Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Obviously the Fiftieth Anniversary of something only happens once. And whether it is a marriage or an ordination or the close of the Second Vatican Council, an invitation to celebrate such an anniversary is usually given more than a couple days. 

Yet that is all Adrian gave it. I say "Adrian" because not only does everyone know that he is Apuron's puppet master (one of them) and is running this archdiocese (into the ground), but only he could be so careless and reckless with the treasures of the Church. 

The invitation to the January 6 event was sent out on December 31 which is not just New Year's Eve, but the day before a long three day weekend when few would check their mail.

So the pastor comes into the office on Monday, January 4, and sees Adrian's "invitation" to cancel their regularly scheduled Mass (Adrian used the lower case "mass") for January 6 and herd everybody down to the Cathedral for a staged photo-op that is sure to be more about Ad Gentes (or the neo-bastardization of it) than it is about close of the Council or even Jesus Christ.


Careless and reckless (aka "Adrian") is the only way to describe this.

There is no way for any pastor to get the word out to parishioners in two days that Mass for January 6 is cancelled other than to lock the church and leave a note on the door, a terrible way to treat faithful parishioners, not to mention the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

But worse, what a slap in the face to the Holy Catholic Church and the historic place the Second Vatican Council holds!

Our Church's regard for the Council was emphasized in the pope's choosing the anniversary date of its closing (December 8) to both recognize this momentous anniversary and ceremoniously usher in the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, promulgating the announcement on April 11,  EIGHT MONTHS in advance! 

Yet Adrian gives us two days. Heck, you can bet a neocatechumenal convivence gets more attention than what was supposed to be the participation of the Universal Church in a single celebration. 

And this guy wants to be bishop?

Switching gears for those who are still sane. Today, January 6, is the REAL feast of the Epiphany, and the day the Universal Church will celebrate it with the Pope. Since our diocese won't be celebrating the Feast of the Epiphany on the Feast of the Epiphany, you can participate with the pope by watching the live stream here

The movement of major feasts to the closest Sunday, when they fall on weekdays, is a bad habit of the American bishops who don't want to inconvenience their lukewarm church with an extra Mass during the week. Agana is not part of the U.S. Conference so we don't have to follow their pathetic lead, but then Adrian the Pathetic is running things, so what do you expect. 

Try to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany in some way. If Mass isn't cancelled at your parish, then by all means attend Mass. Tonight, our family will carry on our annual Epiphany tradition of the "chalking of the door" of our home with "20 + C + M + B + 16." You'll need blessed chalk and holy water. If you can't get blessed chalk at your parish, I know the Friary has it. Learn more here if you don't know about this beautiful tradition: Blessing of the Home on Epiphany

And, if you get a chance, feel free to read a couple of my own "meditations" on the Feast of the Epiphany that were published in my View from the Pew column in the U Matuna a few years ago (when it used to Catholic). As you might expect, they're a bit different than the usual:



May you enjoy this Last Day of Christmas. 


  1. here in seattle, our parish officially ends the Christmas season on the baptism of the Lord. it almost feels awkward still singing "the first noel," given that the secular society around us had already moved on to the next shopping cycle (Valentine's Day).

    i prefer to observe the Epiphany on jan 6, so i do that on my own in addition to following the official u.s. calendar. (i do the same with Ascension Thursday, which around here sadly has also been moved to sunday.)

    in the philippines of my childhood, the Christmas season was observed and visible until at least january 6. all decorations stayed up and carols continued to be played. school didn't resume until after the 6th.

    i think even guam was more like that up until fairly recently, when it started, literally, buying in to the american consumer culture. one sorry example i saw on guam just this past week: an office was already putting away their Christmas tree on dec 30th.

    1. Yes, liturgically, "Christmastide" extends to the Baptism of the Lord. However, the Feast of the Epiphany is traditionally when Christmas festivities conclude and we take down the decorations, etc. Thus the "12 days of Christmas."

  2. Not to mention the parishes always publishes the weekday mass schedule with the intentions already paid for....what happens to the ones already paid for on Jan 6? Wake up this what your future as a church will look like??? Support CCOG and together we can rid our churches of this NEO Cult Infestation...

  3. The letter posted by Tim that invites pastors, administrators, etc, to herd their flocks to the neo temple today was not even sent yet. I had to learn about it from Jungle Watch - and I am one of those priests being invited! And being mandated to cancel my Mass and appointments for the evening! WTH! Such total ineptitude from these monkeys on the hill. We can look forward to more of this since it is their year - 2016 is year of the monkey! What a mess, these people cannot get their schedules on straight! Totally no respect for our individual schedules and the needs of our parishes! Running the Archdiocese with the randomness and topsy turvy whims that neo is characterized by in its MO on a daily basis.

  4. This is Diana's message on her blog. By attending this Mass we will show our unity and come together as a community.

    dnesday, January 6, 2016

    A Special Mass

    A special Mass will be held tonight at 6:30 pm at the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica in Hagatna.  It is a new year...a year of mercy.  All Catholics are asked to attend this special Mass, which can foster unity and harmony between all Catholic people.  This will be an excellent start and opportunity to come together as God's family to be in communion with Christ and with one another.  

    God loves all people.  He loves us for who we are.  And who are we?  We are His children made in His image and likeness. This is who we are.  Even as sinners, God still loved us (Romans 5:8).     

    The one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church comes with many organizations because the Holy Spirit brings many different gifts as He recognizes the diversity of her members and their needs.  It is a new year and a time to come together in unity and solidarity as a community and as God's family.  Let us all come together in the Eucharist at the altar to be one with our Lord and with each other.  

    1. That's a very typical non-Catholic approach to "unity". Here's the Catholic approach: Every Mass, at every time and every place in the world, always and everywhere participates in the ONE MASS, the ONE SACRAMENT OF UNITY. There is never any need to physically be present all in the same place UNLESS you actually do NOT believe in the SACRAMENT OF UNITY and actually only believe in the communal representation of it. And that would be Diana and her Kiko's.

      However, Diana's people - Adrian, et al - have no interest in unity otherwise they wouldn't have waited till December 31 to hurriedly announce it and would have at least placed it in the liturgical calendar which they didn't. In fact, by disrupting the normal celebration of the ONE SACRAMENT OF UNITY in the parishes and inserting a completely unannounced and unprepared for event off-the-cuff, they are propagating fracture, disunity, and scandalizing the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as nothing more than a backdrop for a typical neo-show.

    2. And obviously the Mass is not "special," or it would have planned for and announced well in advance. Do not attend. The careless recklessness which with this is being inserted should tell you everything you need to know.

  5. This KAKA filled zombie is trying to pretend that this Cult infestation does not effect the body which is the Church.

    AnonymousJanuary 6, 2016 at 11:02 AM
    I'm not walking in the Way, and I'll be attending the special mass at the Agana Cathedral. Quite frankly, I think the issue is a clergy problem that shouldn't involve the lay people. The Way has been in Guam for a quite a while now. The only time it became an issue was when Fr. Paul was removed from the Dededo parish. Before that, the Way was never a problem. If some priests have problems with the archbishop, they should settle it with him, but they shouldn't involve the laity to solve their problems with the archbishop.

    1. Yes, like many, he/she has no clue. The clergy never "involved" the laity to solve their problems and the problem did not start with Fr. Paul. The problem blew open in January of 2006 when Apuron publicly trashed the authority of the Magisterial Church on KOLG by siding with Kiko and against Pope Benedict - who spoke through the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacrament - on the matter of the distribution of Holy Communion. His public trashing of a papal directive, his continued ignoring of that directive, and his persistence use of "we" and "us" when speaking of the Neocatechumenal Way is what angered the laity, 8 years before the Fr. Paul deal. See the File Box tab above for links to the audio file and transcript of Apuron's 2006 comments and then see the tab "Apuron's Crimes" for a whole list of things that have nothing to do with the priests. But speaking of them, it was Apuron who went public on both priests and never attempted to reconcile with them personally.

      In rejecting Rome, Apuron placed himself outside the Catholic Church and THAT'S why I will never attend anything or any of his neo-presbyters preside at. In my view, their "Mass" is illicit and a scandal.

  6. That Apuron and his cohorts would guilefully attempt to misinform, misguide and mislead the faithful of our island (this time by their neglect of a significant Catholic historical event and by having ignored the Vatican’s recommendations on when to observe and commemorate it) once again, did not work! In fact, these now-all-too-common attempts to “pull the wool over our eyes” (at all levels) no longer surprises the faithful; instead, it disgusts us because it has now become our expectation of this so-called leadership of the local Church of our island whose witless “bombs” regularly and quite clumsily and awkwardly come tumbling down from the Chancery on the hill to only fizzle out even before it reaches its target -- us. You see, they think we’re clueless and wouldn’t recognize an outright insult on our intelligence! Today the faithful, more than ever, are on top of what goes on in the Universal Church level and at the Vatican; and yes, we’re even on to the deceit of our local Church leaders on Guam -- if only more of the faithful on Guam would come out of their comfort zone of silence.

    Why couldn’t the hierarchy simply admit that they made a "boo boo,” that they forgot about this occasion or were really not aware of its significance? Why? It’s easier to regard the faithful as simply gullible or view us as easy targets for their cleverly-disguised deceptions thrown our way.

    This local hierarchy’s very late acknowledgment, hurriedly-put-together and clumsily-concocted white lie of a public announcement about a significant Universal Church event and commemoration is not unlike someone wishing a very good friend or a family member a BELATED happy birthday and clumsily and desperately scrambling for a lame excuse or solution to get out of his predicament -- instead of admitting he simply forgot the special day!

    1. Totally right Mary-Lou. Of course you cannot go on vacations, months at the time, living an incapable at the helm, and expect things to fall in place.
      It is like a business manager, going out for weeks and weeks, leaving his secretary, to take care of things, then realizing they forgot some important items on the agenda, (under a feet deep pile of documents). In the private world, this guy would be out of a job pretty fast.
      Here incapable, covers for inept and doppy, hoping nobody would notice.
      Even the keystone cops would look smart, next to these morons.

  7. Anon 11:02 It was by the Grace of God, that the firing exposed thru Tim, the antics of the Neocats, otherwise, we will still be all blissfully ignorant of the evil that has permeated our Church.

  8. It looks like the NEO Cuit leadership playing the Trojan Horse; trying to justify the evil transgressions of NEO Cult Presbyter Apuron. Least we not forget, that Presbyter Tony spread a web of lies to the media when he illegitimately removed both Monsignor James and Father Paul as Parish Pastors...


    AnonymousJanuary 6, 2016 at 2:02 PM
    Priests vow obedience to their Bishop. Not just priests in Guam, but priests in all Catholic dioceses around the world. Priests know they may be reassigned to another parish in their diocese by their Bishop. Father Paul and Monsignor James are not the only priests reassigned to another parish. Since the time these two were reassigned, other priests in the Agana diocese have been reassigned - without public outcry in the media. The laity do not have the authority to dictate to the Bishop, or even their parish pastors, what to do. The Catholic Church is not a democracy. The pastor is responsible for his parish. The Bishop is responsible for his diocese. At least this is my understanding.

    1. Yep. Typical no-nothing idiots.

      First of all, pastors cannot simply be reassigned at the bishop's whim. Pastors are legally protected by canon law which is why there is a whole section in canon law devoted to the process. Tell the dingbats to look it up:


      Second, priests are never bound to obey immoral directives even if they came from the pope.

      Third, Apuron DID NOT "reassign" either Fr. Paul or Msgr. James. He only REMOVED them. In Fr. Paul's case he not only illegally removed him (did not follow canon law), he attempted to excardinate him altogether by telling him to go find another diocese. He was only termed a "priest in residence" at Tamuning, which is NOT an assignment, after I exposed Apuron's evil deeds on this blog and in the media.

      Apuron also illegally removed Msgr. James, as Msgr. James was in fact the de facto pastor of the Cathedral parish, not just the "rector," and is entitled to the same canon law protections as Fr. Paul. Msgr. James was only presented with a DECREE OF REMOVAL not a DECREE OF TRANSFER. Thus he was not "reassigned." This too was illegal because it is canonically illegal for a bishop to leave a priest in his diocese without a home.

      Again, he only was assigned to Tamuning once I exposed this to the public and Apuron had to do something to cover his illegal monstrosity. What Apuron really wanted was for Msgr. James to leave.

    2. Typical of any Cult; media and communication is tightly censored; only comments that support their evil cause even if it is untrustworthy are published; all other rebuttals like mine sent hours ago are thrown away.

  9. If Apuron really wants the diocese to have mercy-- He should take it upon himself and offer a "mercy" event at each parish. It just baffles me as to what a baby the archbishop is. How does a baby react to adversity-- they cry and run away- which is what he does. I mean really- what does an ADULT do when things go wrong-- They put their BIG BOY/GIRL pants on, talk it out and make it better. Archbishop- it is time to get out of your diaper and place on your big boy pants and go out to the parishes and seek mercy. Make appointments to speak with CCOG!! Make it known and show the documented facts and evidence that you are here for all Catholics and not just the neo-kakas.

  10. Just go away Tony Boy. Go and never come back and take Putrid Pius with you. You are no longer welcomed here on Guam!

    The bishops building a fake Catholic Church will be damned."
    Michael Voris, Church Militant

    And, may I add, those following these bishops will be just as damned.