Monday, January 4, 2016



  1. The Neocatechumenal Way is teaching us how to be Christian....Chaput

    How has this creeping crawling crud spread all over the world? Where the hell is Siggiiewi?

    1. It's a region or town in Malta according to the flag tracker.

    2. And how sad for Chaput, a bishop. It should be HE who is teaching us how to Christian. Unfortunately there is a long history of bishops like him who have abdicated their office for charlatans and impostors like Kiko Arguello. The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops - and for good reason.

  2. Dear Anon at 12.03,
    the nation of Malta is made of several islands. Mainly Malta itself, Gozo which is the 2nd largest and Comine which is much smaller and located between the previous two.
    The government is a Republic, with autonomous areas. The islands are divided in Local councils. Siggiiewi is located in the central south west of the island of Malta. It is also known as Citta Ferdinand.
    It is the third largest council with about 8400 people. It is located about six miles from Valetta, the Capital.
    It is where the residence of the prime minister and the president are located.
    The somewhat strange spelling of the Maltese towns and names comes from the fact that Maltese as a language is unique in Europe. It is the only recognized Semitic language of the European Union, which derives from the Siculo-Arabic dialect spoken in parts of Sicily. The language was "latinized" over a period of centuries, and evolved to being written in this unique way.
    Most Maltese are ethnically tied to the Sicilians and Calabreses with a small percentage of north Africans and Levant.
    Hoping this will help

  3. The most interesting, are the visit from Mosta. Anybody who knows Malta a little, knows Mosta and Rabat are next to each other.
    A very important person on Malta lives there. That same person is very aware of all the misdeeds of Pius the Putrid, and has been passing along the facts to those who are interested, about all the crimes of this poor excuse for a human being.

  4. That's interesting. The Thoughtful Catholic has also gotten an unusually high number of page views recently from Malta. They come from St. Julian's, Msida, San Gwann, and Valletta, in that order.

  5. Yes Chuck. Malta has one of the highest concentration of Catholics per square miles in the world.
    This is why Carmen and Kiko chose it as their first venture outside Italy. Easy proximity, local deviants (Pius among them) and a thirst for new ways.
    Most of the areas you mentioned have strong neo presence.
    So you either have curious Neos trying to find out why "you persecute them" or eager and desperate family members of brainwashed neos, trying to find any help they can.
    Take you pick.
    I would say, a combination of the above.

    As a matter of curiosity, I did a juxtaposition with the signatures of the petition to keep Pius in Guam, ( I am sure you remember) it is almost a perfect match with your counter clock, except for Rabat.
    The mountain is slowly but surely moving....