Wednesday, March 30, 2016


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On March 28, 2016, Director of Land Management, Michael Borja, sent a letter to Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson saying:

On December 29, 2015, I sought legal assistance on a matter concerning the correction of Department of Land Management issued certificates of title for four properties in Yona where an instrument was missing after the titles were recorded. In response, on March 15, 2016, I received instructions from your Solicitor Division on a remedy for the situation and immediately executed the prescribed action.."

Seriously, Mr. Borja, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to fool us like the fools on the hill? Have you become a BIG LIAR just like them?

This letter to the Attorney General is designed to make us think that the AG did not answer you until March 15 and that the only advice you got in response to your Dec. 29 letter was from the "Solicitor Division." 


Did you forget that you sent Bob Klitzkie a letter on January 20, saying that the AG had already responded to your December 29 inquiry and counseled you to petition the court as the law prescribes?

Not only does it appear that you are trying to fool us! Your letter of March 28 makes it look like the AG is inept and takes MONTHS to respond to inquiries from directors of public agencies. 

Really? You asked her on December 29 and you only got a reply on March 15 and not even from her? That's what your letter says, Mr. Borja. 

The truth is Mr. Borja, as per what you wrote Bob Klitzkie on January 20, the AG answered your December 29, 2015 inquiry IMMEDIATELY. But because you did not DO what she TOLD you to do, you are trying to make it look like the only advice you got was from the Solicitor's Division and only three months later!

And because you DID NOT do what both she and the law said, and because you let the "trained lawyer" come in and dick around with the law in a back-room deal, you are now trying to make it look like the AG never gave you the counsel that she did and that she was out to lunch for three months. 

Wow, Mr. Borja. Just wow!. What do Pius and Jackie have on you, anyway?


  1. So obvious Mr. Borja and probably his wife supports the AAA. His sister-in-law, Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood should give him some advice like admit his mistake and step down.

  2. Seems the Metropolitan Archbishop won't be on Guam to initiate the Great Mission...should be a doozy this year!

    1. No worries. Do not even bother. The new assistant overseeing the activities within the church is Jackie...Here come Jackie!

      It is no longer peace that they say when they kiss kiss. It's ..He is Risen..He is truly risen. Peace be with you. And with your Spirit will resume after Pentecost.

      It is safer to say Courage.

  3. Tim, post the advice that was given to Mr. Klitzie.

    1. Borja did not give advice to Klitzkie. The letter is linked above.

  4. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The WHOLE TRUTH.

    Is this too much to ask for?

    It's scary to think about government officials abusing their authority.

    God help us!

  5. Janet B - MangilaoMarch 30, 2016 at 4:25 PM

    The Archbishop gave a secret deed document to the Gennarinis and the seminary corporation. In it he says: "...Owner hereby covenants and declares that the Property is and shall be held, used, transferred, sold and conveyed ..."

    Do you think the Archbishop still owns it, or do you think it now belongs to the seminary corporation?

  6. Poor mikey. He gets a blast from Sen Klitzkie, and writes to the AG for reinforcements. His words "...I received a very disdainful representation from a concerned citizen..." LOL, he didn't get a strongly worded letter, but a disdainful representation.
    Poor guy is totally flustered. He needs help.
    Hey Mike, let me give you some help...
    start by telling the truth, and finish by letting us know who pressured you to act the way you did. Then we can respect you. Until then, you're just another kiko turd thrown under the bus to obscure the truth.
    But the truth will come out, and very soon. Act quick to restore the respect you spent a lifetime building up!

  7. Recalling everything since the blog first began, I believe that the apostolic delegation from Rome which visited last year also shares some blame in all of this. If they had acted sooner, maybe the people would have been spared more of these shameful, scandalous acts, and things may have been rectified quietly, behind the scenes, without more damage being done to the Church. Rome knew these faults existed, and yet, what action did they take? The visitors are just as responsible and accountable for these things happening today in our Archdiocese. I am grateful that Archbishop Krebs intervened and tried to mediate, but after the delegation left, it seemed hopeless. Inaction. Yes Rome, your failure to take action against this bishop and his advisors and the NCW on Guam have caused more scandal and has continued to deepen the division. You were right, Archbishop Krebs - it is war - war for the salvation of souls. So Rome, how many more souls will be lost because of your failure to act? How much more criminal activity and lies will you turn a blind eye to because of personal politics, greed and corruption? I hope the sh*t hits the fan soon and hits it hard, and Rome gets a good whiff, because the stench of evil will continue to linger until they choose to listen to the lay faithful and take action against these kikobutts. I just don't know how much more it will take. Stealing property, falsifying legal documents and publishing them, disobeying the HOly FAther through his representative, creating their own "liturgy" not universal to the Catholic Church, publicly humiliating local priests, denying local young men a proper priestly formation - are these examples Rome condones?

    1. I'm being a bit more specific now in my notes to Rome, i.e. the Secretary for the Congregation of the Evangelization of Peoples...and probably the Prefect too.

  8. seems to me that mike borja knows he did something wrong and is trying to blame kristan finney for it. well, now that his letter to the AG is made public, attorney general elizabeth barrett anderson is left with no choice but to answer it. This is becoming more and more interesting. who knows who else will join this cast of characters (define characters anyway you want).

  9. seems to me that mike borja knows he did something wrong and is trying to blame kristan finney for it. well, now that his letter to the AG is made public, attorney general elizabeth barrett anderson is left with no choice but to answer it. This is becoming more and more interesting. who knows who else will join this cast of characters (define characters anyway you want).

  10. Yee-haw. It is starting to get exciting now!
    Looks like someone's gonna burn at the stake. Better get a few more posts dug into the ground cause it looks like a lotta kikos are willing to ride their ship all the way to hell.
    It shud be a real spectacle!
    Yee haw!

  11. Give Mike Borja a chance to redeem himself. It seems he is on a path to correct the errors caused by poor advice from his legal counsel, the assistant AG that had to ask Jackie Terlaje's advice first. Never heard of this. The law is clear. No need to attack Mike's character, but rather we should encourage him positively to go to court to get this matter settled. He just needs to get his attorney to file the petition to the Court for correction. Thank you.

    1. It's too late for that. The fact that his immediate resolution to the discrepancy discovered was not in accordance with the prescription of law calls into question whether "private" negotiations have been used before to "correct" titles. This can't be the first error ever made. So how many other fixes are out there that were done illegally and how many people have been irreparably harmed?

      And if this practice is allowed to continue, what confidence can the people have in the system? The role of the courts in this case is to ensure that any changes to an official title not arising from successive and valid deed instruments recorded at land management, are transparent.

      The AG in this case must prosecute this case to restore confidence in our system of land ownership. Otherwise how can any land owner know for sure that their title won't be "corrected" in favor of someone else's name without his or her knowledge of it happening?

      This has gotten utterly ridiculous already. I think Mike has been making a lot of progress with CLTC and overall he's done a pretty good job at DLM. But this issue is a huge distraction. The honorable thing for him to do is step down and every employee related to this issue should be investigated if for no other reason than to verify the errant certificate was an honest mistake.

    2. Anon 6:38 let me explain Mr. Borja's letter to you in simpler terms that you may understand. His character stands out by what he wrote to the AG. No need to attack it, it's in plain view. So let me paraphrase the letter as I see it.
      Dear AG,
      I am writing this letter slow because I know you cannot read fast. I came to you in December asking you for legal advice. Apparently, Ms. AG, you do not know your job. It took your office 3 months to get back to me. In fact your assistant AG must know more than you because she gave me better advice than you did. Also, an attorney in training was able to gave me better service because she not only told me where to sign but also what to say. In fact this trained attorney told your assistant AG that we did not have to go to court, so I followed "your offices'" advice and now I might be in trouble. I am only the DLM Director. I should not have to trouble myself with these legal issues. Please fix "your mistakes" so I can get on with my life.


      Blah blah blah

      PS. If you see a guy named Pontius Pilate he's my cousin. Send him my way so we can compare notes.

  12. Is our AG Elizabeth Barrett Anderson aware THAT FOUR Certificate of Title was issued within 5 months. 1st: no memorial 2nd: memorial handwritten and in favor of the Archbishop 3rd: typed in memorial with in favor of the Archbishop which was cancelled 4th: CORRECTED VERSION with memorial in place AND IN FAVOR OF RMS. IMAGINE, IT TOOK FOUR TRIES TO GET IT CORRECTED. MUST PETITION THE COURT FOR THE TRUE DOCUMENT, THOUGH WE KNOW THE FOURTH IS THE TRUE ONE, DO WE DARE TRUST LAND MANAGEMENT?

  13. In Neo baseball you can swing as many times as you want! Four tries, lets make it five. Titles, Deeds, Certificates? What do you want it to say? The DLM and AG's office can make it happen. It's called magic. Oh by the way, that's ball six, take your base.