Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Posted by Chuck White

"Niinja2", from Zagreb, Croatia, recently posted this comment on my post, "A Critical Look at the Neocatechumenal Way" at

He documents some coercive, sectarian techniques employed by Neocatechumenal catechists in his country.

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ip address: Zagreb, Croatia. Hrvatski Telekom
Free choice is a choice that is not influenced...
A choice that is influenced is not free choice...

Its amazing how much influence Catechists exert onto their members and still dare to say they have free choice.  And i was a member of NCW for 6 years. And even though the catechists always repeat “you are in freedom” they generally say this right after they said something like:

“Something bad might happen to you if you leave”

“You could lose Gods mercy”

“You can leave but you will never be happy”

People in NCW loose (sic) their freedom by 4 ways:

  1. It is moral to be obedient , thus it is immoral to be free.
  2. Rule of Arkana (rule of silence) prevents younger members to know what they are getting into. If a person does not have all the information it cannot make informed decisions and if decisions are not informed they are guided by the person providing the information and if they are guided they are not free.
  3. Demonizing outside world and celebrating the community. After a few years of listening to this you get the feeling that everybody outside of the community are unhappy and you think that if you leave you will be unhappy to. So this choice does not come into question.
  4. outright manipulation by fear.
“go outside of the community and see what is going to happen”
“the devil will deceive you”

To conclude , a place where its moral to be obedient, where information is manipulated , where you are made to believe bad things are going to happen if you leave that place, is a place without freedom.

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