Monday, December 14, 2015


I believe the reason why some did not immediately pick up on the satire of the previous post is evidence that there are those on our side who really do want to believe the best about their bishop. They want to believe that he really is a merciful father. They want to believe everything they have been cultured to expect of the ordained, especially a bishop.

I know this to be true because I have seen the disbelief in the eyes of many at the village meetings and in personal conversations when I put the facts on paper into their hands. For some, it's like being told that one of your parents is having an affair. There is shock, hurt, disbelief, anger. And even after it is accepted as true there remains a terrible desire for your parents to reconcile, for apologies, for warm embraces once again. 

What makes this all the more evil is that this cultured good will of Guam's Catholic faithful, this centuries-old childlike trust of church leaders, this deep longing for reconciliation and peace are precisely what this bishop depends on to further disabuse the people who have been entrusted to him.

This good will, trust, and desire for peace makes it all the more easy for this bishop to lie to them, to fool them, to mislead them, to rob them, to prey upon them, and to pound them into a submissive dust while he and his neocat children wine and dine and fly about the globe congratulating themselves.

So far, it seems that his "can't touch me" approach is working. Most on our side seem willing to do nothing more than blame Rome or blame the non-neo priests for not doing more. Apuron is counting on exactly this. This is why he can say that he doesn't know what the protestors are protesting as he did at his birthday bash. 

He believes the numbers will remain few and to him they are nothing more than a few flies on the wall. He believes that no matter what, people will still support their parishes and he will be able to continue to extract his tax. And if some no longer put money in the basket, no matter, their presence at neo-controlled parishes will continue to give the illusion that all is well, giving cover to the neocats while they undermine the parish and break it into their wormed communities. 

He believes that even the few who are vocal will tire of the task, will grow weary and discouraged, will eventually stay home and go back to muttering only to themselves. He believes that lectures of the sort given by Fr. Fran Hezel at the Dec. 8 gathering - lectures against quarreling and division - will eventually produce enough intended guilt and force those who speak up to shut up and sit down. 

I don't know Fr. Hezel's real target. It may very well have been Apuron himself, especially since he is the ONLY one who can end the "quarreling." However, Fr. Hezel's call for unity reminded me of a talk I had a few years ago with one of his Jesuit brothers who justified disunity, division, and disobedience in the name of progress in the church. (The very thing Kiko himself is doing of course.)

I had confronted this particular Jesuit priest on the issue of blatant liturgical abuses. He calmly advised me that there would be no progress in the church without such disobedience. He gave the examples of communion in the hand and altar girls - both of which began as liturgical aberrations but were finally given a green light by the pope himself. 

As an aside this was the same priest who counseled me that the use of artificial birth control was a personal decision and that the church would one day change its teaching on the matter as it did with communion in the hand. He gave me a book by a noted Catholic author which not only supported contraception but direct abortion in some cases. 

I have to thank this priest because upon reading this book, and subsequently throwing it in the trash, I began my own quest for Catholic truth and I'm glad I did. Seven more beautiful children followed. But more importantly I learned not to trust a man just because he wore a collar - or even a miter. And until you learn the same lesson you will continue to be lied to, misled, robbed, preyed upon, and pounded into dust by an increasing number of wolves in "shepherd's" clothing. 

Christ warned us that we would see the "abomination of desolation in the temple (Mt 24:15)." And in Guam, you only have to go to the Cathedral. 

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