Monday, December 28, 2015


Posted by Chuck White

Don't believe the Neocatechumenal lies and spin;  the sect has left countless people damaged and adrift.  For more proof, I offer you the following comment in response to my post, "The Secrets of the Second Scrutiny Revealed, Part I" over at

Ms. Canaris's comment brings up three topics about the sect that we have yet to discuss in depth:  the Way's overemphasis on the devil, the forcing of children to join, and the way psychological problems are handled by the Way.

Beware of the Neocatechumenal Way.

I went through the second scrutiny and have since left the NCW. The NCW is a pernicious cult. It seduces people in search of an authentic Christian community rather like the how to boil a frog story. First one night a week, then two, if you are unlucky you will be elected “responsible”. I neglected my family and felt wracked by guilt as I ran out the door. I was not there to support my vulnerable adolescents as they struggled with emotional and academic concerns. Any misgivings were put down to the work of the devil. In fact I thought we heard more about the devil than Jesus.

Like a true cult we were indoctrinated to worship and follow our founders Kiko and Carmen. We had to follow every word, and use only their icons and music.

For years I tried to still my qualms. Yes the family was held to be the greatest idol. I must confess I did not give all my riches away. Every sermon was full of loathing of sexuality. The devil was to blame for everything. Much of what was preached was cranky heretical.

Teenagers were forced to uproot themselves time and time again to follow their “catechists'” families. Conformity was idolized. When I mentioned to one young girl that she could stay home and study on a ‘Convivenza’ community Sunday before her major exam, she replied, “it may be voluntary but I have to go because my parents are catechists.” Teenagers have no freedom, very little pocket money and have to spend what little free time they have minding numerous siblings while their parents were catechists.

Serious emotional issues including sexual identity, depression, suicide attempts were all to be handled within the community. Every serious issue was either brushed aside, a symptom of weakness or due to the devil.

I have read recently about how people feel when they leave a cult and on what are the defining features of a cult. I am still numbed and find it hard to engage with my former friends and paralyzed when making decisions. I am 100 percent sure, however, that my decision to leave the Neocatechumenal Way is the best decision of my life.

Keep up your dedicated mission to expose this beguiling cult. It is unhealthy as it destroys individuals and relationships.

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