Monday, March 7, 2016


"...when I sat on the Diocesan Board, he refused to publish financial information, as do many, if not most, U.S. dioceses."

Stoll: Neocatechumenal movement is a cult

The Catholic Church is over 2,000 years old, with a long history of positive impact on the world.
But I note with concern that some people on island are disregarding the legitimate tenets and practices of the Church, and are acting as participants in an illegitimate cult.


  1. Thank you, Joe. If we are ever to convince influential and possibly compromised churchmen that the Neocatechumenal Way is a cult or sect, we must be very precise and use prevailing, well-respected models of mind control to help us. I've begun to construct a chart on the Neocatehumenal Way based upon Steven Hassan's model:

  2. I believe Chuck's research will certainly back up the assertion that the Neo is a cult, and a dangerous one at that. Meanwhile, Mr. Stohl's financial credentials and his direct contact with Apuron's secretive financial practices is where Mr. Stohl's forte lies. Of course how ironic that this same Apuron had no problem with spilling all of the allegations against Msgr. James about "secretive" financial practices on the public pages of the local media. BTW, archbishop, you better hurry and find an excuse to bow out of public ministry and leave Guam. I think you know what's coming. And you won't want to be here when it does.

  3. Thanks, Joseph Stohl, for your letter to the editor in today's (3/7) PDN. If only more folks with similar credentials like yours would come out publicly to denounce the cult of the NCW and to expose the lack of financial transparency within the administration of our archdiocese, what we have been saying these past few years about both issues would become more credible, and worthy of people's attention and concern. There is a seemingly lack of willingness on the part of many to publicly add their names to the dissenting majority. There is a seeming belief (perhaps culturally engrained) that it is disrespectful to go against "the establishment" - in this case, the Church.

    We have never had any major problems with any religions who have come into shores to establish and foster their religious beliefs. Why? Because we respect the freedom of people, and they acclaim themselves to be what they are: non-Catholics. But when a cult like the NCW comes aboard CLAIMING THEMSELVES TO BE CATHOLICS, to teach us a different WAY to attain our salvation within our churches - and when an administration teaches us to be TRUTHFUL, and yet refuses to be financially accountable and transparent itself -- now that's a different story.
    Thank you for bringing this out, Joe. We wish you were back in Guam to fight this battle with us. Thank you for joining us even from thousands of miles away. We admire your commitment to our Faith, and your concern from afar. God bless you. - Joe (jrsa: Mar 7, 2016)

  4. These words of Mr. Stoll are quite clarifying: "Cult members would do well to ask themselves why and how they think that their actions and opinions are better than those of the millions of people who faithfully follow the Catholic Church, its teachings and its legitimate leaders".
    Since the first moment Kiko and people of the Way assume they need the Way because "normal" Church was not enough, they needed something else, some different than being simple catholics of Sunday Mass. So, without any doubt, they assume a kind of state like being "gifted" or "most talented" in faith than the rest, if you allow me the comparison, as well as there are specilally gifted children in Maths or Music or Languages in a classroom.
    Neos consider themselves such a gifted portion among the "media". Kiko always talks about "the rest of Israel", the little portion choosen by God. Yes, they are that rest. Openly said with a great smile on their face. They are absolutely convinced they are the elected, as they call themselves when they finish the Way: ELECTED (which implies SELECTED).