Monday, December 21, 2015


On this final week before Christmas I want to thank the many supporters of this cause. 

As you might imagine, having to rise up against this particular foe has been a unique trial. With all the power and money behind those who would use and abuse us, and this blog and hard-won documentation my only weapons, your prayers, comments, small signs of encouragement, and your occasional monetary gifts have meant much.

In a few days, if not on Christmas Day itself, this blog will surpass FOUR MILLION views. What is happening on Guam, despite its local origins, is having a worldwide impact. People are paying attention to grave damage inflicted by Kiko's KAKA. I even hear rumor that some of the world's bishops, who have been individually burnt by Kiko, are now bucking up and uniting to pull the plug on this heretical hack.

Speaking of which, I want to give a special thank you to Chuck White, not just for manning my blog to give me a few days off for my daughter's wedding, but for his invaluable and cutting edge research. While this blog documents the EFFECTS of KAKA, especially when it infects an already morally destitute prelate, Chuck's solid research and pain-staking translation (almost all his sources are in other languages) pulls back the toilet seat on the theological filth that is Kiko and Carmen's brain. 

People who have been crapped on by Kiko and his KAKA around the world are appreciative of the work Chuck has done and continues to do. Thank you, Chuck. And thank you all of you. Your thoughts, words, and gifts mean a lot. BTW, for those of you who have used the donate button, be assured that those contributions will go to doing something nice for my family this Christmas. Thank you and may you have a "Mary" Christmas. 


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