Monday, December 14, 2015


This is an FYI that I post every year. If you don't have a problem with contraception or abortion, then disregard. If you do, then you should know.


Every year at this time we begin to see the very familiar sight of Salvation Army volunteers ringing their bells alongside the little red buckets. And every year, or at least for the last few, I have sent out the following reminder.

There is no doubt that the Salvation Army does great good in our society. However, the Salvation Army openly encourages the use of contraception and also supports abortion, although less openly. (Continued)

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  1. Tim, Thank you for all you do, this is information that we would not have access to. You have been a defender of our Faith in from the time when you were in the good graces of AAA. Yet at the risk of your livelihood, you have stood up and have put everything on the line for your faith and for the salvation of your family. God Bless you. For all the Neo's who think that you have not changed the direction of the Church on Guam. Check out the hits on the blog, you are being viewed world wide and have been a thorn to Kiko. Keep it up! and Merry Christmas. Continue your great work.