Wednesday, February 24, 2016



  1. To the young man in this video -

    You have my deepest admiration for knowing the issues and having the courage to speak what you feel. I am so proud of our youth...they will not be passive in our faith, and they will not allow the elders to carry the full burden of what our Archdiocese is going through in these terrible days.

    I am confident that your voice will be heard by the Holy Father. He has a special place in his heart for the young faithful. Let us continue to rally support to rid our diocese of this terrible disease called the neo-cult, and our disgraced shepherd who has abandoned his flock.

    I am confident that Rome is hearing our cries. Their tolerance is higher than we all expected, but they cannot ignore us much longer. Our cries for justice are now falling on ears that care. Let them hear the multitude of people who want our faith restored, our lives made joyful, and our future generations' hope to have a Church they can truly feel good about.

  2. I wish I shared your confidence Janet but I'm afraid our protest in the form of the Laity Forward Movement, Concerned Catholics of Guam and Jungle Watch has yet to reap any benefit. Apuron remains in charge and the NCW continues to have its way. I don't know what more we as the true Catholic Faithful can do. While, I applaud the efforts of the LFM, CCOG and Jungle Watch, I am not convinced that anything will happen. Unless Rome responds in a truly significant fashion, Apuron will likely remain Archbishop for the next five years.

    1. I worry when I see people thinking that getting rid of Apuron is somehow going to solve things. We have no guaranty that the next bishop won't be an "out of the frying pan and into the fire" experience. Thus we must learn to do what it is right simply because it is right and "never grow weary in well-doing" since the "well-doing" is its own reward. The Arian heresy lasted 300 years and involved wars. Also, I am not convinced that God may be punishing us with Apuron as a way of purifying his Church on Guam. It wouldn't be the first time God punished his people with an evil ruler. Let's face it. With or without Apuron there are some extremely grave matters in dire need of purification.

  3. Amen! to all what this young man said, and Amen to Janet as well.

    Continue to rally the faithful. We are a small island away from most centers of news.
    Hence we are competing for attention with the likes of our suffering brothers and sisters of the Middle East, who suffer true physical martyrdom at the hands of Muslim barbarians, with the complicity of our own government.
    We are competing for attention with the endless revelations of sexual victims of some of our own this day.
    We are competing for attention with the many parishes unjustly closing against the wishes of their flock.
    We are competing for attention with the many Catholics who suffer under the hands of illegitimate governments and elites who abuse them.
    We are competing for attention with the silent voices of millions of unborn babies, whose lives have been taken away by a culture of shameless ego and permissiveness.

    Yes! Our cause is just and essential to us. But many are those in the church clamoring for help. Our voice will be heard, but I guess God is challenging us to stand up and be counted. Do not despair, on the contrary get even more upset. This is a wrath for justice and equity, that ultimately shall prevail.

  4. Frenchie – I have been an avid reader of your writings in JW, and have admired both the substance and style of your writing. Without wanting to inflate your ego, I think this is your BEST. Non only have you hit the nail right on the head, you have hammered the message into the hearts and minds of many of us – me included.

    I had written a piece for quite a while now, calling for the archbishop’s resignation (nothing new!), but have held it back for publication at this time (to the objection of some of my colleagues and peers) for my own personal conviction – out of respect for the Holy Season of Lent – while I seek the prudent advice of others. I’d gladly send it to anyone who wants to read it by writing to me at

    In my mind, getting AAA out should not be an end within itself, but rather a means toward an end – eliminating the heresies and cultic religion of the NCW from within our Catholic churches. As Tim correctly observed, he is “worried when he sees people thinking that getting rid of Apuron is somehow going to solve things.” Let’s be careful with what we pray/act for – that we don’t go from the frying pan into the fire!

    Your observation that Guam may be competing for the attention of Rome by the many other more egregious things that Rome is facing perhaps escapes many of us in our frustration that ostensibly nothing seems to be happening. That God may be challenging our own faith and trust in Him (“fortes in fide”), does not negate that God may be also challenging us to stand up and be counted. The old adage “Act as if everything depends on you; trust [and pray] as if everything depends on God” remains valid in our case. We must do both!

    In the meantime, I join you and Tommy Tanaka and perhaps others in encouraging attendance at Father Paul Gofigan’s lectures on the Holy Mass and GIRM. [Go elsewhere in JW for the schedule] Like Tommy said, knowledge is power – and the more we know about the truths behind our Faith and the practices of our Church, the stronger we all become.

    Thank you for your writing, Frenchie (and Tommy). May the peace of Christ be with you both, and with all men of good will. – JRSA (2/27/16)

    1. J.R. and Tim, I also worry that if the archbishop is removed that David C. Quitugua would be appointed in his place or, even worse, Adrian Cristobal. If that happened I'd consider moving to the states so I could attend mass in a non-NCW diocese in peace.