Monday, November 23, 2015


The announcement of the pope's trip to Kenya and my recollection that this is the current station of Archbishop Charles Balvo, the former Apostolic Delegate to Oceania your beloved Archbishop Apuron likes to take credit for getting rid of, brought to mind the Delegate's admonishment of Apuron of March 7, 2012.

It is a letter I believe you should pay careful attention to in light of your fake press release of November 17, 2015 in which you claim that the Yona property is firmly in the control of the Archbishop, and, in which you also discredit the Legal Opinion of the CCOG attorney who found that the Deed signed by Apuron on November 21, 2011 was "an absolute conveyance in fee simple of the subject property." 

From the full letter, it is clear that Balvo is addressing Apuron's attempt to alienate the Yona property, and Balvo tells him point blank that he cannot do so. Apparently, even Balvo is not aware that Apuron has ALREADY done so. 

"Regarding the matter at hand, as indicated in the various paragraphs of Canon 1292, to carry out acts of alienation, consent is required not only from the diocesan finance council but also of the college of consultors. If these do not give their consent, the diocesan bishop is not free to do as he pleases." 
There is no reason for the Apostolic Delegate to address Apuron on this issue if there was no danger of Apuron violating church law. Balvo clearly saw that there was, and warned that "the diocesan bishop is not free to do as he pleases."

Balvo's concern lines up directly with the concern of Apuron's own legal counsel who warned Apuron several times that unless he amended the incorporation documents he would lose "ultimate control of the asset." (See Finance Council Agenda, Sept 7, 2011)

Ms. Terlaje, one of your most ridiculous assertions is that the Legal Opinion of an attorney licensed to practice law on Guam - and one especially skilled in real property issues - is "wrong" because he doesn't know church law. 

I'm sure this idiocy will be the laughing stock of the next meeting of the Guam Bar. Meanwhile, you may want to note that while the CCOG attorney might not have a degree in canon law, ARCHBISHOP BALVO DOES. On page 2 he writes:
“'The Administration of Temporal Goods in the Church and the Diocesan Finance Councils' was the subject of my doctoral dissertation." 
LOL. Isn't it Apuron's luck, that the very Apostolic Delegate he is trying to fool not only has a doctorate in Canon Law, his doctorate specializes in the very thing Apuron is trying to lie about!

I guess Apuron was hoping for a dummy to replace Balvo after he (as he claims) got him banished to "darkest Africa." No such luck. Prior to being appointed Delegate to Oceania, Archbishop Krebs learned how to handle bad boys in Guinea and Mali, and previously served as the delegate/nuncio to Burundi, Japan, Austria, the Czech Republic, the European Union and the United States. 

But heck, Ms. Terlaje, with you in his corner, Apuron has nothing to fear. Right? 



  1. Tim, go easy. Attorney Terlage is a lady! A well trained lady.

  2. The well trained lady was a leader when her group met Martin Krebs. Kiss, kiss,kiss,kiss every one before their meeting. Archbishop Martn, where you charmed by the trained lawyer?

  3. It is very hard to disregard converging opinions from competant authority that shed light to the fact that Apuron gave away the Yona Property to the Genarinis. Atty Ed Terlaje warns Apuron against transfer of property, Apostolic delegate admonishes against it, Atty Bronze validates that property no longer in Apuron's control. I would side on the overwelming opinions of these three individual over Trained Terlaje anyday.

  4. Tim - this lawsuit and the whole conveyance issue isn't going to get the traction we need. Please focus on the affidavit and get that moving right away. CCOG and the larger community will then understand this priority.

  5. is jackie related to atty ed terlaje?

    1. Not that I know of. It's her married name anyway.

  6. Dingbat Diana wants to know....who did Archbishop DEMONIZED? Short memory babe.

    DianaNovember 24, 2015 at 8:00 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 7:45 am,

    Who did the Archbishop demonized? Do you have his public statement? Where is the Archbishop's statement demonizing anyone?

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