Sunday, December 20, 2015


The erudite google-legal scholar, The Diana, tells us in a comment a few days ago:
It is not necessary to be a legal scholar to know that the same authority who issued an administrative decree, can immediately issue the day after another administrative decree saying exactly the contrary.
So I'd like to welcome The Diana to the ranks of those who call Archbishop Apuron a LIAR. Apuron has been telling everyone that he can do nothing to lift the Decree of Removal for either Fr. Paul or Msgr. James. In fact, he has been blaming both Fr. Paul and Msgr. James for his inability to do so. 

We have been rubbing our eyes in disbelief at this bold-faced lie for over a year, so we are glad to finally have The Diana's legal analysis incriminating the Archbishop and exonerating us. I never thought I'd say this, but Thank You Diana, and please accept my apologies for all those foul things I said about you. 

As per The Diana's analysis, Apuron can immediately rescind both Decrees of Removal and we can finally begin the process of "healing" in this diocese.

And they SHOULD be rescinded. 

The accusation against Fr. Paul was immediately proven false by Fr. Paul's producing the letter of termination of the employee as ordered in 2011. And the accusations against Msgr. James were immediately disproven by the testimony of the financial professionals who were on the committee that worked to address the issues brought forward by Deloitte and Touche. 

Apuron continues to lie to us to this day about these two cases saying that he can do nothing because both priests filed appeals with Rome. With Apuron, it is not just his consistent and rampant lying. It is his consistent and rampant willingness to degrade us by insulting our intelligence with his consistent and rampant lying. 

Every thinking person knows that if the action which produced the appeal goes away, then the appeal itself goes away. If Apuron rescinds the Decrees of Removal, then the appeals of those decrees have no cuase and the cases must be dropped. This is not in Rome's hands. This is in Apuron's hands.

So why doesn't he just do it instead of making up more lies?

Because he can't. He is NOT running things. He is a blackmailed puppet, essentially locked in his room and fed just enough scraps to stay alive long enough to rubber stamp the next Gennarini-Pius-Adrian atrocity or ordain the next neo-cult presbyter - which are one and the same

And while I am not an advocate of calling Rome to act, in this matter they have a duty to do so. While Rome normally cannot intervene in the regular administrative matters of a diocese, in the case of incompetency of the Ordinary, they MUST.

And by incompetency we are not referring to poor mental acumen and a lack of administrative skill - long since demonstrated by Apuron, we are referring to either mental illness and/or coercion - both of which there is now serious evidence of. 

Blackmail and coercion also explains why Apuron completely skipped the canonical provisions and even common decency in his removal of both pastors.

In neither case did Apuron call in either priest to personally and pastorally discuss the supposed issues as they supposedly arose. In the case of Fr. Paul, Apuron admitted at the October 2013 Tagaytay retreat that he had essentially "stalked" Fr. Paul for two years, building a case against him. And, in the case of Msgr. James, the supposed charges of mismanagement supposedly had a long history. Yet there was NEVER any attempt to address the supposed issues directly with Msgr. James. 

And not only did Apuron NOT do what any father would have done when a son appears to go wayward, he blasted them in the media after he violently removed them. 

Apuron is not smart enough to strategize all this. He is taking orders. He has been but a shell of a man for years - if not since that fearful episode in 1977 (and who knows how many more episodes after that). The evil Adrian the Pathetic, the still-pubescent priest who was reportedly not recommended for ordination by his seminary rector, has been the sleepless, ulcerated driver in this massacre of Guam's Catholic Church. 

But beyond Adrian the Pathetic, there is the even more evil Pius the Putrid, who saw in Adrian the Pathetic the perfect combination of dunce and vengeance. I say "even more evil" because whereas Adrian's evil is the evil of a spoiled, hormone-driven child on the verge of a perpetual adolescense, the evil of Pius the Putrid is Luciferic in its sycophantic calculation. 

Consider this:

Pius the Putrid has put himself in a position where he is not answerable to anyone. This is very dangerous for a Catholic priest. His orders gives him instant respect and credibility - but it is because people naturally think that he is sanctioned by the Church. Yet, he is not incardinated in the diocese in which he has made his base of operations - thus he owes no obedience to "Tony," and neither is he beholden to the superior of his Carmelite Order. 

This second item was a master stroke of this Luciferic genius. Pius made himself so onerous to his own order that they do not want him back. In fact, they are glad that he is our problem and not theirs. 

Latching on to Kiko's power structure, Pius the Putrid was the perfect Trojan horse. With the respect of a Carmelite moniker, the title of "Father." and the domain name of "," Kiko and Gennarini could load all their evil wiles into the belly of this hollow, walking infection of a what looks like a  man and send him into target towns (or rather, dioceses). 

What a stroke of Luciferic "luck" that he came upon the hapless Apuron - at Adrian's invitation. He need look no further. Guam was a happy hunting ground for this yellow-toothed, DaVinci Code fake of a friar. 

Cultured for centuries to unquestioningly obey the clergy, generous to a fault in their willingness to monetarily support what they believed was their church, educated to not to confront in any way that would embarrass their families, and a moral mess of a bishop. Voila. Guam was Pius the Putrid's certain El Dorado. 

Going back to Rome's duties. While we will certainly solve our own problems, Rome is severely morally culpable for letting priests like Pius the Putrid roam the earth in the name of the Church. Countless damaged souls lie in his wake and their loss is on Rome's hands. 

Apuron was really nothing more than a thirty year joke we were all willing to tolerate. But Pius has brought real evil, thanks to that perfect combination of "dunce and vengeance," Adrian the Pathetic - who apparently still thinks he will make us all his footstool when he is crowned the next emperor of Agana. 

That there might be someone else made bishop is the real reason Apuron decreed the removal of Fr. Paul and Msgr. James - and the real reason he still won't lift those decrees, now that - thanks to The Diana - we know that he can. 


  1. Diana is a serious dingbat who doesn't realize she just fumbled on what she preaches to her neocult followers. But then again, she'd have to be intelligent enough to think about what she says before she says it. What a dingbat.....

  2. What do you expect! When one has the habit and a penchant for lying and deceiving eventually, there will be "oops" moments and blunders, and clumsy self-revelation of one's perversion! The Dianas do an excellent job of revealing their crookedness and the archbishop's, the ncw's hierarchy, the Ardian's and the younger msgr Quitugua's corruption.

  3. jet lag made me comment here at this early hour.

    obedience is very often called out as the most difficult of the evangelical counsels to be faithful to.

    folks who watch ewtn may be familiar with fr frank pavone of priests for life. yes, pro-life is an urgent cause, but fr pavone has had trouble with priestly obedience for years.

    therefore, keep praying for all priests. especially pray for bishops so that they will find good and solid priests and deal justly with the ones who go astray.

    1. Fr. Matthew Blockley.December 21, 2015 at 10:03 AM

      Obedience is always to conscience and the natural law of God.
      When a bishop acts in a reckless callous manner obedience does not apply to any priest.
      But yes you are right rey. Priest's must be obedient to the bishops who are respected me,nears of our church. I have been accused of disobedience but in fact I am not. I am very respectful to authentic bishops of our church. Very few priest's go astray rey. Those who may have gray areas is often the result of neglectful bishops like Apuron towards priests. I hope this comment helps you rey.

  4. Et nomini Patri, Et Filii, Et Spiritu Sancti. Amen. Tempus Fugit, memento mori.

  5. Now we have the NEO Cult members labeling Very Reverend Monsignor James as a corrupted priest who loves money. We all know that the financial problems of this diocese is a reflection of NEO Cult Presbyter Apurons membership and love of NEO Cult KAKA. If it weren't for this KAKA Cult, the Archdiosese would not be in this financial mess...

    AnonymousDecember 20, 2015 at 6:18 PM
    Anon. 3:15 your comment only goes to show how right the archbishop was in letting the former finance council go. They had no interest in serving the good of the church, only themselves. Sell the property and pay off the debts of the Archdiocese so Mon. James can be free to spend more.


    AnonymousDecember 20, 2015 at 6:27 PM

    Are you saying Monsignor James is a corrupt thief?
    That is deformation of character.
    You could be sued 6.18pm.

    AnonymousDecember 21, 2015 at 6:31 AM
    Anon. 6:27, I didn't say he was a corrupted thief. He's corrupted with the love of money.


    1. Typical nothingness. Tell Diana to produce the Deloitte and Touche final audit which shows the alleged "corruption" of Msgr. James. All Apuron produced was a letter from the accounting firm saying that it could not proceed with with final audit due to missing information. The letter was sent to Apuron in January of 2014. This is the letter he published when he fired Msgr. James. What he didn't publish was the letter Apuron sent to Msgr. James in June of 2014 thanking him for producing the needed data. The financial professionals who responded to the January inquiry by Deloitte and Touche (Art Ilagan and Joseph Rivera) publicly testified to the falsity of Apuron's claims, producing documentation which thoroughly exonerated Msgr. James and showed Apuron to be a LIAR.

      But again, let's just say that everything Apuron accused Msgr. James was true. Why did Apuron not call Msgr. James in to work out the problems? What father compiles a case against his son and then runs him out of town with not even a discussion?

      Apuron did this because HE KNEW HE WAS LYING. To give Msgr. James the slightest chance to discuss the outstanding issues would have been a chance for Msgr. James to show that Apuron was lying. Apuron needed Msgr. James out. That's the bottom line. He wanted him out because he was told to get him out. Apuron's evil stepsons wanted the crown and James was in the way.

    2. As for the finance council. Been there done that with this. The finance council HAS NO AUTHORITY to sell or give a way a penny belonging to the Archdiocese of Agana. Only Apuron has that authority. I really think it is time fro Richard Untalan to sue Pius - who keeps spreading these lies. Pius, get ready. You don't want to mess with Richard. I think you know that. In fact, better get your yellow arse of this island before Richard puts you behind bars.

  6. Puis behind bars has a nice ring to it. Maybe Tony Boy will join him in the very near future.

    1. Pius behind bars will reduce the recidivism rate at DOC. Once they catch a whiff of the Putrid One, they would think twice before committing another crime upon release.

    2. Pius is so repulsive his fellow prisoners wouldn't even want to screw him.