Wednesday, December 16, 2015


A friend sent me this yesterday. I normally ignore the drivel from this blog, but this person actually appears to know how to write complete sentences, and what's more, think complete thoughts. They're wrong of course, but it was a pleasure to read something from Susan's blog that had hints of intelligence. Enjoy.

Let me help you out "grow up in faith," or should I say let me help you "grow up in faith." 

There is no division in the "ranks of the protest movement," because first of all there is no "protest movement," and second, there has never been any attempt to unify anything. In fact, if there has been any attempt at all to do anything with the different interests, there has been an attempt on my part to keep the effort dis-unified. 

Let me explain. 

Apuron's only hope of survival is to try to make all of this out as the work of one or two people, namely (and at first) me, and then later Msgr. James. If it ever got out that the majority of the island is opposed to him FOR MANY DIFFERENT REASONS, he would have already been gone.

Thus his only defense is to try to "unify" in your minds all this opposition and to blame it on a single source. And when that doesn't work, just pretend that he doesn't have any idea what people are protesting about. ("What division?")

Now let me further explain. 

This opposition to Apuron is not limited to his involvement with the NCW. This man has brutalized and traumatized many over the last three decades. He has abused his power. He has destroyed people. He has ruined people. He has hurt people beyond description over not just the years of his episcopacy, but even before. And I am in receipt of letters from wounded, mangled people who this man destroyed decades ago. 

Many people, particularly people of his age, people who have known him most of his life, have shared the most unbelievable accounts of this man's behavior. And of course it is not just me they have told. These accounts are common knowledge. They come up almost every time his name is mentioned.  

Even so, probably due to the good will of most, these wounds have never risen above murmurs. Putting up with bad clerics, even evil ones (even those who help themselves to your children and even your wives) is nothing new. There has always been a confidence in the one, true Church that we could survive even the likes of an Apuron - though (sadly) he has driven away many from the bosom of the Church.

In fact, due to the anonymous nature of most comments (including yours) these wounds yet remain nothing more than murmurs. The only difference is that they are now published for the world to see and no more limited to side conversations at fiestas loosened by a couple of Buds. 

The opposition to Apuron is massive. In fact, it is near total - save for the few savants who still need to prop him up for their own use. Rome knows this. In fact they've known it for awhile. But Guam is but a blip on their One Billion Plus Catholic radar. I think if nothing else, the Apuron episode will lead them to be much more careful in their selection of the next bishop. They have already shown us that they intend to be careful by their refusal to appoint a bishop for Saipan. 

Apuron was a mistake. They know it. There are those who believe a bishop, or even the pope, is chosen by God. No. He is chosen by men. They are chosen by men with free will, a will that is often and easily corrupted particularly in the matter of church politics. We pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in these matters, but it is only guidance. God does not usurp our wills in any matter - including the selection of religious leaders - otherwise said will is not free. 

Apuron was selected in the post-Vatican II romanticized milieu of a skewed idea of inculturation. There was some belief that the church would grow better in the Third World (and that's how Rome looks at us) if prelates were drawn from amongst their own. In Apuron's case, his being Chamorro was really Rome's primary care at the time. 

But even with the skewed thinking that led to his selection, good may still have come of it. No one gets more prayers than the bishop, save maybe the pope. He is prayed for by name at every Mass. The graces of his ordination and subsequently his consecration are in abundance and he is duly-equipped for his duties despite his personal faults. So there was hope, and the overlooking by some of my satire shows that even at this late date - there still is. 

However, the fact that thirty years hence he has turned even more brutal shows us that he was defective from the outset. Some think that greed is the cause. I and others see greed (and his brutality) only as a symptom. Seeing Apuron as "defective" is the more charitable path by the way. I have always seen him as mentally "not there." And if true, this lessens his culpability for what can only otherwise be described as atrocities against his office. At least in my view, Apuron can at least be pitied. 

But there's more.

While I believe there is no doubt that the real problem is that Apuron himself is psychologically, mentally, and morally defective, I am not the only one to know this. Others do as well. And I am not speaking of those on my side. I am speaking of those on his side. His handlers. More specifically Adrian and the VG - who themselves are being handled by Pius and Gennarini. In short, I believe that Apuron, while hurting and wounding people for decades - all on his own, is now hurting and wounding people at the direction of his handlers. 

I have first hand accounts from people who were in meetings with Apuron and his handlers, people who have seen these handlers at work. People who have seen Apuron acquiesce to these sinister and sickly characters - who themselves are walking defects. These people who have been witness to Apuron's being handled are willing to sign affidavits as we move forward to court action. 

There is no doubt that Apuron's current atrocities are the result of an ugly blackmail. Apuron is still responsible, but he is no longer making any decisions and has not for quite awhile. He is nothing more than a mannequin, a cartoon, a puppet with a rubber stamp. Yes, sad for him. As I said, he is to be pitied. But his mistake was letting Adrian return from exile. Adrian knows about 1977. 

And now to your larger question about whether the enemy is Apuron or the NCW.

You are quite wrong in thinking that my target is Apuron and others are more concerned with the NCW. I have stated clearly many times that Apuron is useful to us in exposing the neo-cult syndicate on a world wide scale. Thus I am quite happy to keep this mess going so that more may know - and Apuron seems happy to oblige. 

However, you are right about something. There is a division of sorts - NOT between whether Apuron or the NCW is the target, but between those who "only want their parish back," and those who understand the larger stakes. 

It is probably true that the majority of the opposition is not in this for the long haul. The worldwide heresy that is the Neocatechumenal Way is really not their concern. Sadly, for many of them, the fact that they are no longer as important in their parishes as they once were is probably their only real care. 

I have heard this sentiment over and over. "We just want our church back." Really? What church is that? What they mean is exactly what I just said. They want their positions back - whether it be as music ministers, religious education big wigs, office staff, or just their formerly cozy relationship with the power brokers of the parish. They just want to go back to the "way things were." The larger heresy that Chuck and I are after does not concern them. 

I know this and I have always been prepared at some point to stand alone - once again - just as I did at the beginning. Understanding the real evil of this movement, the Neocatechumenal Way - or more precisely Kiko's theology - has been the real grist for my mill, my fuel. 

I, Chuck, and a few others, see the abomination that is Kiko Arguello in the context of the struggle for the Church that has existed since Christ gave Peter the keys. Arguello and his prostitute clerics are just the latest manifestation of a long list of attempts by Satan to undermine and rot out the Church from within. 

Whatever our efforts, Apuron will be gone someday, if not tomorrow, then soon - at least in "church time." But Satan never sleeps, and thanks to Arguello who has slaved for him for half a century, the smoke of hell is choking our Church at the highest levels. And like the followers of Don Pelayo, we, if we have to, will gather in the caves of our own Covadonga and never tire in our Reconquista. 

By the way, thanks for your "compliments" regarding my so-called persuasive skills. But you are quite wrong. I would have no power to persuade if I did not have pieces of paper with Apuron's own signature on them. 



  1. "Grow up in faith" concedes that some of the complaints of the CCOG ring true. I wonder what complaints "grow up in faith" has in mind. How would "grow up in faith" propose dealing with these complaints? What role does "grow up in faith" see for the archbishop in addressing these complaints?

  2. Well said, Tim! Looking forward to that beer.

  3. i had very little interest in these fights back when much of the news about it that i was reading coming out of guam were about the hotel property and the annual appeal collection. even fr paul gofigan's firing at the time to me was primarily about apuron being a very unjust and cruel bishop--worth fighting, of course, but ultimately a localized incident.

    but i started getting much more interested as tim and chuck shared how disturbingly un-Catholic were the practices and teachings of the ncw. because that has taken this fight way beyond a couple of sinful personalities and money. from the temporal to the eternal.

    it's reasonable that people just want their parish back, to want their island Church back, for the neocats to just go away and leave them alone. but the question tim invites us to reflect upon is: what is it that you really want back?

  4. Do we consider an army to be "divided" that uses its brigades to attack multiple flanks at the same time? Some faulty logic, "Grow up in Faith".

  5. Fr.Matthew Blockley.December 16, 2015 at 9:07 AM

    Excellent article by Tim Rohr. I could not agree more..

  6. Nothing is more persuasive than the truth. Armed with the truth, Guam's faithful Catholics will press on. The Holy Spirit inspires truth in people like Tim, Chuck White, and the regular contributors to this blog.
    It is just a matter of time before the Archdiocese of Agana will be rid of it's unfaithful archbishop, henchmen, lackeys, and the Neo cult.
    Great things are happening elsewhere as people shake off the Kaka induced stupor and hold the feet of Church leaders to the fire. Here's what's happening in New York.

    1. Oh dear....Diana, dear is back to when she first entered the stage! The concelebrants ..."Do you even read what I wrote? I never taught anything on concelebration. I stated that ACCORDING to the Sunday Visitors, the term "concelebration" was perceived differently in Early Christianity than in modern times. In Early Christianity, all Christians concelebrated. " Oh, and Diana now says she is TEACHING..ok, if you say so, Susan.

  7. It is very common for people to not want to get involved with situations like this. When the Father Paul situation came out, I thought it was a personnel issue. I heard about Jungle Watch, but I told myself I wasn't going to read any bit of it. The first time I decided to check it out was when the post of Monsignor James' removal was shared on Facebook. I was shocked, but I still did not want to read any more of the blog.

    What changed my mind about these was when I found myself on Thoughtful Catholic, and started reading those articles; the twisted doctrine itself frightened me. I was horrified at the contents I read, and what I realized from just a few articles is that whether it's a portion of Guam's Catholics or the whole Catholic population on island, the fact is that these twisted doctrines are being taught, period. Then I finally brought myself to familiarize myself with JungleWatch.

    I am fortunate to be a parishioner of a non-neo parish. However, there is no way of knowing how long that will last. So yes, I agree, I want my church back. I am not a parishioner at St. Anthony, but I went to school there, and I received reconciliation and my first communion there--I want to see that parish be the parish I thought it to be when I was younger.

    We have our reasons for reading these blog entries; the fact that this blog has international readers speaks volumes of the NCW itself. The NCW clearly has influence in Rome, or we wouldn't be having this kind of forum. Their statutes might not have been approved, but with the NCW having ANY connection in Rome still gives them a chance (no matter how slim) to "make an honest organization" of them.

    The big picture is this: Whether we want our church back or Our Church back, as long as this organization/program/charism/movement is around, if nothing is being done about it, there will be no "our church" to have back.

  8. As Msgr David IA Quitugua succintly put it, "Archbishop, you are the problem." Along that vein, we say "NCW, you are the problem." Apuron and NCW, get the hell out of our lives!

    1. B u u u ttttt; all the NEOs want is to foster integration into all of the hard is that....

    2. Integration, my ass, if those they assign as ncw missionaries have a smidgen of integrity, truth, intelligence and loyalty to the Catholic Church instead of total devotion to Kiko Arguello and his cohorts, parishioners might be be open to accepting them. Sadly, apuron forces them down our throats like cod liver oil we do not need. The ncw is fundamentally flawed in the first place to allow integration into parishes without the risk of syncretistic teachings that will slowly erode Catholic deposit of faith.

  9. Excellent post Tim. From all my meetings yesterday on the Spanish side of the border, there is one thing coming out of it.
    No matter how our fight might turn out, on Guam, people have taken notice of the push back. They are somewhat surprised and in a way enchanted to see that pushing back actually works in rallying the faithful.
    I will go in more details in the many struggles the European Church is facing and how this interact with our Ncw issue.
    But the good news is more and more priests and bishops are noticing that there are novel ways to bring the fight forward. The multi dimension and global reach of our fight is inspiring. It allows people to see they are not alone.
    It also has given new ideas to the many Catholics who are willing to raise the standards (flags ) of resistance. Personally it has pushed me to rediscover the huge work of St Augustin, and the many similarities with our issues.
    This new round of discussion with people that share and support our struggle was envigorating

    1. Thank you, Frenchie. That news is very heartening.

  10. Close to 4 million hits on this JW blog, and apuron says he does not have the faintest idea why people are protesting? How dense can he be? Matter inside his skull will be a perfect specimen for a post-mortem examination. Indeed his brain might uncover secrets that might lead to the cure of brain fog and mind-conditioning.

    1. You'll probably find that what limited brain matter he may have possessed has vaporized. What was once his brain is now fog that pollutes the air with Kiko Kaka stench.

  11. Thank you, Tim, for your brave exposition of the NCW Cult on Guam and elsewhere.

    St. Michael, pray for us!

  12. Call me a "middle of the road" type of person.

    I don't want tony gone more than the kikos.
    I don't want the kikos gone more than tony.

    I totally want them both gone equally. N O W!

  13. "Arguello and his prostitute clerics" mhm!

    Wuerl, Chaput, O'Malley, Myers, Collins... lol :)

    1. Cristobal, DC Quitugua, Colorado, Sammut, Arejola, OJ and this whole cabal of puppets too!

  14. NCW is an acronym which means Non-Catholic Worship.