logic. You yourself have no doubt the comment is true. Perhaps he wishes to avoid retaliation?

    Undoubtedly there are reasons, as would be more widely known if 1991 newspaper accounts were available online. This implicates a larger question. Are certain sins unforgivable and beyond rehabilitation?

    Is not the selection of bishops supposed to be subject to some degree of confidentiality in the discernment process? This is intended to prevent the sort of political jockeying that had two of the worst NCW Guam chancery officials speculated as among the leading contenders, along with a priest unjustly treated by Archbishop Apuron.

    So JW readers have at least some idea about the delay. Will Father Blockley ever authorize publication of Part 3 in the account of his Saipan sojourn?

    1. Dear CNMI Lawyer, thanks for well thought out response. Perhaps I should have been more forthright in what I was asking for rather than rely on suggestion. I have no problem with no name comments except when they personally challenge by name the comments or credibility of others and provide no reference to substantiate their claims.

      I said that I have no doubt that it is true because it does sound like it is coming from someone who is in the know. However, there was more than one slap at Blockley in the comment. The person could have provided the factual information without a slap at anyone, but he or she did not. He or she only asked us to believe the news on the basis that it is his or her news and in so doing also asks us to discredit Blockley.

      Going on. Unfortunately our experience on Guam, and my personal experience with people who should otherwise be trusted has caused me to DOUBT EVERYTHING. I have pages and pages of emails from a certain neo-priest who is completely convinced that the oral authorization to Kiko for his particular version of the communion rite is all that is needed. Kiko was apparently given oral permission by a certain Cardinal to ignore the Statute and to retain his practice status quo. The rest of us are supposed to shut up and sit down. The priest has letters after his name that apparently evidence he has attained a high degree of theological training - so given all this, the credibility of his position should rest on “inherent logic.” The Archbishop seems to think so too for he has used the same “permission” to publicly challenge the papal directive handed down by the CDF.

      Also, you mention “externally verifiable facts.” I would be happy to review those, but I have none, nor nowhere to retrieve them.

      As for the issues of 1991 I am not aware. Perhaps you can share. My general comment about the parishioners not wanting a “native son” is rooted in the disaster that a certain “native son” has wrought on the island of Guam. Placing a priest into the community he grew up in is generally not good practice - for many reasons…MANY REASONS.

      Per the selection of bishop, my question was not about the confidentially of the process but the fact that there apparently is no process. Normally a replacement is selected and positioned as an auxiliary bishop well before the current bishop retires. This did not happen and Rome appears none too anxious to fill the hole. I happen to believe that the vacancy is tied to events on Guam.

    2. Fr. Matthew Blockley.November 10, 2015 at 11:14 AM

      Dear CNMI Lawyer.

      I respect your comments. I will release yes when I am given permission to release it. I have to respect the authority of my protector,who,is place over me. Although It may seem I do what ever I want. It is not the case. There is an authority over me,it's just not published.

    3. CNMI lawyer. What exactly are these 1991 newspaper accounts?
      Thank you.

  13. A couple of years back there was talk of the possibility of Monsignor James being installed as Bishop in Saipan. I remember hearing though that his family was not too fond of the idea as he would be physically removed from his close-knit family. With everything that has happened since AAA axed him from CB, it all makes sense now that it was all part of an elaborate plan to get him off Guam so the Neo can put their take-over of the Archdiocese in full effect! Why, Tony, you sly toad, you! Be careful what you ask for! Now look how it's come to bite you in the arse...[sigh]... Joy! Courage!

    1. He would have been an excellent Bishop of Chalan Kanoa.

    2. Fr. Marthew Blockley.November 10, 2015 at 12:07 PM

      Agree CNMI Lawyer.
      As you may know around four years ago during the time of Archbishop Balvo a certain person decided to freely break the " pontifical secret" by actually distributing confidential information. It caused serious problems and a lot of hurt for some people. It was actually funny because the one so bady wanting the position was actually on the short list. That person removed his name replace it with another name, printed the copy which was on Vatican headed paper and re distributed to some people. This was done in the attempt of blocking the other two candidates . Since when candidates names are investigated it is a secret. So two of the candidates that were acceptable we're made to look like they were campaigning for the position. The one who really wanted it was creating the image he was not in consideration when he knew he was. Pontifical Secrets were seriously compromised. Obviously I,cannot mention names since it would cause issues. But to break pontifical,secrets well, they should be banished to,a life of prayer and penance is my personal,thinking. I hope you find my comments helpful CNMI Lawyer. All I can assure you without breaking confidence is that the 2nd bishop of the CNMI does not reside on Saipan today.

  14. Okay. I'm going to hold off on any other comments about the Rota situation for now. Let's keep the focus on Apuron and his Kiko's.