Friday, January 8, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

In an "End of the Year" message recently posted on several pro-Neocatechumenal web sites, Kiko Arguello says some ludicrous more.


  1. Kiko’s “theology” is anything but theology. I think he is taking off (stupidly, of course) on the “God loves every sinner” to include even the sinner’s sins. The simple message is that “God loves every sinner, but not the sin”. To make a purely human analogy - for a father/mother to say he/she loves every child of theirs (including the cancerous child) is not to say that the parents love their child including their cancer. Of course the father/mother love their cancerous child, but they certainly do not mean to say that they love the cancer that their child is afflicted with. What twisted logic! And this is looking at it purely from the human logical side.

    From the spiritual side, why would God have banished Adam and Eve from Paradies for their sin of disobedience - if their sin didn’t matter to God? Why would God have cast Lucifer to Hell for his pride and disobedience, if God didn’t mind the pride and disobedience? Why would God have given man (through Moses) the Ten Commandments, if God that some would disobey them anyway? Why would God condemn angels and men to Hell, if He didn’t mind their disobeying Him (sin)?

    If sin doesn’t really matter to God because “God loves you as you are – with your sins”, why would Jesus have had to undergo extreme suffering and death in order to redeem man from his sins, if sin didn’t really matter to Him? So Christ died for no good reason??

    I guess Kiko’s warped mind fails to understand that sin a “rejection of God and the absence of grace (Sanctifying Grace)” in him, and that without Grace (the life of God in us), we would not be worthy of God’s Beatific Vision and eternal happiness in Heaven with Him.

    I can understand this warped thinking of Kiko and of his closest cohorts , but what baffles me is that others (specifically our own deeply rooted Catholics in Guam, who know full well otherwise) fail to understand this – and just simply and blindly follow him, just because he is Kiko Arguello.

    I truly pray often for our once-upon-a-time stalwart Catholics who have allowed themselves to be led by this heresy! Please pray for them too – “Lord, that they might see!” – jrsa (1/8/16)

  2. What warped rationalization kiko comes up with to convince himself and his neo minions that it’s ok to to be a fraud, to be superficial and even ok to commit mortal sins! This is twisted kiko theology and to ignore or refuse to question this shady theology could place one in a position of culpability.

    We have an all merciful God but, God also is all-knowing and all just -- among all His many other Divine Attributes. For kiko and his minions to conveniently not acknowledge nor include the Catholic teaching about God's Divine attributes in his self-designed theology, could that mean kiko believes he can "fool" God, too?

    Yes Mr. San Agustin, heaven will be inundated with our prayers but that's good! Thank you Chuck and Tim for continuing to share these facts about kiko and his apostasies.

  3. Surely goes against what Holy Scripture teaches "Children, let us love not in word or speech but in deed and truth." 1Jn 3:18. To God our deeds really count.