Thursday, January 7, 2016


I wanted to get back to this little piece of slobber from Adrian aka the Joker because it reveals a lot, and in his own words. 


Im Back! Happy New Year!

ADRIAN: Try not to entertain anything rohr. Hes obviously loosing the battle because he already lost his mind. Tell tell signs are in his recent obscene comments. How can he stand placing the Body of Christ on the same tongue that speaks evil?

MY COMMENT: The obscene comments that Adrian refers to is my calling Diana's blog a "whorehouse" because "she" will "sleep with anything , any scrap of information no matter how cheap so long as it appears to protect (her) disease-ridden founder."

Of course what I am referring to is the continual prostitution of information by the neo-cult that is its modus operandi whether we find it on Diana's blog, in Apuron's mouth, or in Kiko's diarrheal diatribe. 

But Adrian isn't smart enough to get that so he thinks I am making obscene comments about Diana "herself." That's really funny because to make any comment about someone presupposes that there is a "someone," and in Diana's case there is not. There is only a pseudonym. There is no actual person to be offended or to direct the comments at. 

But for someone who doesn't know the difference between "loosing" and "losing," what can we expect?

ADRIAN: Stay the course and fight the good fight. Continue to share the many graces that can be found in the way and the many miracles that have happened through the experiences of the brothers and sisters.

MY COMMENT: "The course" which I criticized was the neo-cult course which eliminates the bishop from its hierarchy. As you may recall, I noted that according to Diana, authority in liturgical governance comes through Kiko-Gennarini-Pius. In the real Church, the authority for liturgical governance is Pope-Bishop-Pastor. In supporting Diana, Adrian shows himself to be outside the Catholic Church as he backs up a hierarchy that is demonstrably not Catholic. 

ADRIAN: Stop entertaining his(rohr) nonsense. No one else is giving him the floor so his only outlet is his own blog. Dont be fooled by his page views. Anyone familiar with web marketing will know that if you want to continue to show up on search results, all you have to do is choose you words wisely. His Articles are all repetitive. 

MY COMMENT: Yes, I do use key words and here they are: Neocatechumenal Way and Kiko Arguello. Those words draw the whole world because Guam is not alone in being scammed by this cult and its pervert of a founder. And my articles are "repetitive?" Well of course they are! Because Kiko has repeated his evils the world over, and because pathetic people like Adrian, masquerading behind more pseudonyms continue to draw attention to everything I say. Thanks for that. 

ADRIAN: We need to move forward and lets do this knowing that we do have every permission to celebrate the way we are. All they are saying is, we dont have this permission. Thats fine because they could say the same thing about anything else. Its like rohr telling me I dont have any money in the bank and me telling him that I have millions. Whether he believes me or not is of no importance. What matters is that I know I have the millions.

-Jokers Wild

MY COMMENT: When you get past the stupidity of that analogy you will see here that Adrian is promoting a gnostic religion. He is admitting that they have private permission to "celebrate the way we are." There is only one problem, the Sacred Liturgy isn't private. This can mean only one thing: the neo-cult is not Catholic and their celebration is NOT the Sacred Liturgy. But then we know that, don't we. 

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