Monday, January 25, 2016


Fourteen warriors for the faith showed up to support the Laity Forward Movement's hand-billing of the Barrigada Parish after the 10am Mass (if that's what it still is). 

Thanks to The Diana and The Zoltan who earlier criticized the efforts of the group and said that members were falling away, this was the best turn out yet! In fact, given the paltry attendance of the Mass, the number of people outside wasn't that much smaller than the number of people inside. 

Once upon a time the Barrigada church would have been full. But thanks to Adrian and his pogrom against anyone who doesn't embrace his neo-cult, there has been a long exodus from the once vibrant parish. 

According to one member of the LFM, Adrian came out after the Mass and asked the security guard (yes they have a security guard), what "they" were doing (as if he didn't know.) According to the same LFM member, when the guard told him, Adrian responded "they can't do that without permission." LOL. 

Well, Adrian, it's "your" parish. Why didn't you walk out to those people and tell them instead of hiding behind a security guard? 

Like all bullies, he's a COWARD. 

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