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These foreign NEO Cult members (see message below) just don't get it. When you have a priest that is truly pastoral, everyone touched by his actions would rally to protect him. You will not find this type of support for anyone that is too drunk with NEO Cult KAKA.

AnonymousDecember 21, 2015 at 6:40 PM

What's the connection between Monsignor James and Tim Rohr.


Ah, yes, well when you have hidden motives yourself then you naturally suspect them of others. The neo-cult is one big “hidden motive,” a real Trojan horse in the City of God. I actually enjoy watching them grovel in their own cancerous suspicions, and this is one of them. I know they sleeplessly prowl my blog at all hours of the day and night looking for something, anything, that might show that I am as corrupted and compromised as they are. LOL. 

You see, these moral midgets cannot accept the fact that someone, anyone, would actually pour this kind of  time, energy and passion into something without otherwise receiving something in return.

In the NCW those who turn their lives over to the community are taken care of by the community. It’s a trade they willingly participate in because most of them are life’s losers. They are not willing to own up to their responsibilities be it in their livelihoods or their marriages or their own faults. The community assuages their guilt, masturbates their consciences, and strokes them into submissive slaves. 

They don’t get me because they can’t. By this question they are thinking that I am getting some sort of support from Msgr. James. LOL. They can’t understand a person like me who will simply stand up and fight on because there is a right and a wrong, and standing up for right is simply the right thing to do. 

If they’d really like to understand this about me just tell them to go talk to B.J. Cruz or Rory Respicio. Just mention my name and watch the sneer automatically take over their faces. I spent the better part of four years going after these two guys because of what they did - especially Respicio - to sabotage every effort to provide legal protections for the unborn. 

Check out my work at www.GuamOpenGovernment.org and www.Esperansa.org. I haven’t posted there in a while because most of my pro life battles with the legislature have now been won and for the last couple years I have been occupied with a different and even more virile and vicious enemy. But you will see to what extent I am willing to go to win when the cause is worth it. 

I got paid NOTHING for those years of work, when NOT A SINGLE PERSON from Apuron’s neo-cult came forward to stem the torture and murder of unborn children and even children who survived abortions. And in Apuron's "Catholic" island - we mutilate and kill at least one child every day.  

I went after Cruz and Respicio because I hated what they were doing: enabling the torture and murder of children - and using the most despicable, dishonest legislative tricks to do it. 

You can also talk to Senator Frank Aguon. Ask him about how I hounded him through the 2010 election and how my constant pounding on him may well have swayed the extremely tight election. Senator Aguon, to his credit, admitted his mistake to me personally and in the last couple years has become our number one pro-life advocate in the legislature, introducing and getting passed a bill mandating normal medical care for children who survive abortions - the very bill I hounded him for blocking 4 years earlier when he was running with Carl G. 

So a connection between myself and Msgr. James. Ummm, yah. Msgr. James was brutally treated by Apuron and publicly so. Regardless of the charges, treating someone this way, no matter who they are, is despicable and I will hound Apuron and you phony neo-idiots with all the passion that I hunted down those who blocked my attempts to stop the torture and murder of unborn children. 

Merry Christmas

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