Monday, December 7, 2015


Catholics, do not follow blindly

Teri Untalan11:46 p.m. ChST December 6, 2015

This is the beginning of Advent in the Catholic Church. Rather than words to uplift the faithful during this period of preparation for the coming of Christ, the erstwhile church leaders instead continue their charade that the multimillion-dollar property in Yona still belongs to the archdiocese.


  1. Marilu Diaz MartinezDecember 7, 2015 at 8:50 AM

    Thank you, Teri. You simply told it like it is! We can't and should not continue our SILENT ANGER over everything that this Archbishop continues to deceive us with and lie to us about! It is not just about the thievery of Church property that he is deeply involved in and pushes; more importantly, it is about our authentic Catholic Faith and Teachings (as we know i,t today) that this Archbishop is robbing us all of thru his promotion and advocacy of the ncw and by his membership in it.

    This Archbishop has no regard nor respect for our authentic Catholic Faith nor does he show regard and respect for the faithful of Guam with his public postings insinuating that we are all so ignorant and unlearned that he can pull such a supposedly-subtle and deceptive stunt as publishing articles in the news media and in the Umatuna and waving a mere title to property registered at Gov of Guam' office of Land Management without admitting he gifted a deed to the property to the ncw and gave them use, in PERPETUITY!

    ... yet we're concerned about respecting this so-called leader of our local Catholic Church who answers and caters only to the leaders of (of all things) a foreign entity, foreigners not only to the United States of America, but to membership in our local Church and to the Archdiocese of Guam!

  2. Now Diana is twisting Teri's words of leasing property for 99yrs as if the jungle folks can't make up their mind. This article was clear to me and so was the examples used. But I guess Diana needs to google more about reading comprehension. That way she can understand what the point is since apparently she's dilusional with her assumptions.

  3. That should be clear enough. What of PERPETUITY do we not understand?

  4. This the year of mercy. What of "long and arduous" spell mercy? There are no l and a in mercy.

  5. i finally was able to donate money to the ccog. a very modest amount, but i'm happy to be able to help. please consider doing the same. fight the good fight!

    1. Thank you, Rey D. Any amount (regardless how little) will help. I hope others would follow suit. - JRSA (on behalf of CCOG).

  6. Thank you, Teri, for so bravely coming out publicly and “telling it as it is”. I echo the message you bring out, and I pray that more of our “silent majority” Catholics would emulate your example, and come out publicly in concurrence and support of the many who are being led astray by our so-called “shepherd of the flock”. I think your PDN article should be cut and pasted into our Catholic Laity’s minds and hearts.

    Unfortunately, voices like yours and mine - whose names do not carry a lot of clout - may perhaps fall on many deaf ears simply because we do not have the ability to sway public opinion. If only more of our faithful Catholics who do carry that clout would only come out publicly in support of the integrity of our Catholic Church. Here’s hoping and praying that some (if not many) would exercise the role and duty they have when they received their Confirmation, and made them soldiers of Christ in the defense of their Faith.

    Thank you again, Teri. Thank you for encouraging the rest of us to continue in our resolution to stand strong in the Faith. Let us not be led blindly! We pray: “St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle..."

    Fanohgi, Chamorro; Fanohgi, Katoliko! May Santa Marian Kamalin, whose feastday we celebrate tomorrow, help us, and give us strength. – jrsa. (12/7/15)

  7. Diana's predictable response of twisting Teri's words from her letter published in PDN and Diana's inability to understand examples Teri uses represents the level of intellectual ineptness of apuron's blind followers!

    These follow-the-leader Dianas from the chancery office are also the go-fers of the ncw. They are the reason apuron gets away with deception, corruption and fraud! That makes the Dianas accomplices then, doesn't it?