Monday, November 23, 2015


...with another box of chocolates!

"Pope Francis will be in Africa Nov. 25-30, and is scheduled to make stops in three countries. He will set foot in Kenya first, where he will stay from Nov. 25-27..."

BTW, Kenya is where Apuron bragged he had the former Apostolic Delegate for Oceania, Archbishop Charles Balvo, "banished" to.

Archbishop Balvo was the one who told Apuron he could NOT give away the Yona Property without consent from the finance council:

He also admonished Apuron on more than one occasion for NEVER having filed the required financial report. Read the full letter here. Also, read Archbishop Balvo's letter to Apuron from a previous year stating: "I have never received a financial report from the Archdiocese of Agana." 

Apparently, Archbishop Balvo was getting too "warm," so the underground intel is that Apuron and Pius squealed to Gennarini and his thugs, and Balvo was summarily "sentenced" to Kenya - at least that's the way Apuron brags about it (wanting to show how much power he has with Rome). 

Dear Archbishop Balvo, you may want to discuss this with il Papa while he's there. It may be timely since il Papa has a few other documents on his desk just now relating to the same bishop. 

P.S. Please tell your guards to keep an eye out for an Archbishop with a Latino looking companion armed with a box of Guam chocolates. He's been known to crash security before. 

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