Thursday, December 24, 2015


I happen to know that speaking publicly about this matter comes at great personal cost to the author of this letter. I also happen to know that there are very few people who are as dedicated to the Catholic Church and who do more to evangelize than she does. 

Help Concerned Catholics of Guam

So, it continues — the insults and deception regularly and openly hurled at the faithful by the archbishop and the hierarchy of our local Church. Shamelessly, their latest affront to the intelligence of the flock is showcased in this week’s Umatuna, demonstrating how they regard the faithful. Apparently, the faithful are oblivious to and unlearned about basic civil laws and norms and just plain ignorant — unable to grasp transactions involving “real estate property” or the nature of “deeds,” “conveyances” and “titles.”


  1. Marylou, this is a wonderful article. You touched on the frustration we all feel at how our "shepherd" has refused to address the problems that tear us apart. You are indeed living out your confirmation commitment to be a soldier for the Church. Although the clergy has been generally quiet, I am sure your father, Deacon Ramon, is very proud of you.

    If everybody were to act out on their disgust at Tony we would make progress in clearing the problem - Tony himself.

    No money will get their attention. Do not give to the parishes because Tony will take whatever he wants. Support the priests, but not the presbyters.

    Quite frankly, at this point if my parish has to shut off the A/C that is fine with me. At least it will send the kikos away. PLease take Tony with you.

    Do away with the Umatuna, which has become nothing more than a rag. I am sure Tony Diaz will be relieved that he no longer has to affix his name to that piece of propaganda trash.

    Do not support any archdiocesan event, but support those that come from real parishes. This is easy because there is really nothing useful coming out of the Chancery anyways. Even though Sr Marian is not neo, she has been a total failure just like them.

    Most importantly, when the money stops, all the loans will go into collection. That is when Rome will have to step in. The parishes cannot pay what they don't have, and the Archdiocese will not be able to pay all those loans Tony has approved. Will Rome sit quiet when all the banks start to foreclose on Church properties?

    Hold back the money!

  2. Thank you for your brave witness, Marilu! May we all find peace and enlightenment during this blessed Christmas season. God Bless you and yours.